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  • Research Articles Abstracts - 2014 Issues Archive

    [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

    Research Articles Abstracts ? December 30 2013 Issue

    This week?s abstracts:

    • Antimicrob Agents Chemother
      • HUANG L, Cao Y, Zhou J, Qin K, et al
        • A conformational restriction in influenza A virus neuraminidase binding site by R152 caused the combinational effect of I222T with H274Y on oseltamivir resistance.

    • Arch Virol
      • VARICH NL, Sadykova GK, Prilipov AG, Kochergin-Nikitsky KS, et al

    • Biochem Biophys Res Commun
      • BINH NT, Wakai C, Kawaguchi A, Nagata K, et al
        • Involvement of the N-terminal portion of influenza virus RNA polymerase subunit PB1 in nucleotide recognition.

    • J Infect Dis
      • SUBRAMANIAM R, Barnes PF, Fletcher K, Bogarram V, et al
        • Protecting against post-influenza bacterial pneumonia by increasing phagocyte recruitment and ROS production.

      • GAGLANI M, Spencer S, Ball S, Song J, et al
        • Antibody response to influenza A (H1N1)pdm09 among healthcare personnel receiving trivalent inactivated vaccine: effect of prior monovalent inactivated vaccine.

    • J Virol
      • CATHCART AL, Rozovics JM, Semler BL
        • Cellular mRNA decay protein AUF1 negatively regulates enterovirus and human rhinovirus infections.

      • BAVISKAR PS, Hotard AL, Moore ML, Oomens AG, et al
        • The respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein targets to the perimeter of inclusion bodies and facilitates filament formation by a cytoplasmic tail-dependent mechanism.

      • WESTGEEST KB, Russell CA, Lin X, Spronken MI, et al
        • Genome-wide Analysis of Reassortment and Evolution of Human Influenza A(H3N2) Viruses Circulating between 1968 and 2011.

      • CHEN GL, Lamirande EW, Cheng X, Torres-Velez F, et al
        • Evaluation of three live attenuated H2 pandemic influenza vaccine candidates in mice and ferrets.

      • YAMAYOSHI S, Yamada S, Fukuyama S, Murakami S, et al
      • BISSEL SJ, Wang G, Carter DM, Crevar CJ, et al

    • PLoS One
      • XIAO H, Liu L, Zhu Q, Tan Z, et al
        • A Replicating Modified Vaccinia Tiantan Strain Expressing an Avian-Derived Influenza H5N1 Hemagglutinin Induce Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies and Cross-Clade Protective Immunity in Mice.

      • RAHNAMA L, Aris-Brosou S
        • Phylodynamics of the emergence of influenza viruses after cross-species transmission.

      • SHTYKOVA EV, Baratova LA, Fedorova NV, Radyukhin VA, et al
        • Structural Analysis of Influenza A Virus Matrix Protein M1 and Its Self-Assemblies at Low pH.

      • KIEFFER A, Paboriboune P, Crepey P, Flaissier B, et al
        • 2009 A(H1N1) seroconversion rates and risk factors among the general population in Vientiane Capital, Laos.

      • PIEDIMONTE G, Walton C, Samsell L
        • Vertical transmission of respiratory syncytial virus modulates pre- and postnatal innervation and reactivity of rat airways.

      • BISCHOFF AL , Folsgaard NV, Carson CG, Stokholm J, et al
        • Altered Response to A(H1N1)pnd09 Vaccination in Pregnant Women: A Single Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial.

      • SCHUMM P, Schumm W, Scoglio C
      • HUANG Y, Khan MI, Mandoiu I
        • Correction: Neuraminidase Subtyping of Avian Influenza Viruses with PrimerHunter-Designed Primers and Quadruplicate Primer Pools.

      • WU C, Huang R, Chen J, Gu Q, et al
        • Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Virus Screening in Patients with Fever and Flu-Like Symptoms in a Tertiary Hospital in an Area with Confirmed Cases.

      • FUJIYUKI T, Yoneda M, Yasui F, Kuraishi T, et al
        • Experimental Infection of Macaques with a Wild Water Bird-Derived Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1).

      • HUANG WT , Yang HW, Liao TL, Wu WJ, et al
        • Safety of Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccines in Taiwan: A Self-Controlled Case Series Study.

    • Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
      • FURMAN D, Hejblum BP, Simon N, Jojic V, et al
        • Systems analysis of sex differences reveals an immunosuppressive role for testosterone in the response to influenza vaccination.

    • Vaccine
      • WERKER GR, Sharif B, Sun H, Cooper C, et al
        • Optimal timing of influenza vaccination in patients with human immunodeficiency virus: A Markov cohort model based on serial study participant hemoagglutination inhibition titers.

      • WANG H, Fu C, Li K, Lu J, et al
      • DE SOUTO BARRETO P, Lapeyre-Mestre M, Vellas B, Rolland Y, et al
        • Indicators of influenza and pneumococcal vaccination in French nursing home residents in 2011.

      • GEFENAITE G, Rahamat-Langendoen J, Ambrozaitis A, Mickiene A, et al
        • Seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness against influenza in 2012-2013: A hospital-based case-control study in Lithuania.

      • OVSYANNIKOVA IG, White SJ, Larrabee BR, Grill DE, et al
        • Leptin and leptin-related gene polymorphisms, obesity, and influenza A/H1N1 vaccine-induced immune responses in older individuals.

    • Virus Res
      • CORCIOLI F, Arvia R, Pierucci F, Clausi V, et al
        • HA222 polymorphism in Influenza A(H1N1) 2009 isolates from Intensive Care Units and ambulatory patients during three influenza seasons.


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    Research Articles Abstracts ? January 4 2014 Issue

    [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

    Research Articles Abstracts ? January 4 2014 Issue

    This week?s Abstracts:
    • Antimicrob Agents Chemother
      • WELLER S, Jones LS, Lou Y, Peppercorn A, et al
        • Pharmacokinetics of zanamivir following intravenous administration to subjects with and without renal impairment.

      • SPICKLER C, Lippens J, Laberge MK, Desmeules S, et al
        • Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase III beta is essential for replication of human rhinovirus and its inhibition causes a lethal phenotype in vivo.

    • Antiviral Res
      • GUALDI L, Mertz S, Gomez AM, Ramilo O, et al
        • Lack of effect of bovine lactoferrin in respiratory syncytial virus replication and clinical disease severity in the mouse model.

    • PLoS One
      • ROHDE J, Amann R, Rziha HJ
        • New Orf Virus (Parapoxvirus) Recombinant Expressing H5 Hemagglutinin Protects Mice against H5N1 and H1N1 Influenza A Virus.

      • FIERRO A, Liccardo A
      • NAKAYAMA M, Shichinohe S, Itoh Y, Ishigaki H, et al
        • Protection against H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian and Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza Virus Infection in Cynomolgus Monkeys by an Inactivated H5N1 Whole Particle Vaccine.

      • GOPINATH SC, Awazu K, Fujimaki M, Shimizu K, et al
        • Correction: Observations of Immuno-Gold Conjugates on Influenza Viruses Using Waveguide-Mode Sensors.

    • Vaccine
      • PENG Y, Zou Y, Li H, Li K, et al
        • Inferring the antigenic epitopes for highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 viruses.

      • DE SERRES G
        • Selection bias in the comparison between adjuvanted and unadjuvanted influenza vaccine effectiveness.

