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International bird flu news searches

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    Additional Egyptian news source

    Egyptian newspaper Almasry Alyoum (Egypt Today) has got an English page now:

    It's very much a "Reader's Digest" version -- but maybe they'll expand it in the future.
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      Re: International bird flu news searches

      Since toggletext is down so much these days, I thought I'd let everyone know about this very good Indonesian dictionary >>

      I'm finding this dictionary to be pretty handy because it has an option to translate "Multiple Words" (also a "Fuzzy" option which is good). I don't know what the upper limit on the "Multiple Words" search is -- so far I've only tried a max of two paragraphs and it handles that just fine.

      The one drawback is the output -- the translation doesn't come back in paragraph form, but rather as a list of single words. But, if you're a fairly fast typist it's do-able.

      I also have to use a second (sometimes third) dictionary to find the words it doesn't translate -- but my impression is that it successfully translates 80-90% of the words, so not bad.
      ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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        Re: International bird flu news searches

        Indonesian hospital acronyms:

        RS [Rumah Sakit] hospital
        RSI [Rumah Sakit Islam] Islamic-run hospital
        RSU [Rumah Sakit Umum] public hospital
        RSUD [Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah] regional public hospital
        RSUP [Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat] central {public} hospital


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          Re: International bird flu news searches

          Link to listing of local news sources in countries in Africa.


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            Re: International bird flu news searches

            Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC)

            L'Avenir (Kinshasa)
            In French. Selected articles from the Kinshasa newspaper.
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              Re: International bird flu news searches

              Originally posted by Theresa42
              Google News Arabic:

              Google Arabic-English machine-translator (BETA):

              انفلونزا الطيور (Arabic)
              بأنفلونزا الطيور ("by the bird flu" in Arabic)
              The Saudi paper, "Al Watan" ["The Homeland"] is proving to be an excellent news source for bf:


              The local, Saudi news can be found by clicking on the third category [المحليات] down in the right hand column [the link seems to change daily, so I'm not going to post it here].

              "Al Riyadh" is also good and even has a page devoted to bf:


              Google Arabic-English translator linked to above -- as well as Google Arabic news.
              ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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                Re: International bird flu news searches

                Good source of Chinese news:

                ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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                  Re: International bird flu news searches

                  These are the Egyptian newspapers that I check everyday. Most of them update at noon Egypt time which is 4 a.m. ET, 10 a.m GMT. updates throughout the day.

                  Google translator:

                  Al Masry Al Youm (Egypt Today):
                  Front page:
                  "Hot issues""
                  Egypt news:

                  Al Messa (The Evening Gazette)
                  Front page:
                  Third page:

                  *Two quirky things about Al Messa: 1) if you see "Other news" as a headline, make sure to click on it -- you'll go to another page that will have several stories on it -- bf stories are often there; 2) Al Messa translates better on Firefox rather than Internet Explorer -- for some reason, parts of the page disappear on Explorer.

                  Al Wafd (The Delegation)
                  Front page:

                  *On Al Wafd, also click on the following in the top, right-hand column: Local news, Governorates (sometimes translated as "Sweeteners"), Accidents, Special Reports and Investigations.

                  Egypt news:
                  ...when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. - Sherlock Holmes


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                    Re: International bird flu news searches

                    Online Translator -

                    Word, sentence, and web page translator for 25+ pairs of mostly European and Eastern European languages at this link.
                    <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
                    Scroll down to the translation box.


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                      Re: International bird flu news searches




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                        Re: International bird flu news searches

                        Chinese - I'm copying here some of the information I had posted before on PFI and I'll add more words as I go along

                        2 二
                        2nd wave 二波
                        6 六
                        Ambulance (Vacuum Ambulance) 负压救护车
                        Ambulance 救护车
                        Atypical pneumonia 发非典
                        Avian flu virus 现禽流感病毒
                        Avian flu 禽流感
                        boy 男孩
                        Cambodia 柬埔寨
                        chicken 小鸡
                        Chicken 鸡
                        Death rate 亡率 (亡 means to perish)
                        Death 死
                        Deputy Director of Guangzhou City Health Bureau 广州市卫生局副局长、
                        Die (or died, past tense) 死于
                        Disease 病 also 疫
                        Drugs 毒 (Note: Drug poisoning 毒毒 is same symbol repeated twice - too many drugs and Toxic drug poisoning is same symbole repeated three times 毒毒毒)
                        duck 鸭
                        Epidemic 疫情 also 病疫
                        Explosion 爆
                        Explosive outbreak 爆爆发
                        farm 农场
                        Feeding 饲养
                        female 女性
                        Fever of unknown cause 不明原因的发烧
                        Flu 感
                        Found 发现
                        girl 女孩
                        Guangdong 、广东
                        Guangdong province 、广东省 and also 、广东省有
                        Guangzhou (Canton) 广 and also 广州
                        Hong Kong 港
                        Immune response 免疫应答
                        India 印
                        Indonesia 印尼
                        Infectious diseases 发传染病
                        Japan 日
                        Japan 日本
                        Korea 韩国
                        lake 湖
                        Laos 老挝
                        male 男性
                        Man (as in male) 男子
                        market 市场
                        Men (plural of males) 男
                        Mortality rate of over 50&#37; 死亡率超过50%
                        New 新
                        No. 8 People's Hospital in Guangzhou 广州市第八人民医院并没
                        Not found 不发现
                        Not 不
                        Now 现
                        Outbreak 爆发
                        Over 超过
                        patient 门诊
                        People (patients) 人
                        Person to person 人传人
                        pneumonia 肺炎
                        Poultry farming 饲养家禽
                        Poultry 家禽
                        poultry 家禽
                        quail 鹌鹑
                        Rate 率
                        SARS not found 不发现非典
                        SARS 非典
                        Second wave 二波
                        sick 病人
                        Singapore 坡
                        Son 子 (as in "son" of his father)
                        South Korea 韩国
                        Suspect 疑
                        Thailand 泰 also 泰国
                        United Nations 联合国 also UN 联国
                        United States 美
                        Viet Nam 越南
                        Viet Nam 越南
                        Virologist 病毒学家
                        Virology 病毒学
                        Virus 病毒
                        Wave 波
                        WHO 世卫组织 also 世卫


