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Vietnam: H5N6 in ducks in Phu Son hamlet, Nam Thanh commune

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  • Vietnam: H5N6 in ducks in Phu Son hamlet, Nam Thanh commune


    Sunday, September 6, 2020, 18:50 (GMT + 7)
    Destroyed 1,300 ducks infected with influenza A / H5N6

    Nghe An Over the past week, 1,300 ducks of households in Yen Thanh district were forced to be destroyed due to influenza A / H5N6 infection.

    On September 6, 85 ducks at the farm of Mr. Ngo Tri Triem, Phu Son hamlet, Nam Thanh commune died from influenza A / H5N6. Over the past week, 1,300 ducks on this farm were forcibly destroyed.

    "The number of poultry died from influenza A / H5N6 in recent days has gradually decreased. The loss is more than 100 million VND", said Mr. Triem.

    At the end of August, his family's 4,000 ducks suddenly died hundreds. Veterinary agency has taken samples to test, half a week ago has concluded poultry here positive for influenza strain A / H5N6. Veterinary staff have sprayed, sterilized, vaccinated the remaining ducks, zoned the epidemic.

    Nghe An has a total flock of tens of millions of poultry. From April to now, this is the occurrence of influenza A / H5N6 in this locality.

    Mr. Nguyen Van Duong, Vice Chairman of Yen Thanh district, said the farm owner declared that he had vaccinated the herd before the epidemic happened. "The veterinary agency is taking samples to analyze antibodies in the bird's body to determine if the vaccination has been correct or not," Mr. Duong said.

    When the outbreak at Mr. Trem's farm was controlled, the duck farm with the scale of over 6,000 children in the same village of Phu Son (Nam Thanh commune) suddenly had hundreds of children died from June 5.

    Today the veterinary agency took samples to test influenza A / H5N6 against ducks at this farm. The whole Nam Thanh commune has 9 duck farms with a total herd of about 40,000.

    Since the beginning of 2020, there have been 3 outbreaks in Nghe An, with thousands of poultry destroyed, the authorities have successfully zoned off the epidemic.

    According to the World Health Organization, influenza A / H5N6 is a highly pathogenic virus strain that has been infected and killed in China. However, there is no evidence of human-to-human transmission. In order to proactively prevent and combat, the Ministry of Health suggests localities to strengthen supervision, investigation and early detection of outbreaks; effectively prevent smuggling of poultry ...

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    Detection of avian influenza A / H5N6 in Nghe An
    LDO | 08/09/2020 | 11:57

    The Department of Livestock and Animal Health of Nghe An province has just discovered avian influenza A / H5N6 in Nam Thanh commune, Yen Thanh district.

    Since August 26, in the area of ​​Phu Son hamlet (Nam Thanh commune), hundreds of ducks have died of unknown cause in 2 farms of more than 10,000. On August 28, the ranchers reported to the local authorities.

    Immediately upon receiving the notice, the district veterinary agency of Yen Thanh quickly took samples for testing, and destroyed the dead ducks in accordance with regulations; guide people to sprinkle lime powder, spray disinfectant chemicals, and vaccinate the rest of the ducks to prevent diseases.

    Mr. Hoang Van Sam, Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Nam Thanh Commune said: “The samples showed positive results for avian influenza strain H5N6. Up to the morning of August 8, the commune has destroyed more than 1,500 ducks, conducted zoning off the epidemic and propagated to owners of duck farms in the area to actively prevent and combat the epidemic ”.

    Nam Thanh commune currently has 9 concentrated livestock farms with a scale of 2,000 to more than 6,000 heads, a total herd of about 42,000.

    Mr. Le Van Hong - Head of Agriculture and Rural Development of Yen Thanh district said, “The cause of the outbreak of H5N6 in the area was initially identified as due to erratic weather, water source in the pond is polluted in when the stocking density on farms is too large ”.

    To prevent the spread of the disease, the Department of Livestock and Animal Health has issued 20,000 doses of vaccine to vaccinated localities on high-risk farms.
    Avian influenza, Nghe An, Nam Thanh Commune People's Committee, H5N6, Department of Livestock Production