    • Virology
      • CRUSAT M, Liu J, Palma AS, Childs RA, et al
        • Changes in the hemagglutinin of H5N1 viruses during human infection--influence on receptor binding.



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      Research Articles Abstracts ? January 11 2014 Issue

      [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

      Research Articles Abstracts ? January 11 2014 Issue

      This week?s abstracts:
      • Antimicrob Agents Chemother
        • RAYNER CR, Bulik CC, Kamal MA, Reynolds DK, et al
          • Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic determinants of oseltamivir efficacy using data from phase 2 inoculation studies.

      • Arch Virol
        • APIWAT C, Wiriyachaiporn N, Maneeprakorn W, Dharakul T, et al
          • Simultaneous discrimination and detection of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and seasonal influenza A viruses using a rapid immunogold biosensor.

        • CHEN Y, Zhang J, Qiao C, Wang J, et al
          • Identification of a linear epitope on the haemagglutinin protein of pandemic A/H1N1 2009 influenza virus using monoclonal antibodies.

      • BMJ
      • J Clin Microbiol
        • HASSAN F, Nguyen A, Formanek A, Bell J, et al
          • Comparison of the BD Veritor System Flu A+B with the Alere BinaxNOW(R) Influenza A & B Card for Detection of Influenza A and B in Respiratory Specimens from Pediatric Patients.

      • J Gen Virol
        • ZHANG H, Li X, Guo J, Li L, et al
          • The PB2 E627K mutation contributes to the high polymerase activity and enhanced replication of H7N9 influenza virus.

      • J Infect
        • TO KK, Tsang AK, Chan JF, Cheng VC, et al
          • Emergence of avian influenza A(H10N8) in human after A(H5,6,7,9,10 and N1,2,3,7,9): single intrusion or looming epidemic?

      • J Infect Dis
        • SOLOFF AC, Bissel SJ, Junecko BF, Giles BM, et al
          • Massive Mobilization of Dendritic Cells in H5N1 Influenza Virus Infection of Nonhuman Primates.

        • PLOTZ FB
        • MELLA C, Hall MW, Ramilo O, Mejias A, et al

      • J Virol
        • FULTON RB, Weiss KA, Pewe LL, Harty JT, et al
          • Aged mice exhibit a severely diminished CD8 T cell response following respiratory syncytial virus infection.

        • LLOMPART CM, Nieto A, Rodriguez-Frandsen A
          • Specific residues of PB2 and PA influenza virus polymerase subunits confer the ability for RNA polymerase II degradation and virus pathogenicity in mice.

        • KRAMMER F, Hai R, Yondola M, Tan GS, et al
        • MOK CK, Lee HH, Lestra M, Nicholls JM, et al
          • Amino-acid substitutions in polymerase basic protein 2 gene contributes to the pathogenicity of the novel A/H7N9 influenza virus in mammalian hosts.

        • YU X, Jin T, Cui Y, Pu X, et al
          • Coexistence of influenza H7N9 and H9N2 in poultry linked to human H7N9 infection and their genome characteristics.

      • J Virol Methods
        • BIDZHIEVA B, Zagorodnyaya T, Karagiannis K, Simonyan V, et al
          • Deep sequencing approach for genetic stability evaluation of influenza A viruses.

      • PLoS One
        • CHI H, Liu HF, Weng LC, Wang NY, et al
          • Molecular epidemiology and phylodynamics of the human respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein in northern Taiwan.

        • SRINIVASAN K, Raman R, Jayaraman A, Viswanathan K, et al
          • Correction: Quantitative Description of Glycan-Receptor Binding of Influenza A Virus H7 Hemagglutinin.

        • SUH M, Kang DR, Lee DH, Choi YJ, et al
        • YANG YJ, Li JY, Liu XW, Zhang JY, et al
          • A Non-Biological Method for Screening Active Components against Influenza Virus from Traditional Chinese Medicine by Coupling a LC Column with Oseltamivir Molecularly Imprinted Polymers.

        • KOETSIER A, van Asten L, Dijkstra F, van der Hoek W, et al
        • FORBES N, Selman M, Pelchat M, Jia JJ, et al
          • Identification of adaptive mutations in the influenza a virus non-structural 1 gene that increase cytoplasmic localization and differentially regulate host gene expression.

        • HOSSEINI PR, Fuller T, Harrigan R, Zhao D, et al
          • Correction: Metapopulation Dynamics Enable Persistence of Influenza A, Including A/H5N1, in Poultry.

        • DER HEIDEN MA, Kopke K, Buda S, Buchholz U, et al
          • Correction: Estimates of Excess Medically Attended Acute Respiratory Infections in Periods of Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza in Germany from 2001/02 to 2010/11.

        • WIBAWA H, Bingham J, Nuradji H, Lowther S, et al
          • Experimentally Infected Domestic Ducks Show Efficient Transmission of Indonesian H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus, but Lack Persistent Viral Shedding.

        • YIN SY, Kim HJ, Kim HJ
        • ZHANG WD, Zu ZH, Xu Q, Xu ZJ, et al
          • Optimized strategy for the control and prevention of newly emerging influenza revealed by the spread dynamics model.

        • ROMIO S, Weibel D, Dieleman JP, Olberg HK, et al
          • Guillain-Barre Syndrome and Adjuvanted Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Vaccines: A Multinational Self-Controlled Case Series in Europe.

        • VAN DER AUWERA S, Bulla I, Ziller M, Pohlmann A, et al
          • ClassyFlu: Classification of Influenza A Viruses with Discriminatively Trained Profile-HMMs.

        • PIPER SC, Ferguson J, Kay L, Parker LC, et al
          • The role of interleukin-1 and interleukin-18 in pro-inflammatory and anti-viral responses to rhinovirus in primary bronchial epithelial cells.

      • Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
        • QUINONES-PARRA S, Grant E, Loh L, Nguyen TH, et al
          • Preexisting CD8+ T-cell immunity to the H7N9 influenza A virus varies across ethnicities.

      • Virus Res
        • HILLAIRE ML, van Eijk M, Trierum SE, Fouchier RA, et al
          • Recombinant porcine surfactant protein D inhibits influenza A virus replication ex vivo.



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        Research Articles Abstracts ? January 18 2014 Issue

        [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

        Research Articles Abstracts ? January 18 2014 Issue

        This week?s abstracts:
        • Antiviral Res
          • IVACHTCHENKO AV, Ivanenkov YA, Mitkin OD, Yamanushkin PM, et al

        • Arch Virol
          • PARVIN R, Heenemann K, Halami MY, Chowdhury EH, et al
            • Full-genome analysis of avian influenza virus H9N2 from Bangladesh reveals internal gene reassortments with two distinct highly pathogenic avian influenza viruses.

        • Biochemistry
          • NI FY, Chen X, Shen J, Wang Q, et al
            • Structural Insights into Membrane-fusion Mechanism Mediated by Influenza Virus Hemagglutinin.

        • Epidemiol Infect
          • ABDELWHAB EM, Veits J, Mettenleiter TC

        • J Gen Virol
          • KLINGBEIL K, Lange E, Teifke JP, Mettenleiter TC, et al
            • Immunization of pigs with an attenuated pseudorabies virus recombinant expressing the hemagglutinin of pandemic swine origin H1N1 influenza A virus.

