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Vietnam: man in coma by flu H1N1

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  • Vietnam: man in coma by flu H1N1

    In the Emergency Department of VU ANH INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL of tropical diseases, patients with Pham Van D. 50 years at National Dread, Hanoi still must breathe air. He is one of the most severe patients of emergency department because of suspected A/H1N1 flu. According to his family, d. Since late March, he'd been coughing, fever, fatigue and pain in the chest. Therapeutic family-few days does not stop the coughing every time he coughs. chest pain shortness of breath. Only one day with the chest next to Mr. d. to breath. In the course of the disease, he D. absolutely no contact with birds as well as pigs. At the time, due to abnormal weather, people still cough and runny nose should he D just thought I also suffer the normal flu. But the condition worsening situation.