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Vigilance to block A/H7N9 flu in Vietnam

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  • Vigilance to block A/H7N9 flu in Vietnam

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    Vigilance, block A/H7N9 flu in Vietnam

    Health Life - 01/13/2014 07:14 00

    Repeatedly in recent days, the Chinese authorities have announced new cases and deaths from A/H7N9 flu. Although Vietnam has not recorded any cases of influenza A/H7N9 infection, but needs to exchange and travel between Vietnam and China is very large, especially the Lunar New Year and the poultry trade across borders now this is also very difficult to control, so the risk of the spread of influenza A/H7N9 to Vietnam very high. Around this issue, Health & Life reporter interviewed Prof. Tran Dac Phu - Department of Preventive Medicine, Ministry of Health.

    Reporter: Sir, many health experts had feared, with no control over the movement, most likely flu strains will "spill" into our country?

    Prof. Tran Dac Phu: To deal with A/H7N9 flu, Vietnam has developed an action plan and implement response measures: increasing control over poultry trade, especially in border and wholesale markets and the Ministry of Health has also issued guidelines for diagnosing and treating A/H7N9 flu to spread to the medical facility; ready facilities and medicines to treat cases if any. Due to the positive control trade in poultry, Vietnam was temporarily not appear on avian influenza virus A/H7N9 and no patient suffered. However, influenza A/H7N9 difficult to control by not possible to identify the source virus to infect humans. According to medical experts, all subjects, regardless of age, gender, are capable of A/H7N9 flu.

    Transmission of infection from this strain of avian influenza to humans, so those with the highest ability to infect those who come into contact with infected poultry or poultry carrying the virus but not infected. Specifically, it is the purchase, sale and slaughter of infected poultry use or carry viruses, especially those with exposure to poultry of unknown origin.

    If possible A/H5N1 "zoning" cases of exposure to sick poultry A/H7N9 flu death back then may not do so by signs of the disease in poultry is unclear. Even 40% of those not exposed to infected poultry. Community no immunity, no disease and no vaccine or treatment effects of exposure to disease, people prone to infection and difficulties in treatment.

    Reporter: So, the health sector has a means to improve the efficiency of A/H7N9 flu, sir?

    Prof. Tran Dac Phu: Currently, the Ministry of Health is working with the local gate, airport to deploy synchronization solutions to proactively prevent the Influenza A/H7N9 virus penetration into Vietnam. At the same time, the Ministry will continue to strengthen coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Industry and Trade test and monitor the illegal import of poultry to limit imported origin; ensure food safety advocacy to people. In addition, the monitoring system of the Ministry of Health will monitor all cases of acute respiratory tract infections, severe pneumonia to detect early cases of influenza A/H7N9 infection.

    Related to this issue, in order to enhance the proactive and ready to deal with A/H7N9 flu, last week, Prof. Nguyen Thanh Long - Deputy Minister of Health signed the power to send some 106/CD-BYT Chairman of the provinces and cities proposed strengthening measures against A/H7N9 flu, which directed branches the focused monitoring to detect early cases, closely monitoring cases of acute respiratory infection and severe pneumonia patients in the community ... Stepping up the media to raise awareness of the people in the proactive prevention of A/H7N9 flu ...

    Q: Would like to thank you!

    "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
    -Nelson Mandela

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    Re: Vigilance to block A/H7N9 flu in Vietnam

    Public power of the Prime Minister to strengthen bird flu prevention
    6:51 PM , 01/23/2014..
    first bird flu situation is complicated movement , with the emergence of many different strains of influenza virus in both animals and humans in a number of countries , on 23/01/2014 , the Prime the Government has the power to enhance the prevention of bird flu spread across the borders .
    Under the direction of the Prime Minister , should strengthen the prevention of bird flu spreading across borders

    Full text of electricity as follows:

    Avian influenza A ( H7N9 , H10N8 , H5N1 , H5N2 , H6N1 ) is happening in many countries and territories in the region and the countries bordering Vietnam . Avian influenza evolution is complex , with the presence of many different strains of influenza virus in both humans and animals .

    As reported by the World Health Organization and health authorities of the country : in 2013 , influenza A/H7N9 virus has infected 147 people in China , Hong Kong , Taiwan and caused 47 deaths , have 38 cases and 24 deaths with influenza A/H5N1 virus strains , which Cambodia has 26 cases and 14 deaths ; China announcement has 1 A/H10N8 influenza cases and deaths , strain this flu found in wild birds , and transformed , potentially spread to humans ; Taiwan A/H6N1 virus was detected in a female patient . Especially from early 2014 to now , China has appeared 11 cases of A/H7N9 and had 4 deaths , in our country , in Binh Phuoc , dated 20.01.2014 had an infection deaths A/H5N1 flu . Thus, the new strain of bird flu found in humans and deadly A ( H7N9 , H10N8 and H6N1 ) have been found in poultry from several years ago , but so far , human infections .

