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FluTrackers Safety Recommendations for Protesters - USA & Canada

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  • FluTrackers Safety Recommendations for Protesters - USA & Canada

    FluTrackers Recommendations for Protestors

    1) Attend events with friends. Do not go alone. Use the Protest Buddy System.

    2) Make sure friends and family know where you are going and when you are expected back home.

    3) Take cell phone or other communication device.

    4) Take a plastic bottle filled with water if you are going to be attending all day. Dress appropriately, take a sweater or coat, if appropriate.

    5) Avoid any kind of violence. If you see anyone with a weapon leave that area immediately. Protests can turn into a riot. Stay safe.

    6) If approached by police, follow their instructions. Do not resist arrest.

    7) If you have any kind of medical issues, reconsider attending event. If arrested, be sure the authorities know you have medical needs.

    8) In the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King - the only effective protest is a non-violent one. Do not give the authorities a reason to arrest you.

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  • sharon sanders
    Re: FluTrackers Safety Recommendations for Protesters - USA &amp; Canada

    It is ok here.

    A reminder that these mass gatherings are a potentially dangerous situation.

    In this case it appears that a man was hit with some kind of gas canister or other projectile shot by a policeman.

    A very sad occurrence. I hope that this event is fully investigated.

    If you are attending these events, please be careful. Tensions can run high.

    Please Honor Scott Olsen with Peace and Non Violence.

    And please remember that the police are the "99%" too.

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  • LaMenchos
    Re: FluTrackers Safety Recommendations for Protesters - USA &amp; Canada

    I didn't know where to post this which is also very disturbing. so please feel free to move it as you see fit.

    War vet shot during Occupy Oakland

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  • sharon sanders
    Re: FluTrackers Safety Recommendations for Protesters - USA &amp; Canada

    I was watching the occupy chicago event tonight on a live stream.

    I was very disturbed to see speaker after speaker inflame the crowd. There is a difference between exuberance and incitement.

    There are approximately 283 million guns in the hands of private citizens in the United States. Any mass gathering has the potential to become a public health debacle if people lose control of themselves.

    I urge all people involved in these protests to consider the public health ramifications of what you are saying and doing.

    We all "occupy" this planet together.

    Peace and NonViolence.

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  • Diane Morin
    FluTrackers Safety Recommendations for Protestors - USA &amp; Canada

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    Recommandations de FluTrackers pour les manifestants

    1) Participez aux événements avec des amis. N'y allez pas seul. Utilisez le système de copain de protestation.

    2) Assurez-vous que des amis et la famille savent où vous allez et quand vous êtes attendus à la maison.

    3) Apportez un téléphone cellulaire ou autre appareil de communication.

    4) Apportez une bouteille en plastique remplie d'eau, si vous allez assister à tous les jours. Habillez-vous convenablement, apportez un chandail ou un manteau, le cas échéant.

    5) Evitez toute forme de violence. Si vous voyez quelqu'un avec une arme quittez cette zone immédiatement. Les protestations peuvent se transformer en une émeute. Restez en sécurité.

    6) Si vous approches par la police, suivez leurs instructions. Ne résistez pas à une arrestation.

    7) Si vous avez n'importe quel type de problèmes médicaux, de reconsidérer l'événement traitant. Si vous êtes arrêtés, assurez-vous que les autorités savent que vous avez des besoins médicaux.

    8) Dans l'esprit du Mahatma Gandhi et Martin Luther King - la seule protestation efficace est un non-violente. Ne donnez pas aux autorités une raison pour vous arrêter.

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