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Vietnam: Pregnant women age 26 died from influenza A/H1N1

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  • Vietnam: Pregnant women age 26 died from influenza A/H1N1

    After seven days of breathing air and active treatment at the Central Hospital of Tropical Diseases but health pregnant women aged 26 l., Vu Thi Thanh Hoa in worsening, the prognosis is difficult to survive should the evening of 23-3 patients have let patients go. After the home, pregnant women l. salmon mortality was 21 hours on the same day.Previously, on 16-3 patients with Vu Thi l., Advanced Optical hamlet lived, Quang Trung commune, Ngoc Lac district district (Thanh Hoa) was transferred to the Hospital of Tropical Diseases in Central bee status bad shortness of breath, severe respiratory failure 2 white lesions on the lungs. The patient was confirmed infected with influenza A/H1N1 and immediately the patients treated in the quarantine room, breathing air.However, after 7 days of treatment, patients with absolutely no signs of recovery, the prognosis does not pass from the family should have let the patient go home.At the time of infection with influenza A/H1N1 patients l. is pregnant in the fifth month. The patient is the heaviest sufferers, l., in the family of 5 people with flu A/H1N1. My husband and my daughter 5 years of this patient was transferred to Hanoi for treatment. Does the health of the rest were stable.