          • PARK SJ, Kim EH, Pascua PN, Kwon HI, et al
            • Evaluation of heterosubtypic cross-protection against highly pathogenic H5N1 by active infection with human seasonal influenza A virus or trivalent inactivated vaccine immunization in ferret models.

        • J Infect Dis
          • HUANG KY, Li CK, Clutterbuck E, Chui C, et al
            • Virus-Specific Antibody Secreting Cell, Memory B-cell, and Sero-Antibody Responses in the Human Influenza Challenge Model.

        • J Virol
          • CAMPBELL PJ, Danzy S, Kyriakis CS, Deymier MJ, et al
            • The M segment of the 2009 pandemic influenza virus confers increased NA activity, filamentous morphology and efficient contact transmissibility to A/Puerto Rico/8/1934-based reassortant viruses.

          • WAN Z, Ye J, Xu L, Shao H, et al
            • Antigenic Mapping of the Hemagglutinin of an H9N2 Avian Influenza Virus Reveals Novel Critical Amino Acid Positions in Antigenic Sites.

        • JAMA
          • FERNANDES RM, Hartling L

        • Pediatrics
          • YOSHIHARA S , Kusuda S, Mochizuki H, Okada K, et al
          • MEISSNER HC, Kimberlin DW

        • PLoS Genet
          • NEVEROV AD, Lezhnina KV, Kondrashov AS, Bazykin GA, et al
            • Intrasubtype Reassortments Cause Adaptive Amino Acid Replacements in H3N2 Influenza Genes.

        • PLoS One
          • LIAN IEB, Wu HD, Chang WT, Chao DY, et al
            • The temporal trend of influenza-associated morbidity and the impact of early appearance of antigenic drifted strains in a southeast asian country.

          • HU YJ, Tu PC, Lin CS, Guo ST, et al
            • Identification and chronological analysis of genomic signatures in influenza a viruses.

          • YUN HC, Fugate WH, Murray CK, Cropper TL, et al
            • Pandemic Influenza Virus 2009 H1N1 and Adenovirus in a High Risk Population of Young Adults: Epidemiology, Comparison of Clinical Presentations, and Coinfection.

          • RENK H, Regamey N, Hartl D
            • Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease: A Systematic Meta-Analysis.

          • SCIENCE M, Maguire JL, Russell ML, Smieja M, et al
            • Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin d level and influenza vaccine immunogenicity in children and adolescents.

          • CHARAUDEAU S, Pakdaman K, Boelle PY
            • Commuter mobility and the spread of infectious diseases: application to influenza in france.

        • Vaccine
          • GALLORINI S, Taccone M, Bonci A, Nardelli F, et al
            • Sublingual immunization with a subunit influenza vaccine elicits comparable systemic immune response as intramuscular immunization, but also induces local IgA and TH17 responses.

          • ANNE-LAURE CB, Jocelyn R, Nathanael L, Xavier De-Lambal, et al
            • Predictors of IV behaviors during and after the 2009 influenza pandemic in France.

        • Virology
          • WANG Y, Zhou J, Du Y
            • hnRNP A2/B1 interacts with influenza A viral protein NS1 and inhibits virus replication potentially through suppressing NS1 RNA/protein levels and NS1 mRNA nuclear export.

          • ELHEFNAWI M, Sherif FF
            • Accurate classification and hemagglutinin amino acid signatures for influenza A virus host-origin association and subtyping.



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          Research Articles Abstracts?January 25 2014 Issue

          [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

          Research Articles Abstracts?January 25 2014 Issue

          This week?s abstracts:
          • Antimicrob Agents Chemother
            • SLEEMAN K, Mishin VP, Guo Z, Garten RJ, et al
              • Antiviral susceptibility of variant influenza A(H3N2)v viruses isolated in the United States during 2011 - 2013.

          • BMJ
          • J Clin Microbiol
            • MAHONY J, Chong S, Bulir D, Ruyter A, et al
              • Development of a sensitive loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay that provides specimen-to-result diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus infection in 30 minutes.

          • J Gen Virol
            • LAWLOR HA, Schickli JH, Tang RS
              • A single amino acid in the F2 subunit of respiratory syncytial virus fusion protein alters growth and fusogenicity.

          • J Infect Dis
            • NELSON MI, Njouom R, Viboud C, Niang MN, et al
            • SKOWRONSKI DM, Janjua NZ, Sabaiduc S, De Serres G, et al
              • Influenza A/subtype and B/lineage effectiveness estimates for the 2011-12 trivalent vaccine: cross-season and cross-lineage protection with unchanged vaccine.

            • PAWAR SD, Tandale BV, Gurav YK, Parkhi SS, et al
              • Immunity status against H7N9 and other avian influenza viruses in high-risk groups and general population in India.

            • TODD S, de Bruin E, Nhat NT, Koopmans M, et al

          • J Virol
            • RIMA BK, Gatherer D, Young DF, Norsted H, et al
              • Stability of the parainfluenza virus 5 genome revealed by deep sequencing of strains isolated from different hosts and following passage in cell culture.

          • N Engl J Med
          • PLoS One
            • XIA S, Liu J, Cheung W
              • Identifying the relative priorities of subpopulations for containing infectious disease spread.

          • Vaccine
            • FERNANDEZ-SIUROB I, Retana MA, Tellez G, Arroyo-Navarro L, et al
              • Assessment of viral interference using a chemical receptor blocker against avian influenza and establishment of protection levels in field outbreaks.

            • BROWN DS, Arnold SE, Asay G, Lorick SA, et al
              • Parent attitudes about school-located influenza vaccination clinics.



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            Research Articles Abstracts - 2014 Issues Archive

            This thread contains the archive of the 2014 issues.


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              Research Articles Abstracts?February 2 2014 Issue

              [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

              Research Articles Abstracts?February 2 2014 Issue

              This week?s abstracts:



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                Research Articles Abstracts?February 8 2014 Issue

                [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                Research Articles Abstracts?February 8 2014 Issue

                This week?s abstracts:
                • Antiviral Res
                  • HOFFMANN J, Schneider C, Heinbockel L, Brandenburg K, et al
                    • A new class of synthetic anti-lipopolysaccharide peptides inhibits influenza A virus replication by blocking cellular attachment.

                • Epidemiol Infect
                  • THOMPSON LH, Malik MT, Gumel A, Strome T, et al
                    • Emergency department and 'Google flu trends' data as syndromic surveillance indicators for seasonal influenza.

                  • PLASS D, Mangen MJ, Kraemer A, Pinheiro P, et al
                    • The disease burden of hepatitis B, influenza, measles and salmonellosis in Germany: first results of the Burden of Communicable Diseases in Europe Study.

                • J Clin Microbiol
                  • ZHOU B, Lin X, Wang W, Halpin RA, et al
                    • Universal Influenza B Virus Genomic Amplification (IBV-GA) Facilitates Sequencing, Diagnostics, and Reverse Genetics.

                • J Infect Dis
                  • CAO RG, Suarez NM, Obermoser G, Lopez SM, et al
                    • Differences in Antibody Responses between TIV and LAIV Influenza Vaccines Correlate with the Kinetics and Magnitude of Interferon Signaling in Children.

                  • SI-TAHAR M, Blanc F, Furio L, Chopy D, et al
                  • FALSEY AR, McElhaney JE, Beran J, van Essen GA, et al
                    • Respiratory Syncytial Virus and Other Respiratory Viral Infections in Older Adults With Moderate to Severe Influenza-like Illness.