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                          Re: International bird flu news searches

                          Good source for Asian news (use the search box):



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                            Re: Turkish news sources

                            bump this list

                            Originally posted by Theresa42 View Post
                            Hopefully we won't need this, but just in case ... bird flu in Turkish is kuş gribi (in Azeri it's quş qripi).

                            The Turkish news sites that had the most news (as far as I recall) during the outbreak early this year were:

                            Haber 7:

                            Haber Turk:



                            Zaman Online:

                            Other sites that also had some bf news were:

                            Bursa Hakimiyet:



                            Haber Ekspres:

                            Kent Online:


                            Malatya Haber:

                            Turkiye Gazetesi:

                            There were probably others, but January was a long time ago now....

                            I never did find a good, online Turkish-English machine-translator. There is this one...


                            ...but it doesn't seem to work very well.

                            So, if you want something translated from Turkish, ask zkurmus or oric!!

                            Alternatively, if you enjoy punishment, you can try word-by-word translating using this really good online Turkish-English dictionary:


                            The thing is, Turkish apparently has roughly a gazillion suffixes that get added to words to alter their meanings...


                            ...which sounds really cool but is a real pain if you're trying to find out the meanings of words of a language you don't know at all using only a dictionary.

                            Example of how Turkish suffixes work:

                            kedinin = of the cat, the cat's
                            kedilerinin = of their cat, their cat's
                            kedisinin = of his cat, his cat's
                            kedisi = his cat
                            kediyle = with the cat
                            kedisiyle = with his cat

                            ...and so on....

                            So, the basic rule when trying to look up Turkish words, then, is -- because of all the suffixes -- if one word kinda looks like another word except for a couple different letters at the end, it probably means kinda the same thing. (If I couldn't find a particular word in the dictionary, I would start knocking off a few letters from the end of it to see if I could at least find out what the root meant.)

                            To save time and prevent myself from getting too many headaches, I made a short "cheat sheet" of words so I didn't have to look them up again and again. You'd be amazed at how much bf news you can glean with just this small handful of words! (Note: These aren't the root words -- I've probably got all sorts of suffixes included here.):

                            acil servis = emergency room
                            ailesinden = family
                            almayi = take
                            ardindan = following
                            atesim = fever

                            belirlenmedi = become definite
                            bilgiye = information
                            bilinmeyen = unknown
                            bir = one
                            birinin = one of them
                            bu = this
                            bug&#252;n = today
                            burada = this place

                            &#231;ocugunda = children

                            daha = more, in addition
                            de/da = too, also, and, both
                            dogrulanmak = confirmed

                            edilmek = to be done

                            gelen = arriving
                            genelinde = general/common(?)
                            getirilen = brought from, brought to
                            g&#246;nderildi = sent off
                            g&#246;ren = right for
                            g&#252;venlik = security

                            hastalarin = patient
                            hastaneye = hospital
                            hersey = everything

                            ihtimaline = probably/likely
                            il&#231;esinde = district
                            ise = if/as for
                            iste - Here!/See!

                            kan = blood
                            kesin = definite
                            kisiden = persons
                            kus gribi = bird flu

                            numunesi = sample

                            odalardan = room
                            oldu = ok, all right
                            olma = that
                            &#246;nlem = measure
                            &#246;rnekleri = sample

                            rahatsizlanmasi = to feel unwell
                            rastlanan = encounter

                            sayisi = count
                            sevk = sent
                            si&#231;radi = spread
                            sonucu = result
                            s&#252;phesi = suspicion

                            tahliller = analysis
                            takmak = put on (maske takmak = masks put on)
                            tavuklara = chickens
                            tedavi = treatment (tedavi altina alindi = put under treatment)
                            tetkiklerin = investigation

                            vaka/vakalari = case/occurrence

                            yakalanmis = spotted/detected
                            yapilan = made/done
                            y&#252;kselecek = increase

                            nazofaringial = Nasopharyngeal
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