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Vietnam: Promote the prevention and control of human disease

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  • Vietnam: Promote the prevention and control of human disease

    The process of industrialization and urbanization is taking steps to change the situation of illness in the community. The disease tends to increase social, infectious diseases such as: Influenza A (H5N1), influenza A (H1N1), hand-foot-mouth disease, rabies ... complicated. To active disease prevention and control in cold weather requires the efforts not only of the entire health sector, but also needs the active participation, active departments, agencies, organizations, local governments and the consciousness of every citizen.

    According to Deputy Director of the District Health Center Ha Hoa, Luong Duy East: "3 months ago, with a population of Gia Dien bitten by a wild dog deaths. Since then, people in the district to uphold the spirit of vigilance and actively seek medical center to vaccination when bitten by a dog. Currently, a day center received around 10 people come to for advice and rabies vaccination. " Since 2009, the province had been rated as one of the localities in the country rabies situation complicated. First 9 months of 2012 there were nearly 2,700 cases of exposure, mainly in the districts of: Phu Ninh, Ha Hoa, Doan **** ... and there were 13 deaths due to this disease. At Phu Ninh, 3 years ago, no patient died of rabies, but this year alone due to infection with rabies outbreak on pets should have up to 4 patients died. All of these deaths are not subjective drug education and in serum vac-xin/khang out rabies after exposure. The main reason for this disease situation is complicated because most of the local neighborhoods are dog and cat breeds. Meanwhile, the rate of rabies vaccination for pets low (below 50%). Along with that, the state of the dog, the cat is still quite common grazing. This is a favorable factor for survival of the potential rabies outbreak.