                • J Virol
                  • CHIRKOVA T, Boyoglu-Barnum S, Gaston KA, Malik FM, et al
                    • Respiratory syncytial virus G protein CX3C motif impairs human airway epithelial and immune cell responses.

                  • DE VRIES RP, de Vries E, Martinez-Romero C, McBride R, et al
                    • Evolution of the hemagglutinin protein of the new pandemic H1N1 influenza virus: maintaining optimal receptor binding by compensatory substitutions.

                  • MONNE I, Fusaro A, Nelson MI, Bonfanti L, et al
                  • WANG G, Deng G, Shi J, Luo W, et al

                • J Virol Methods
                  • ZHANG H, Chen Q, Chen Z
                    • A Simple and Efficient Method for Detecting Avian Influenza Virus in Water Samples.

                • PLoS One
                  • ZHOU L, Situ S, Feng Z, Atkins CY, et al
                    • Cost-Effectiveness of Alternative Strategies for Annual Influenza Vaccination among Children Aged 6 Months to 14 Years in Four Provinces in China.

                  • HUANG Y, Wille M, Dobbin A, Walzthoni NM, et al
                    • Genetic structure of avian influenza viruses from ducks of the atlantic flyway of north america.

                  • MOORE C, Cumming GS, Slingsby J, Grewar J, et al
                    • Tracking socioeconomic vulnerability using network analysis: insights from an avian influenza outbreak in an ostrich production network.

                  • IQBAL M, Reddy KB, Brookes SM, Essen SC, et al
                    • Virus Pathotype and Deep Sequencing of the HA Gene of a Low Pathogenicity H7N1 Avian Influenza Virus Causing Mortality in Turkeys.

                  • WANG Z, Burwinkel M, Chai W, Lange E, et al
                    • Dietary Enterococcus faecium NCIMB 10415 and Zinc Oxide Stimulate Immune Reactions to Trivalent Influenza Vaccination in Pigs but Do Not Affect Virological Response upon Challenge Infection.

                  • ROOT JJ, Shriner SA, Bentler KT, Gidlewski T, et al
                    • Extended Viral Shedding of a Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus by Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis).

                  • THEISEN LL, Erdelmeier CA, Spoden GA, Boukhallouk F, et al
                    • Tannins from Hamamelis virginiana Bark Extract: Characterization and Improvement of the Antiviral Efficacy against Influenza A Virus and Human Papillomavirus.

                  • MANN JF , McKay PF, Arokiasamy S, Patel RK, et al
                    • Mucosal Application of gp140 Encoding DNA Polyplexes to Different Tissues Results in Altered Immunological Outcomes in Mice.

                • Vaccine
                  • KAMPHUIS T , Shafique M, Meijerhof T, Stegmann T, et al
                    • Efficacy and safety of an intranasal virosomal respiratory syncytial virus vaccine adjuvanted with monophosphoryl lipid A in mice and cotton rats.

                  • SIRIWARDENA AN, Asghar Z, Coupland CA
                    • Influenza and pneumococcal vaccination and risk of stroke or transient ischaemic attack-Matched case control study.

                  • BEAU AB, Hurault-Delarue C, Vidal S, Guitard C, et al
                    • Pandemic A/H1N1 influenza vaccination during pregnancy: A comparative study using the EFEMERIS database.

                  • FREW PM, Saint-Victor DS, Owens LE, Omer SB, et al
                    • Socioecological and message framing factors influencing maternal influenza immunization among minority women.

                  • TINOCO JC, Pavia-Ruz N, Cruz-Valdez A, Doniz CA, et al
                    • Immunogenicity, reactogenicity, and safety of inactivated quadrivalent influenza vaccine candidate versus inactivated trivalent influenza vaccine in healthy adults aged >/=18 years: A phase III, randomized trial.

                  • FISCHER II WA, Brighton M, Jaspers I
                    • Live attenuated influenza vaccine strains elicit a greater innate immune response than antigenically-matched seasonal influenza viruses during infection of human nasal epithelial cell cultures.

                  • WATANABE K, Matsubara A, Kawano M, Mizuno S, et al
                    • Recombinant Ag85B vaccine by taking advantage of characteristics of human parainfluenza type 2 virus vector showed Mycobacteria-specific immune responses by intranasal immunization.

                  • STOCKWELL MS, Martinez RA, Hofstetter A, Natarajan K, et al
                    • Timeliness of 2009 H1N1 vaccine coverage in a low-income pediatric and adolescent population.

                  • CAGIGI A , Pensieroso S, Ruffin N, Sammicheli S, et al
                    • Relation of activation-induced deaminase (AID) expression with antibody response to A(H1N1)pdm09 vaccination in HIV-1 infected patients.

                  • NEWALL AT, Dehollain JP
                    • The cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination in elderly Australians: An exploratory analysis of the vaccine efficacy required.



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                  Research Articles Abstracts?February 15 2014 Issue

                  [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                  Research Articles Abstracts?February 15 2014 Issue

                  This week?s abstracts:
                  • Antiviral Res
                    • IVACHTCHENKO AV, Ivanenkov YA, Mitkin OD, Yamanushkin PM, et al
                      • A novel influenza virus neuraminidase inhibitor AV5027.

                    • BIAN C, Liu S, Liu N, Zhang G, et al
                      • Influenza virus vaccine expressing fusion and attachment protein epitopes of respiratory syncytial virus induces protective antibodies in BALB/c mice.

                  • Arch Virol
                    • HE L, Wu Q, Jiang K, Duan Z, et al
                      • Differences in transmissibility and pathogenicity of reassortants between H9N2 and 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza A viruses from humans and swine.

                  • J Infect
                    • ALONSO WJ, McCormick BJ, Schuck-Paim C
                      • Influenza and specific humidity in French Guiana: when analytical simplicity is golden.

                  • J Infect Dis
                    • IWANE MK, Farnon EC, Gerber SI
                    • HAYNES LM
                    • HUO X, Fang B, Liu L, Yu H, et al
                      • Clinical and epidemiologic characteristics of respiratory syncytial virus infection among children aged <5 years, Jingzhou City, China, 2011.

                    • ROWLINSON E, Dueger E, Taylor T, Mansour A, et al
                      • Incidence and clinical features of respiratory syncytial virus infections in a population-based surveillance site in the Nile Delta Region.

                    • MCCRACKEN JP, Prill MM, Arvelo W, Lindblade KA, et al
                    • BIGOGO GM, Breiman RF, Feikin DR, Audi AO, et al
                      • Epidemiology of respiratory syncytial virus infection in rural and urban Kenya.

                    • MOYES J, Cohen C, Pretorius M, Groome M, et al
                      • Epidemiology of Respiratory Syncytial Virus-Associated Acute Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Hospitalizations Among HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected South African Children, 2010-2011.

                    • PRETORIUS MA, van Niekerk S, Tempia S, Moyes J, et al
                      • Replacement and positive evolution of subtype A and B respiratory syncytial virus G-protein genotypes from 1997-2012 in South Africa.

                    • NAORAT S, Chittaganpitch M, Thamthitiwat S, Henchaichon S, et al
                      • Hospitalizations for acute lower respiratory tract infection due to respiratory syncytial virus in Thailand, 2008-2011.

