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Vietnam - Patient dies of A/H1N1 despite treatment with Tamiflu

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  • Vietnam - Patient dies of A/H1N1 despite treatment with Tamiflu

    (AFP) - A male patients (aged 64) in the Mexican Department, Van Giang, **** Yen [Mễ Sở, Văn Giang, Hưng Y?n] died after 13 days continuous treatment Tamiflu and antibiotics. This is the first 53 deaths across the country related to influenza A/H1N1.

    Am December 29, Nguyen Huy Nga, Director of Department of Preventive Health and Environment (Ministry of Health) said, patients onset disease with symptoms of fever on June 12, 2009 hot, thorny malaria, cough white sputum. Patient self-treatment at 3 days but does not help, then visit and enter the hospital with 108 TU army [TƯ Qu?n đội 108] diagnosed severe pneumonia.
    Here, patients are antibiotic treatment and PCR test results positive for influenza A/H1N1 virus. Patients treated antiviral drug (Tamiflu) 6 on the condition should not support as of December 18, 2009, the patient be forwarded to the tropical disease hospital TU [Bệnh viện Bệnh nhiệt đới TƯ]
    Here, patients continued treatment Tamiflu and antibiotics immediately after admission. However, severe disease continued progress, the situation did not improve and pneumonia patients die today December 25, 2009, after 13 consecutive days were treated with Tamiflu. Patients also have a history of high blood pressure 8 years now.