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Hanoi suspected H1N1 flu outbreak in school - 4 samples positive for influenza A/H3

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  • Hanoi suspected H1N1 flu outbreak in school - 4 samples positive for influenza A/H3

    The Tropical Diseases hospital favourites T (Hanoi) said, in recent days has received more than 20 cases of hospitalization that flu syndrome's manifestations.These cases are all students of high schools Located in Germany (Hanoi). The pupils hospitalized, in a State of fever, cough respiratory inflammation. After his consultations, treatment, many children have been discharged from hospital. Initial tests showed that 2 out of 13 students are testing positive for influenza a. Pm 21.1, Exchange with reporters, Mr. Tran Dac Phu, Director of preventive medicine, Ministry of health, said this is the lead suspect severe acute respiratory caused by influenza viruses. Sample swabs of illness were taken for examination to determine the exact strain of the virus that causes the illness beam. Test results are expected tomorrow 22.1.

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    Re: Hanoi suspected H1N1 flu outbreak

    41 students hospitalized for flu A/H1N1

    From 18/1 and now has 41 students in high schools Located in Germany (local charities) H1N1 flu hospitalized for-vaccine induced pandemic 2009. > > Year, deaths from avian influenza H5N1 influenza A/risk > > H7N9 invading Vietnamese student was transferred to Nam41 Hospital of heat đớiTrung (Hanoi) trackAfter 1-2 days to most of the children were discharged from hospital, in some cases also the sauce was transferred to paediatric treatment.

    Dr. Nguyen Hong Ha, Vice Director of China Central Nhiệtđới hospital said people should alert (particularly in the North) because đ?yđang is the time to step into the flu season.Not only influenza A (H5N1), A new flu hiểmm? risk (H7N9) regular season can also cause multiple opportunistic pneumonia, shortness of breath, maybe even ch?g?y deaths from respiratory failure, multiple organ failure.According to Dr. Hong Ha, winter flu usually nặnghơn happenings. Higher risk of death in the elderly, children, pregnant women or people with bệnhm?n.


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      Re: Hanoi suspected H1N1 flu outbreak

      Translation Google

      "Drive" at school flu flu season

      (AP) - Test results 4/4 samples of high school students Duc Tri (My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi) for a positive result for influenza season A/H3.

      Mr. Nguyen Nhat Cam, director of preventive medicine center in Hanoi said, from 17/1 High School Tri far in Germany has recorded 54 cases had fever, respiratory tract infections including the date stated receive up to 14 cases. Patient focus in class 13, class 13 the number of cases most cases, a class of 10 cases, while other classes have 1-7 cases.

      Patients are concentrated in 25 dormitory rooms, which are mostly ill group of 10th graders, with 39 cases (72%). Most patients have mild manifestations. Test results by the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology implementation has detected four quarters A/H3 flu positive cases. This is the regular seasonal flu vaccine. Currently Tri German high schools have established zones of the treated glass cases at schools, medical schools assigned to coordinate with the county health center monitoring and treatment.

      From the first female students have expressed ill with fever yesterday 17/01/2013 39 0 C, accompanied by sore throat, no cough, no chest pain, shortness of breath, flu has spread rapidly causing more than 20 children Other students were hospitalized in the Hospital for Tropical Diseases central monitoring and treatment. The patients are mostly common symptoms are fever, sore throat, cough. Most patients had mild expression, no shortness of breath, and chest x-ray in the normal admission.

      He feels that, even when recorded outbreak of influenza, the Department of Health has established the separation zone treatment of cases at schools, medical schools assigned to coordinate with district health centers and CHC My Dinh follow monitoring, treatment, when severe cases for transfer BV changes immediately. Continue to closely monitor new cases in the outbreak, quarantine, prompt treatment. Organization chemical treatment class and the entire school dormitory.

      In addition, because the school does have adopted a dove number 30 near the dormitory area; Department of Health has asked the birds in captivity and the district health center invites proposals veterinary districts sampled bird flu testing .
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        Re: Hanoi suspected H1N1 flu outbreak in school - 4 samples positive for influenza A/H3


        Dozens of Hanoi students hospitalized for H1N1 flu

        VietNamNet Bridge - Since January 19, 41 students of the Tri Duc high school in Hanoi have been hospitalized with symptoms of flu (fever, cough, respiratory infections). Quick tests showed that they were positive for H1N1 virus, the strain that caused the pandemic in 2009.

        These students were transferred to the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital. After 1-2 days of tracking, most of them were discharged. Some cases with fever have been transferred to the Pediatric Ward for treatment.

        The Hospital reported to the Ministry of Health and the Hanoi Preventive Medical Center to deal with the flu outbreak. At the same time, the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology collected samples for testing...