    As reported by the World Organization for Animal Health and veterinary authority of the country : in 2013 , H5N1 avian influenza has appeared in 13 countries , especially the day 12/21/2013 A/H5N2 flu virus strain high virulence has infected poultry in Hebei Province , China .

    In 2013, the anti-trafficking activities , shipping and trading poultry and poultry products across the border illegally , of unknown origin have a positive effect at the same time actively monitoring work , play current avian flu has been all levels of government , ministries and agencies focused drastic , radical basic handling small outbreaks , not to spread out wide .However, in recent times , the organization shall control the illegal import of poultry and poultry products across borders , of unknown origin has not been made drastic poultry smuggling tends to rise. The risk of new strains of influenza virus from entering Vietnam through activities illegal importation of poultry and poultry products , visitors from countries that offer very high , especially in the period before and after Tet Giap Horse .

    To proactively prevent new strain of avian influenza , highly pathogenic invade and spread in Vietnam , minimize virus infects and kills people , minimizing damage to the livestock sector , Prime Minister Government requirements :

    1 . The ministries , branches and People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the central government continues to strictly implement the direction of the Prime Minister at the phone number dated 04.15.2013 regarding 528/CD-TTg prevention avian Influenza A ( H7N9 ) , A ( H5N1 ) dated 12.19.2013 the phone number 2245/CD-TTg on strengthening the fight against smuggling , fake goods and trade frauds ; public power 98 / CD- dated on 15.01.2014 urge to perform the tasks preparing Tet Giap Ngo document No. 2014 dated 17.01.2014 on 446/VPCP-KGVX prevent illegal transport of poultry , food , food additives across the border . Special focus direction and coordination to implement effective " prevention scheme , blocking shipping and trading of poultry , poultry products illegally imported " Decision No. 2088/QD- dated 12/27/2012 of the Prime Minister , and actively allocate sufficient funding for the active prevention of avian influenza in general and for the arrest operation , and disposal of poultry products smuggled poultry ; provide adequate facilities and personal protective forces directly involved in the work of prevention .

    2 . Ministry of Information and Communication shall coordinate with the concerned agencies , People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the central government and the mass media agencies actively implementing the " transmission scheme information on prevention , blocking shipping and trading of poultry , poultry products illegally imported and food safety , " according to the Decision dated 04.04.2013 550/QD-TTg Prime government and enhance the propagation of avian flu in general . The dissemination of information to regularly and continuously with the appropriate amount , have separate categories for bird flu prevention . The content should clearly state propaganda harmful effects of smuggled poultry and poultry products to the livestock , the livestock sector ; detrimental to public health , and guide proactive measures to prevent acts influenza viruses spread , spread , infect humans and animals in order to raise awareness , not to use poultry and poultry products smuggled unknown origin , to ensure safety for diseases of humans and animals , avoid creating confusion in society .

    3 . Ministry of Industry and Trade in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , Ministry of Health and the People's Committees of provinces and cities under central authority to build , develop recommendations for restructuring the market has live poultry trade in the direction of ensuring hygiene and safety of veterinary disease , reduce the risk of virus infection to humans .

    4 . Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of Health and local authorities , especially in the border provinces often closely monitoring the situation of avian influenza in the country and the surrounding countries ; continue to implement regulatory measures bird watching and cross-border ; monitoring poultry , live bird markets , patients with flu signs for early detection of avian influenza virus new , highly virulent when entering in countries to take measures promptly handled .

    5 .Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in coordination with the Ministry of Health , Ministry of Industry and Trade , ministries, branches and People's Committees of provinces and cities built expeditiously " Action Plan for emergency response level of avian influenza viruses can spread dangerous to humans , " the Prime Minister for approval as a basis for implementing synchronous measures to prevention and effective .

    6 . Ministry of Finance in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Investment , Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Prime Minister's proposed budget serves to ensure the prevention of avian influenza , especially Financing free for active monitoring , detection of new strains of avian influenza virus and emergency response activities for avian influenza viruses can spread dangerous to humans .

    7 . Ministry of Public Security , the Ministry of Industry and Trade , Ministry of Transportation , the High Command of Border Guard , Ministry of Finance directed the force function in close collaboration with veterinary force , health and the People's Committees border provinces synchronous implementation , effective prevention of avian influenza spread across the borders .

    8 . Suggest Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front steering units involved actively and positively engaged with all levels of government , ministries and agencies to combat avian flu effectively . / .


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      Re: Vigilance to block A/H7N9 flu in Vietnam

      Translation Google

      People ignore warnings about avian flu Tet

      01/25/2014 | 07:43 AM

      A walk through the big market in Hanoi: Nghia Tan Market, Long Bien, Gia Lam, ... easily caught selling meat of poultry, all types has not yet been made available and the type of slaughter.

      Festival should reach of people who bought this item very crowded. As a small business that sells chicken at the market have not been slaughtered Nguyen Son (Long Bien, Hanoi), in recent days, her day is also sold at least 50 chickens.

      "A few more days increased purchasing power much longer, because people buy for Tet meat offerings. Today I have a few "mobilize" the husband added chicken to Hanoi for sale ", traders said.

