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Vietnam: in Quang Tien after eating chicken family members sick, bird flu suspected - H1N1 positive

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  • Vietnam: in Quang Tien after eating chicken family members sick, bird flu suspected - H1N1 positive

    On May 18, sources from the Central Lowland hospital said over 2 tests kếtquả patients in villages of Quang Tien, Quang Trung commune, Ngoc Lac district (Thanh Hoa) positive for influenza A/H1N1.Two patients were identified as Ms. Vu Thi l. (pregnant 5 months) and ch?uL? Lan a. (5 years).According to the visitor, on 2/3, L Earl (age 32, her husband L.)discovered a family's chickens died of meat should both cafeterias. to date 10/3, the family he may manifest fever, they should have down Bệnhviện Thanh Hoa general medical examination and treatment.Here, the couple you are doctors examination and follow-up. However, Ms. bệnhcủa l. and a. severe expression should be the hospital moved to a tropical Bệnhviện TW, results showed Ms. l. and a. positive for influenza A/H1N1.After the incident the local authorities were quick to deploy ph?ngchống room to prevent the disease from spreading. Does the whole flocks of War's family has been destroyed.

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    Re: Vietnam: in Quang Tien after eating chicken family members sick, bird flu suspected - H1N1 positive

    18.3) July, Mr. HA Family Fisher, Director of the preventive medicine center of Thanh Hoa in Thanh Hoa, said we had two patients infected with this virus influenza A/H1N1 patient's Vu Thi Lan (age 26, the fifth month of pregnancy) and Le vu Lan's daughter (age 5), located in the villages Quang TienQuang Trung commune, Ngoc Lac district (Thanh Hoa) is known, the past 10 days to see the family's chickens fell ill, she had to do meat-eaters. On 10.3, both Ms. Lan was sick with symptoms of high fever, cough, sore throat, difficulty breathing, and was taken home treatment at area hospitals but Ngoc Lac district is not relieved. Next, on Britain, 15.3 L. Promoting War (husband) also fell ill with the same symptoms, so doctors have moved the whole family she Spread up the infectious Departments of Thanh Hoa General Hospital for treatment. Through the retrieved sample 3 patient family's disease Spread for tests, results showed with two templates (the patient and the daughter) positive for influenza A/H1N1. Does the patient and her husband have been moved out of treatment at the Central Hospital of Tropical Diseases, did you Spread You are receiving treatment in the Hospital of Pediatrics. Shortly after identifying two patients positive for influenza A/H1N1, health centre, Thanh Hoa sent a detachment preventive maneuver down the entire destruction Quang Township, poultry house, at the same time conducting zoned press room, to epidemic scale.


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      Re: Vietnam: in Quang Tien after eating chicken family members sick, bird flu suspected - H1N1 positive

      Two A/H1N1 avian influenza cases have been confirmed in the central province of Thanh Hoa , according to a local health official.

      The patients were Vu Thi Lan (1988) and her daughter Le Vu Lan Anh (2009) from Quang Tien hamlet, Quang Trung commune, Ngoc Lac district, said Director of the local Preventive Medical Centre Ha Dinh Ngu on March 18.

      Lan?s family raised a flock of poultry which were sick and dead over the last two weeks, then slaughtered the living for food.

      The patients were hospitalised on March 15 with symptoms including high fever, coughing and respiratory difficulties. They tested positive for the H1N1 virus on March 17.

      The province has yet to detect any A/H7N9 bird flu cases.

      The A/H5N1 virus earlier found in poultry in Tan Truong commune of Tinh Gia district has been promptly stamped out, said Ngu.

      Local authorities are taking all necessary measures such as intensifying around-the-clock inspections, especially at international border gates like Na Meo and Ten Tan in Quan Son and Muong Lat districts respectively, and ensuring medical equipment to contain the spread of the disease.

      The bird flu outbreak has struck 24 localities nationwide, according to the latest statistics from the Animal Health Department under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.-VNA