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Vietnam: H5N6 in poultry n Vinh Lam commune, Quang Tri province

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  • Vietnam: H5N6 in poultry n Vinh Lam commune, Quang Tri province


    Quang Tri announced avian influenza H5N6 in Vinh Lam commune
    Tuesday, September 15, 2020 11:21 |
    On September 15, the representative of Vinh Linh District People's Committee Office said that the People's Committee of Vinh Linh district (Quang Tri province) announced the H5N6 avian flu epidemic in Vinh Lam commune.

    H5N6 avian influenza epidemic has occurred in 5 households in Tien My 2 village, Vinh Lam commune, Vinh Linh district with a total herd of 3,200 children including ducks, chickens and swans; of which over 1,300 died.

    According to the authorities, the H5N6 avian influenza epidemic is complicated and at risk of spreading on a large scale.

    Vinh Linh District People's Committee announced intimidation areas including localities within a radius of 3km around the H5N6 avian flu outbreak; the buffer zone includes localities within a radius of 10km around the outbreak. Vinh Linh District People's Committee also asked functional forces to take drastic measures, concentrating resources to control and thoroughly handle the H5N6 avian flu outbreak in Vinh Lam commune, not to spread. wide.

    The H5N6 avian influenza epidemic area has strengthened the control, preventing poultry and poultry products from being transported into and out of the epidemic area. Localities that have not yet had epidemics have actively prevented and monitored epidemics closely to limit disease sources in the area, and promptly handled if epidemics occurred.

    In order to proactively prevent and fight H5N6 avian influenza, the agricultural sector of Quang Tri province has organized to destroy the number of infected poultry, deployed decontamination and disinfection around areas with infected birds and the surrounding areas; It is strictly forbidden to trade and transport poultry in epidemic zones.

    The province requires local people and authorities to report and handle immediately when birds show signs of illness; conduct an investigation of the epidemic situation in the area, trace the origin of the outbreak; emergency vaccination of H5N6 vaccine for healthy poultry; organizing avian influenza surveillance in humans, especially those exposed to sick birds in Vinh Lam commune.