      The poultry seller in the market were committed "100% chicken country". According to observations of PV, the amount of chicken sold in many markets mostly not quarantined.

      "The authorities just do too, but the chicken home, how to take the flu ... China?, But how integral Tet chicken, just go eat, live and die ... and then some ", a consumer said nonchalantly.

      A walk around the streets of Hanoi as: Hoang Hoa Tham, Grapefruit, Tran Duy **** ... late afternoon each day is not difficult to catch the birds turned Customs Peddler, baked bird on the sidewalk.

      PV observation, tools of the shop selling bird turning very simple, only a few foam box containing birds were made available, a stove, a frying pan to the hot bird, hot sauce and boxes small foam glove for customers to buy on. To attract customers, the sign panels printed with the word "sparrow turned 2000 VND /" red highlights.

      Walk along the streets near the province of Vinh Tuy Bridge, easily caught abound sidewalk kiosks sold fried quail with attractive price.

      She Hai (Thanh Tri, Hanoi) a regular customer of quail dish, said: "I am very good buy fried quail to eat for the whole family, because of its special taste. My daughter is addicted to this dish, every weekend is a bad mother bought ".

      With price ranges from 10000-15000 VND / fish, fried quail attract not only each other but also that many young people find this stuff junk food.

      Although sometimes wonder also cost as well as the true origin of the product, but the majority of students still consider this quiche dish indispensable gathered every occasion.

      And all the birds "just eat" this is not the origin of goods, not tested.
      A resident revealed: "My wife and I recently noticed a few shops and also, I see they used to grease the pan fried bird reused many times, but many shoppers do not notice them, on numerous from food alone. Which turned yellow bird coloring largely not been marinated with thyme honey and olives as they advertise it. "

      When I asked the seller to alert the authorities of the bird flu outbreak risk and return is taken from sources where birds, were quarantined or not, most sellers are ignored: "We I also just acquired, which if translated, they were outlawed Initially, she worried far ".

      She also assured the innkeeper customers: "Every day we sell hundreds of birds, who have seen the light here where ever, they assured themselves, which is how to keep food out here, she compensates for ".

      Along with customer questions on shopping, many people are still indifferent: "I've just heard of bird flu, the flu but ducks do not hardly ever hear bird flu. But here are sparrows, make sure not okay. "

      Through it can see, both sellers and buyers are not interested in ensuring food safety and hygiene, as well as the origin of birds, but I still eat. Most birds have sold through pre-processing, customers can not distinguish between healthy birds or have been infected. Meanwhile, the H7N9 bird flu is spreading and spreading risk to Vietnam is very large.

      Concerned Tet

      Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat emphasized from early 2013 to the present pandemic H5N1 continue to occur in many places, in addition to causing disease in chickens, ducks, this year has added pheasant and quail farming in Tien Giang and swallows breeding in Ninh Thuan disease.

      Results circulating influenza surveillance in poultry nearest showed nearly 23% were positive for influenza A, 8% were positive for influenza subtypes H5 and H5N1 is nearly 6%.

      That's not to mention the current cold weather also reduces the resistance of poultry, plus the number of smuggled poultry surged serve

      Tet, easily lead to the risk of an outbreak.

      Mr. Tran Dac Phu said services are concerned reappeared on the holiday. This is due to the delta and the Mekong River bordering Cambodia easily affected by H5N1 in Cambodia is rising sharply, while the northern area of ​​the province concerned and H10N8 H7N9 flu.

      Especially the H7N9 epidemic provinces, H10N8 in China are quite close to the border VN. "Unlike the H5N1 flu outbreak in poultry outbreak in humans, they usually do not have the H7N9 epidemic in poultry expression but very serious illness in humans, thus difficult to detect infectious source" - he Phu said.

      In the recent power sent the local, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat requirements of local, especially the provincial border, strengthen influenza surveillance in poultry, poultry products imports, smuggling, not allow cross-border imports of poultry, poultry products, not heat treated, of unknown origin, not quarantined, including poultry and poultry products as gifts, gifts of border residents presented two countries.

      He found that although influenza A/H7N9 and H10N8 not appear in VN, however the risk of infection in VN in the near future is very high, especially in the northern border province and the provinces concerned to trade, consumption of poultry, poultry products smuggled unidentified as Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, **** Yen, Ha Nam, Ha Noi, Hai Phong ... especially during the holiday this.

      Ngoc Pham
      "Safety and security don't just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear."
      -Nelson Mandela


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        Re: Vigilance to block A/H7N9 flu in Vietnam


        Vietnam city to examine visitors for new bird flu virus
        Last updated: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 10:00

        Visitors coming to Ho Chi Minh City from areas infected by the new bird flu virus strain H7N9 will be examined upon entrance and quarantined if showing signs of contagious conditions.

        The new statement by the city government and health department ordered higher surveillance for early discovery of any infection of the new virus, which was first detected in China in March last year and has killed more than 30 percent of its patients, Thoi bao Kinh te Saigon (Saigon Times) Online has reported. Some of around 60 victims died after coming back from mainland China...