                    • HAYNES AK, Manangan AP, Iwane MK, Sturm-Ramirez K, et al
                      • Respiratory syncytial virus circulation in seven countries with Global Disease Detection Regional Centers.

                  • J Virol
                    • SUN Y, Xu Q, Shen Y, Liu L, et al
                      • Naturally occurring mutations in the PA gene are key contributors to increased virulence of pandemic H1N1/09 influenza virus in mice.

                    • ROBINSON DP, Hall OJ, Nilles TL, Bream JH, et al
                      • 17beta-estradiol protects females against influenza by recruiting neutrophils and increasing virus-specific CD8 T cell responses in the lungs.

                    • LEWIS NS, Anderson TK, Kitikoon P, Skepner E, et al
                      • Substitutions near the hemagglutinin receptor-binding site determine the antigenic evolution of influenza A H3N2 viruses in U.S. swine.

                    • TARNOW C, Engels G, Arendt A, Schwalm F, et al
                      • TMPRSS2 is a host factor that is essential for pneumotropism and pathogenicity of H7N9 influenza A virus in mice.

                    • NEUMANN G, Macken CA, Kawaoka Y
                      • Identification of amino acid changes that may have been critical for the genesis of A(H7N9) influenza viruses.

                    • YANG H, Chang JC, Guo Z, Carney PJ, et al

                  • Lancet
                    • GARCIA-SASTRE A, Schmolke M
                    • CHEN H, Yuan H, Gao R, Zhang J, et al
                      • Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of a fatal case of avian influenza A H10N8 virus infection: a descriptive study.

                  • PLoS One
                    • HESSEL A, Savidis-Dacho H, Coulibaly S, Portsmouth D, et al
                      • MVA Vectors Expressing Conserved Influenza Proteins Protect Mice against Lethal Challenge with H5N1, H9N2 and H7N1 Viruses.

                    • VIRK RK, Tambyah PA, Inoue M, Lim EA, et al
                      • Prospective surveillance and molecular characterization of seasonal influenza in a university cohort in singapore.

                    • KATZ G, Benkarroum Y, Wei H, Rice WJ, et al
                    • LIU F, Enanoria WT, Ray KJ, Coffee MP, et al
                      • Effect of the one-child policy on influenza transmission in china: a stochastic transmission model.

                    • BARCLAY VC, Smieszek T, He J, Cao G, et al
                      • Positive network assortativity of influenza vaccination at a high school: implications for outbreak risk and herd immunity.

                    • DIERKES R, Warnking K, Liedmann S, Seyer R, et al
                      • The Rac1 Inhibitor NSC23766 Exerts Anti-Influenza Virus Properties by Affecting the Viral Polymerase Complex Activity.

                    • KIM JI, Lee I, Park S, Lee S, et al
                    • KUMAR Y, Liang C, Limmon GV, Liang L, et al
                      • Molecular analysis of serum and bronchoalveolar lavage in a mouse model of influenza reveals markers of disease severity that can be clinically useful in humans.

                  • Vaccine
                    • LIM J , Choi B, Kim J, Kim J, et al
                      • Evaluation and sensitivity analysis of the effectiveness of unadjuvanted A(H1N1)pdm09 vaccine in hospital workers using multi-center cohort study in Korea.

                    • REMSCHMIDT C, Wichmann O, Harder T
                      • Methodological quality of systematic reviews on influenza vaccination.

                  • Virology
                    • GERLOFF NA, Khan SU, Balish A, Shanta IS, et al
                      • Multiple reassortment events among highly pathogenic avian influenza A(H5N1) viruses detected in Bangladesh.

                    • KU KB, Park EH, Yum J, Kim HM, et al
                      • Transmissibility of novel H7N9 and H9N2 avian influenza viruses between chickens and ferrets.

                    • NI F, Nnadi Mbawuike I, Kondrashkina E, Wang Q, et al
                      • The roles of hemagglutinin Phe-95 in receptor binding and pathogenicity of influenza B virus.

                  • Virus Res
                    • XU C, Chen H, Hu B, Yang S, et al
                      • Two amino acid residues in ion channel protein M2 and polymerase protein PA contribute to replication difference of H5N1 influenza viruses in mice.



                  • #10
                    Research Articles Abstracts?February 26 2014 Issue

                    [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                    Research Articles Abstracts?February 26 2014 Issue

                    This week?s abstracts:
                    • Ann Intern Med
                    • Epidemiol Infect
                    • J Gen Virol
                      • GARCIA-BARRENO B, Delgado T, Benito S, Casas I, et al
                        • Characterization of an enhanced antigenic change in the pandemic 2009 H1N1 influenza virus hemagglutinin (HA).

                    • J Infect Dis
                      • VAN RIEL D, Leijten LM, Verdijk RM, Geurtsvankessel C, et al
                        • Evidence for influenza virus CNS invasion along the olfactory route in an immunocompromised infant.

                      • BAR-ON Y, Seidel E, Tsukerman P, Mandelboim M, et al
                        • Influenza virus uses its neuraminidase protein to evade the recognition of two activating NK cell receptors.

                    • Lancet Respir Med
                    • MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep
                      • FLANNERY B, Thaker SN, Clippard J, Monto AS, et al
                        • Interim estimates of 2013-14 seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness - United States, february 2014.

                      • AYSCUE P, Murray E, Uyeki T, Zipprich J, et al
                        • Influenza-associated intensive-care unit admissions and deaths - california, september 29, 2013-january 18, 2014.

                      • ARRIOLA CS, Brammer L, Epperson S, Blanton L, et al
                        • Update: influenza activity - United States, september 29, 2013-february 8, 2014.

                    • PLoS One
                      • SUZUKI M, Minh le N, Yoshimine H, Inoue K, et al
                        • Vaccine Effectiveness against Medically Attended Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza in Japan, 2011-2012 Season.

                      • CLEGG CH, Roque R, Perrone LA, Rininger JA, et al
                      • BODEWES R, van de Bildt MW, van Elk CE, Bunskoek PE, et al
                        • No Serological Evidence that Harbour Porpoises Are Additional Hosts of Influenza B Viruses.

                      • DA SILVA AA, Ranieri TM, Torres FD, Vianna FS, et al
                        • Impact on Pregnancies in South Brazil from the Influenza A (H1N1) Pandemic: Cohort Study.

                      • XIONG F, Xia L, Wang J, Wu B, et al
                        • A High-Affinity CDR-Grafted Antibody against Influenza A H5N1 Viruses Recognizes a Conserved Epitope of H5 Hemagglutinin.

                      • OROZOVIC G, Orozovic K, Jarhult JD, Olsen B, et al
                        • Study of oseltamivir and zanamivir resistance-related mutations in influenza viruses isolated from wild mallards in sweden.

                      • RUDENKO L, Kiseleva I, Naykhin AN, Erofeeva M, et al
                        • Assessment of Human Immune Responses to H7 Avian Influenza Virus of Pandemic Potential: Results from a Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Double-Blind Phase I Study of Live Attenuated H7N3 Influenza Vaccine.

                    • Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
                      • PICKL-HERK A, Luque D, Vives-Adrian L, Querol-Audi J, et al
                        • Uncoating of common cold virus is preceded by RNA switching as determined by X-ray and cryo-EM analyses of the subviral A-particle.

                    • Vaccine
                      • NORMAN JJ, Arya JM, McClain MA, Frew PM, et al
                        • Microneedle patches: Usability and acceptability for self-vaccination against influenza.

