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Vietnam - 21 chickens in Phu Thong town tested positive for either H5N1 or H5N6 avian flu - December 18, 2019

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  • Vietnam - 21 chickens in Phu Thong town tested positive for either H5N1 or H5N6 avian flu - December 18, 2019

    Wednesday, December 18, 2019 17:21 On December 17, the People's Committee of Bach Thong District issued Decision No. 2405 / QD-UBND announcing the avian influenza subtype H5N6 epidemic in Phu Thong town.

    On the morning of December 18, flocks of households within 300m of the area where the disease was discovered were gathered by specialized agencies to organize the destruction.

    Specifically, on 11/12, Mr. Bui Van Nhuan (Nga Ba street, Phu Thong town, Bach Thong district) discovered 21 chickens out of 100 families herd showing signs of sickness and abnormal death. . On 15/12, SDAH collaborated with the Bach Thong District Agricultural Service Center to check and take samples for testing. The result, the samples were positive for H5N1 virus subtype.

    Accordingly, the threatened area of ​​the epidemic includes communes: Phuong Linh, Tu Tri and the remaining streets of Phu Thong town. The buffer zone includes Sy Binh, Tan Tien, Vi Huong and Luc Binh communes of Bach Thong district. At the same time, the district has directed the specialized agencies and local authorities to destroy the infected chickens and the flocks of chickens in the neighborhood where the disease is detected, implement preventive measures as prescribed.

    The People's Committee of Bach Thong District will place a sign to set up a checkpoint; control organizations not to allow chickens and their products to be moved out of the affected area, the threatened area and the buffer zone; Do not transport breeding chickens from outside into the buffer zone and threatened area. Besides, it is necessary to control the slaughtering of chickens, consumption of chicken products in the epidemic areas, threatened areas and buffer zones at the establishments and places of slaughtering chickens under the supervision of local authorities and professional ...

    Avian influenza H5N6 is a dangerous infectious disease, caused by type A influenza virus (H5N6), the disease has a very fast rate of transmission, which has killed a lot of poultry in many different species such as chickens, ducks, goose, quail ... causing serious economic losses to farmers. In particular, avian influenza H5N6 can infect humans and cause death. Therefore, in order to prevent the spread of avian influenza A / H5N6 from poultry to humans, Bac Kan health sector requires veterinary agencies and local authorities to thoroughly handle the outbreak and implement disinfection measures. , strengthen surveillance and surveillance for avian influenza viruses in poultry at risk areas.

    Ngày 17/12, UBND huyện Bạch Thông đã ban hành Quyết định số 2405/QĐ-UBND công bố dịch cúm gia cầm subtype H5N6 trên địa bàn thị trấn Phủ Thông.