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Study done in Taiwan that Tetano posted:

This history of the use of arsenic as a pesticide for apples shows how as insects developed resistance, increasing amounts were used. On page 28 there is a table from 1915 with recommendation for arsenic use:

The search for substitutes for LA began in earnest when it was discovered in 1919 that contemporary practices for washing produce were failing to adequately remove As residues (Shepard, 1939).
This article covers the timeline of several uses of arsenic:
The Tangled History of Arsenic and Farming
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"Though DDT is often seen as the first war-related pesticide, arsenic ranks as an even earlier war hero. Foresters and landscapers used arsenic in the gypsymoth wars before the turn of the century, and then the Army used it somewhat effectively to combat syphilis and several other pests in World War I. Because it was felt to be indispensable to the war effort and war reconstruction markets, high arsenic use was tolerated on food and fiber crops both during World War I and afterward. Arsenic?s warrior status also helped prevent a meaningful public dialogue in the United States about its regulation until quite some time after World War I had ended."...