                      • MALOSH R, Ohmit SE, Petrie JG, Thompson MG, et al
                        • Factors associated with influenza vaccine receipt in community dwelling adults and their children.

                    • Virology
                      • BASTA HA, Ashraf S, Sgro JY, Bochkov YA, et al
                        • Modeling of the human rhinovirus C capsid suggests possible causes for antiviral drug resistance.

                      • BASTA HA, Sgro JY, Palmenberg AC
                        • Modeling of the human rhinovirus C capsid suggests a novel topography with insights on receptor preference and immunogenicity.



                    • #11
                      Research Articles Abstracts?March 1 2014 Issue

                      [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                      Research Articles Abstracts?March 1 2014 Issue

                      This week?s Abstracts:
                      • Antimicrob Agents Chemother
                        • BURNHAM AJ, Baranovich T, Marathe BM, Armstrong J, et al
                          • Fitness Costs for Influenza B Viruses Carrying Neuraminidase Inhibitor-Resistant Substitutions: Underscoring the Importance of E119A and H274Y.

                      • Epidemiol Infect
                        • WONG VW, Cowling BJ, Aiello AE
                          • Hand hygiene and risk of influenza virus infections in the community: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

                        • HUANG Y, Xu K, Ren DF, Ai J, et al
                          • Probable longer incubation period for human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in Jiangsu Province, China, 2013.

                      • J Immunol
                        • SUN K, Metzger DW
                          • Influenza Infection Suppresses NADPH Oxidase-Dependent Phagocytic Bacterial Clearance and Enhances Susceptibility to Secondary Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Infection.

                        • LEE S, Mittler RS, Moore ML
                          • Targeting CD137 Enhances Vaccine-Elicited Anti-Respiratory Syncytial Virus CD8+ T Cell Responses in Aged Mice.

                      • J Infect
                        • WANG W, Peng H, Zhao P, Qi Z, et al
                          • Cross-Reactive Antibody Responses to the Novel Avian Influenza A H7N9 Virus in Shanghai Adults.

                      • J Infect Dis
                        • MARJUKI H, Mishin VP, Chesnokov AP, De La Cruz JA, et al
                          • An investigational antiviral drug fludase effectively inhibits replication of zoonotic A(H7N9) influenza viruses and protects mice from lethality.

                        • YANG S, Chen Y, Cui D, Yao H, et al
                          • Avian-origin influenza A(H7N9) infection in influenza A(H7N9)-affected areas of China: a serological study.

                      • J Virol
                        • PEREZ-CIDONCHA M, Killip MJ, Oliveros JC, Asensio VJ, et al
                          • An Unbiased Genetic Screen reveals the Polygenic Nature of the Influenza Virus anti-Interferon Response.

                        • DIMMOCK NJ, Easton AJ
                          • Defective interfering influenza virus RNAs: time to re-evaluate their clinical potential as broad spectrum antivirals?

                        • PANTIN-JACKWOOD MJ, Miller PJ, Spackman E, Swayne DE, et al

                      • JAMA
                        • NAPOLITANO LM, Angus DC, Uyeki TM

                      • Lancet
                      • Pediatrics
                        • JACOBS JD, Foster M, Wan J, Pershad J, et al
                        • CORNFIELD DN

                      • PLoS Comput Biol
                        • POLETTO C, Meloni S, Colizza V, Moreno Y, et al
                          • Host mobility drives pathogen competition in spatially structured populations.

                      • Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
                        • LEE SM, Kok KH, Jaume M, Cheung TK, et al
                          • Toll-like receptor 10 is involved in induction of innate immune responses to influenza virus infection.

                        • TEIJARO JR, Walsh KB, Rice S, Rosen H, et al
                          • Mapping the innate signaling cascade essential for cytokine storm during influenza virus infection.

                      • Vaccine
                        • MOROKUTTI A, Muster T, Ferko B
                          • Intranasal vaccination with a replication-deficient influenza virus induces heterosubtypic neutralising mucosal IgA antibodies in humans.



                      • #12
                        Research Articles Abstracts?March 8 2014 Issue

                        [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                        Research Articles Abstracts?March 8 2014 Issue

                        This week?s abstracts:
                        • Antiviral Res
                          • PIZZORNO A, Abed Y, Rheaume C, Boivin G, et al
                            • Oseltamivir-zanamivir combination therapy is not superior to zanamivir monotherapy in mice infected with influenza A(H3N2) and A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses.

                        • BMJ
                        • J Clin Microbiol
                          • LEE HK, Tang JW, Loh TP, Kong DH, et al
                            • Emergence of G186D in the Presence of R292K in an Immunocompromised Child Infected with Influenza A/H3N2 Treated with Oseltamivir.

                          • SU S, Zhou P, Jia K, Khan SU, et al
                            • Evidence for Subclinical Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus Infection among Dogs, Guangdong Province, China.

                        • J Gen Virol
                          • CAULDWELL AV, Long JS, Moncorge O, Barclay WS, et al

                        • J Infect
                          • RENOIS F, Leveque N, Deliege PG, Fichel C, et al
                            • Enteroviruses as major cause of microbiologically unexplained acute respiratory tract infections in hospitalized pediatric patients.

                          • KAI-WANG TO K, Song W, Lau SY, Que TL, et al
                            • Unique reassortant of influenza A(H7N9) virus associated with severe disease emerging in Hong Kong.

                        • J Infect Dis
                          • CUMMINGS KJ, Martin SB Jr, Lindsley WG, Othumpangat S, et al
                            • Exposure to influenza virus aerosols in the hospital setting: Is routine patient care an aerosol generating procedure?

                        • J Virol
                          • SAKAI K, Ami Y, Tahara M, Kubota T, et al
                            • The host protease TMPRSS2 plays a major role for in vivo replication of emerging H7N9 and seasonal influenza viruses.

                        • Lancet
                          • LIU D, Shi W, Gao GF

                        • MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep
                          • HADLER JL, Yousey-Hindes K, Kudish K, Kennedy ED, et al
                            • Impact of requiring influenza vaccination for children in licensed child care or preschool programs - connecticut, 2012-13 influenza season.

                        • PLoS Genet
                          • FOLL M, Poh YP, Renzette N, Ferrer-Admetlla A, et al
                            • Influenza virus drug resistance: a time-sampled population genetics perspective.

                        • PLoS One
                          • RAJAN D, Gaston KA, McCracken CE, Erdman DD, et al
                            • Response to rhinovirus infection by human airway epithelial cells and peripheral blood mononuclear cells in an in vitro two-chamber tissue culture system.

                          • NISAR N, Aamir UB, Badar N, Mehmood MR, et al
                            • Prediction of Clinical Factors Associated with Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 in Pakistan.

                          • YOKOMICHI H, Kurihara S, Yokoyama T, Inoue E, et al
                            • The Pandemic Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Vaccine Does Not Increase the Mortality Rate of Idiopathic Interstitial Pneumonia: A Matched Case-Control Study.

                          • BROWN VL, Drake JM, Barton HD, Stallknecht DE, et al
                          • SITARAS I, Kalthoff D, Beer M, Peeters B, et al
                            • Immune Escape Mutants of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza H5N1 Selected Using Polyclonal Sera: Identification of Key Amino Acids in the HA Protein.

