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Vietnam: Actively respond to avian flu

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  • Vietnam: Actively respond to avian flu


    Actively respond to avian flu
    Monday, September 21, 2020, 01:32

    According to the Department of Animal Health (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), from the beginning of the year up to now, a total of 67 avian influenza (CGC) outbreaks occurred in 67 communes in 45 districts of 24 provinces and cities; the number of outbreaks doubled, and the number of poultry forcible destruction tripled. The results of active surveillance showed that the prevalence of influenza A / H5N1 and A / H5N6 viruses was very high, in some places more than 13% (in 100 tested poultry samples, there were 13 samples positive for the virus. flu). Currently, our country has not detected influenza virus A / H7N9. However, the risk of influenza A / H7N9 virus and other CGC viruses such as A / H5N2, A / H5N8 being infected is quite high. In the coming time, it is likely that CGC epidemic will spread and occur on a large scale because the current poultry population is very large (nearly 500 million birds), high breeding density; The transport of poultry between localities increased sharply due to serving the demand at the end of the year. The rate of poultry vaccinated against influenza is low, especially for small poultry in livestock households. Besides, the weather conditions change adversely, with heavy rainfall, cold change in the northern provinces, creating conditions for CGC virus to multiply; Small slaughter is still very common ...

    In order to promptly respond to the CGC epidemic, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has just issued the Telegram No. 6153 / CD-BNN-TY, asking all provinces and cities to focus on drastically and synchronous implementation of solutions. CGC epidemic prevention and control according to the provisions of the Veterinary Law and Decision No. 172 / QD-TTg dated February 13, 2019 of the Prime Minister approving the "National plan for CGC disease prevention and control, period 2019. - 2025 ”. For some localities with an outbreak of CGC less than 21 days, it is necessary to gather all resources to control, prevent the epidemic from recurring, spreading widely. Review and organize CGC vaccination to prevent diseases for poultry flocks, ensuring the rate of at least more than 80% of total herds at risk and subject to vaccination; regularly review and inject additional vaccines for newly emerging and not vaccinated poultry flocks. Guide poultry owners to strictly apply biosafety farming practices; regularly cleaning and disinfecting with powdered lime and chemicals; organizing the month of general cleaning, poisoning and disinfection to destroy all kinds of pathogens. Actively monitor, take samples for CGC testing to promptly warn, handle and destroy infected poultry, suspected of being infected, positive for viruses CGC A / H5N1 and A / H5N6. Local authorities need to organize to prevent, promptly detect and strictly handle the illegal transportation of poultry and poultry products within their management, especially in the case of illegal transportation from abroad. Vietnam…

    Experts in animal husbandry and veterinary recommend that the functional forces should strengthen the inspection of landfills, canals, and promptly handle dead dead poultry, of unknown origin (if any). Early detecting epidemics on poultry flocks, taking measures to prevent widespread spread. Continuing to raise awareness of farmers; organize training courses for people to actively prevent and combat CGC epidemic right from the breeding facilities. Enterprises work closely to improve the performance of link chains. Consumers who use poultry products should buy from reputable stores, slaughterhouses that have been inspected by specialized agencies.