                          • RIGTER A , Widjaja I, Versantvoort H, Coenjaerts FE, et al
                            • A Protective and Safe Intranasal RSV Vaccine Based on a Recombinant Prefusion-Like Form of the F Protein Bound to Bacterium-Like Particles.

                          • BANSTOLA A, Banstola A
                            • The epidemiology of hospitalization for pneumonia in children under five in the rural western region of Nepal: a descriptive study.

                          • DRIEDGER SM, Cooper E, Jardine C, Furgal C, et al
                            • Communicating risk to aboriginal peoples: first nations and Metis responses to H1N1 risk messages.

                          • MATA M, Martinez I, Melero JA, Tenor H, et al
                            • Roflumilast inhibits respiratory syncytial virus infection in human differentiated bronchial epithelial cells.

                          • JOICE R , Lipsitch M
                            • Targeting Imperfect Vaccines against Drug-Resistance Determinants: A Strategy for Countering the Rise of Drug Resistance.

                          • SAUER AK, Liang CH, Stech J, Peeters B, et al
                            • Characterization of the sialic Acid binding activity of influenza a viruses using soluble variants of the h7 and h9 hemagglutinins.

                          • LASKOWSKI M, Greer AL, Moghadas SM
                          • RINALDI C, Penhale WJ, Stumbles PA, Tay G, et al
                            • Modulation of innate immune responses by influenza-specific ovine polyclonal antibodies used for prophylaxis.

                          • CHO KJ, Hong KW, Kim SH, Seok JH, et al
                            • Insight into highly conserved h1 subtype-specific epitopes in influenza virus hemagglutinin.

                          • OUYANG K, Woodiga SA, Dwivedi V, Buckwalter CM, et al
                            • Pretreatment of Epithelial Cells with Live Streptococcus pneumoniae Has No Detectable Effect on Influenza A Virus Replication In Vitro.

                          • JI H, Gu Q, Chen LL, Xu K, et al
                            • Epidemiological and Clinical Characteristics and Risk Factors for Death of Patients with Avian Influenza A H7N9 Virus Infection from Jiangsu Province, Eastern China.

                          • OLSON SH, Parmley J, Soos C, Gilbert M, et al

                        • Vaccine
                          • GENZEL Y, Vogel T, Buck J, Behrendt I, et al
                            • High cell density cultivations by alternating tangential flow (ATF) perfusion for influenza A virus production using suspension cells.

                          • THOMAS RE
                            • Is influenza-like illness a useful concept and an appropriate test of influenza vaccine effectiveness?

                          • BARR IG
                            • WHO recommendations for the viruses used in the 2013-2014 Northern Hemisphere influenza vaccine: Epidemiology, antigenic and genetic characteristics of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09, A(H3N2) and B influenza viruses collected from October 2012 to January 2013

                          • TABYNOV K, Kydyrbayev Z, Ryskeldinova S, Yespembetov B, et al
                            • Novel influenza virus vectors expressing Brucella L7/L12 or Omp16 proteins in cattle induced a strong T-cell immune response, as well as high protectiveness against B. abortus infection.

                          • KEIJZER C, Haijema BJ, Meijerhof T, Voorn P, et al
                            • Inactivated influenza vaccine adjuvanted with Bacterium-like particles induce systemic and mucosal influenza A virus specific T-cell and B-cell responses after nasal administration in a TLR2 dependent fashion.

                        • Virus Res
                          • RIVERA-BENITEZ JF, Cuevas-Romero S, Perez-Torres A, Reyes-Leyva J, et al



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                          Research Articles Abstracts?March 15 2014 Issue

                          [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                          Research Articles Abstracts?March 15 2014 Issue

                          This week?s abstracts:
                          • Antimicrob Agents Chemother
                            • KHANTASUP K, Kopermsub P, Chaichoun K, Dharakul T, et al
                              • Targeted siRNA-immunoliposomes as a promising therapeutic agent against highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1) virus infection.

                          • Arch Virol
                            • MOSLEY YY, Wu CC, Lin TL
                              • An influenza A virus hemagglutinin (HA) epitope inserted in and expressed from several loci of the infectious bursal disease virus genome induces HA-specific antibodies.

                            • JU X, Fang Q, Zhang J, Xu A, et al

                          • J Clin Microbiol
                            • VAN BAALEN CA, Els C, Sprong L, van Beek R, et al
                              • Detection of non-hemagglutinating influenza A(H3) viruses by ELISA in quantitative influenza virus culture.

                            • BASMACI R, Ilharreborde B, Doit C, Presedo A, et al
                              • Two atypical cases of Kingella kingae invasive infection with concomitant human rhinovirus infection.

                          • J Infect Dis
                          • J Virol
                            • WOO HJ, Reifman J
                              • Quantitative modeling of virus evolutionary dynamics and adaptation in serial passages using empirically inferred fitness landscapes.

                            • SARVESTANI ST, Tate MD, Moffat JM, Jacobi AM, et al
                              • Inosine-mediated modulation of RNA sensing by Toll-like receptor 7 (TLR7) and TLR8.

                            • KIRUI J, Bucci MD, Poole DS, Mehle A, et al
                              • Conserved features of the PB2 627 domain impact influenza virus polymerase function and replication.

                            • LEE CC, Zhu H, Huang PY, Peng L, et al
                            • HAN J, Wang L, Liu J, Jin M, et al
                              • Co-circulation of three HA and two NA subtypes of avian influenza viruses in Huzhou, China, April 2013: implication for the origin of the novel H7N9 virus.

                            • PRICE GE, Lo CY, Misplon JA, Epstein SL, et al
                              • Mucosal immunization with a candidate universal influenza vaccine reduces virus transmission in a mouse model.

                          • J Virol Methods
                            • SHIBAGAKI Y, Ikuta N, Iguchi S, Takaki K, et al
                              • An efficient screening system for influenza virus cap-dependent endonuclease inhibitors.

                          • MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep
                            • LUCKHAUPT SE, Calvert GM, Li J, Sweeney M, et al
                              • Prevalence of Influenza-Like Illness and Seasonal and Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Workers - United States, 2009-10 Influenza Season.

                          • PLoS One
                            • MERTZ D, Kim TH, Johnstone J, Lam PP, et al
                              • Populations at Risk for Severe or Complicated Avian Influenza H5N1: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

                            • TIMPKA T, Spreco A, Gursky E, Eriksson O, et al
                              • Intentions to Perform Non-Pharmaceutical Protective Behaviors during Influenza Outbreaks in Sweden: A Cross-Sectional Study following a Mass Vaccination Campaign.

                            • DUVVURI VR, Duvvuri B, Alice C, Wu GE, et al
                              • Preexisting CD4+ T-Cell Immunity in Human Population to Avian Influenza H7N9 Virus: Whole Proteome-Wide Immunoinformatics Analyses.

                            • DANGOR Z, Izu A, Moore DP, Nunes MC, et al
                              • Temporal association in hospitalizations for tuberculosis, invasive pneumococcal disease and influenza virus illness in South african children.

                            • BUDGE PJ, Griffin MR, Edwards KM, Williams JV, et al
                              • Impact of Home Environment Interventions on the Risk of Influenza-Associated ARI in Andean Children: Observations from a Prospective Household-Based Cohort Study.

                            • BARNEA O, Huppert A, Katriel G, Stone L, et al
                              • Spatio-Temporal Synchrony of Influenza in Cities across Israel: The "Israel Is One City" Hypothesis.

                          • Vaccine
                            • KHURANA S, King LR, Manischewitz J, Coyle EM, et al
                              • Novel antibody-independent receptor-binding SPR-based assay for rapid measurement of influenza vaccine potency.

                            • SULTANA I, Yang K, Getie-Kebtie M, Couzens L, et al
                            • DEY A, Gidding HF, Menzies R, McIntyre P, et al
                              • General practice encounters following seasonal influenza vaccination as a proxy measure of early-onset adverse events.

                          • Virology
                            • TEIJARO JR, Walsh KB, Long JP, Tordoff KP, et al
                              • Protection of ferrets from pulmonary injury due to H1N1 2009 influenza virus infection: Immunopathology tractable by sphingosine-1-phosphate 1 receptor agonist therapy.

                            • DATAN E, Shirazian A, Benjamin S, Matassov D, et al
                              • mTOR/p70S6K signaling distinguishes routine, maintenance-level autophagy from autophagic cell death during influenza A infection.



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                            Research Articles Abstracts?March 22 2014 Issue

                            [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                            Research Articles Abstracts?March 22 2014 Issue

                            This week?s abstracts:
                            • Arch Virol
                              • PFANZAGL B, Andergassen D, Edlmayr J, Niespodziana K, et al
                                • Entry of human rhinovirus 89 via ICAM-1 into HeLa epithelial cells is inhibited by actin skeleton disruption and by bafilomycin.

                              • ALMAJHDI FN, Farrag MA, Amer HM
                                • Genetic diversity in the G protein gene of group A human respiratory syncytial viruses circulating in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

                            • J Infect
                              • FULLER T, Havers F, Xu C, Fang LQ, et al
                                • Identifying areas with a high risk of human infection with the avian influenza a (H7N9) virus in east asia.

                            • J Virol Methods
                              • KANDEIL A, Bagato O, Zaraket H, Debeauchamp J, et al
                                • Proteolytic enzymes in embryonated chicken eggs sustain the replication of egg-grown low-pathogenicity avian influenza viruses in cells in the absence of exogenous proteases.

                            • JAMA
                              • JIN J

                            • PLoS One
                              • KAKEYA H, Seki M, Izumikawa K, Kosai K, et al
                                • Efficacy of combination therapy with oseltamivir phosphate and azithromycin for influenza: a multicenter, open-label, randomized study.

                              • EDMUNDS KL, Hunter PR, Few R, Bell DJ, et al
                                • Hazard analysis of critical control points assessment as a tool to respond to emerging infectious disease outbreaks.

                            • Vaccine
                              • KIM H, Schoofs P, Anderson DA, Tannock GA, et al
                                • Cold adaptation improves the growth of seasonal influenza B vaccine viruses.

                              • YAN J, Villarreal DO, Racine T, Chu JS, et al
                                • Protective immunity to H7N9 influenza viruses elicited by synthetic DNA vaccine.

                              • SCHERLIESS R, Ajmera A, Dennis M, Carroll MW, et al
                                • Induction of protective immunity against H1N1 influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 with spray-dried and electron-beam sterilised vaccines in non-human primates.

                              • WILSON FA, Wang Y, Stimpson JP
                                • Universal paid leave increases influenza vaccinations among employees in the U.S.

                              • HWANG KP, Hsu YL, Hsieh TH, Lin HC, et al
                                • Immunogenicity and safety of a trivalent inactivated 2010-2011 influenza vaccine in Taiwan infants aged 6-12 months.

                              • FLICOTEAUX R, Pulcini C, Carrieri P, Schwarzinger M, et al
                                • Correlates of general practitioners' recommendations to patients regarding vaccination for the 2009-2010 pandemic influenza (A/H1N1) in France: Implications for future vaccination campaigns.

                              • BANJAC M, Roethl E, Gelhart F, Kramberger P, et al
                                • Purification of Vero cell derived live replication deficient influenza A and B virus by ion exchange monolith chromatography.



                            • #15
                              Research Articles Abstracts?March 29 2014 Issue

                              [Source: AMEDEO, homepage: (LINK).]

                              Research Articles Abstracts?March 29 2014 Issue

                              This week?s abstracts:
                              • Epidemiol Infect
                                • LIAO CM, You SH, Cheng YH
                                  • Network information analysis reveals risk perception transmission in a behaviour-influenza dynamics system.

                              • J Clin Microbiol
                                • CHAN KH, To KK, Chan JF, Li CP, et al
                                  • Assessment of antigen and molecular tests in serial specimens from a patient with influenza A (H7N9) infection.

                              • J Gen Virol
                                • ZHANG H, Li Y, Chen J, Chen Q, et al
                                  • Perpetuation of H5N1 and H9N2 Avian Influenza Viruses in Natural Waters.

                                • DEMERS AJ, Ran Z, Deng Q, Wang D, et al
                                  • Palmitoylation Is Required for Intracellular Trafficking of Influenza B Virus NB Protein and Efficient Influenza B Growth In Vitro.

                                • GARG R , Latimer L, Simko E, Gerdts V, et al
                                  • Induction of mucosal immunity and protection by intranasal immunisation with a novel respiratory syncytial virus vaccine formulation.

                              • J Immunol
                                • MUKHERJEE S, Rasky AJ, Lundy PA, Kittan NA, et al
                                  • STAT5-Induced Lunatic Fringe during Th2 Development Alters Delta-like 4-Mediated Th2 Cytokine Production in Respiratory Syncytial Virus-Exacerbated Airway Allergic Disease.

                                • MARR N, Wang TI, Kam SH, Hu YS, et al
                                  • Attenuation of respiratory syncytial virus-induced and RIG-I-dependent type I IFN responses in human neonates and very young children.

                              • J Infect Dis
                                • NOLAN T, Roy-Ghanta S, Montellano M, Weckx L, et al
                                  • Relative Efficacy of AS03-adjuvanted Pandemic H1N1 Influenza Vaccine in Children: Results of a Controlled, Randomized Efficacy Trial.

                                • WILSON N, Oliver J, Rice G, Summers JA, et al
                                • SASAKI S, Holmes TH, Albrecht RA, Garcia-Sastre A, et al
                                  • Distinct cross-reactive B-cell responses to live attenuated and inactivated influenza vaccines.

                                • PETERS TR, Poehling KA
                                • FERDINANDS JM, Olsho LE, Agan AA, Bhat N, et al
                                  • Effectiveness of influenza vaccine against life-threatening RT-PCR-confirmed influenza illness in US children, 2010-2012.

                                • TSANG TK, Cauchemez S, Perera RA, Freeman G, et al
                                  • Association between antibody titers and protection against influenza virus infection within households.

                              • N Engl J Med
                              • PLoS One
                                • ?
                                  • Correction: Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease: A Systematic Meta-Analysis.

                                • LIN SC, Liu WC, Jan JT, Wu SC, et al
                                  • Glycan Masking of Hemagglutinin for Adenovirus Vector and Recombinant Protein Immunizations Elicits Broadly Neutralizing Antibodies against H5N1 Avian Influenza Viruses.

                                • PENG J, Yang H, Jiang H, Lin YX, et al
                                  • The Origin of Novel Avian Influenza A (H7N9) and Mutation Dynamics for Its Human-To-Human Transmissible Capacity.

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