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Vietnam - Farmers in Thang Binh district phen shedding as a disease outbreak in the herd

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  • Vietnam - Farmers in Thang Binh district phen shedding as a disease outbreak in the herd


    Friday, 06/08/2010
    ( - Farmers in Thang Binh district phen Shedding as a disease outbreak in the herd.

    Nguyen Thi Cuc (group 8, Village 2, Binh Duong, Binh Thang) looked sad now nine children of their pigs are force functions to the local carry destruction. How many acres of rice, low-income Daisy should rely on large herd sold for money to care for two children to school. She confided: "Men of my pigs each weighing about 30kg, suddenly fever, stop eating, though fully vaccinated and caring. If adopted another month to sell more than ten million, and now the state is only partially supported. My family is falling into difficulties when the herd disease outbreaks. " Same situation as a family Daisy Phan Phuoc Trung (the same address with Daisy), now the new 11 breeding pigs than 3 months was a sudden high fever, red eyes, loss of appetite. Asked him to commune veterinary staff to treat but not out.

    According to statistics from 12-7 to 2-8 pm on, the disease has spread across four rural communes of Binh Duong make more than 100 pig diseases, mainly pigs and sows. We have established local records destroyed 76 children. Ms. Nguyen Thi Lanh, veterinary officials in charge of Binh Duong said: "Before the disease situation occurs in Binh Duong Province, local propaganda boost for pig farmers to raise awareness about prevention Disease, serious implementation of the "five no." Organization pepper spray toxic chemical disinfection in livestock areas, slaughter and the risk of infection in the province. Destroy all the infected pigs, suspend the operation of transport, trade, slaughter and consumption of pork products to the area. Prepare key points in the road blocking traffic and inter-communal organization focused vaccination 2 blood diseases and cholera infection for pigs not infected. " According to her Christianity, this situation, local industry professionals have asked the district Veterinary Station early sample to identify clearly what pig disease, which is based on measures to combat diseases more effectively.

    At this point, Thang Binh has happened six local herd diseases include: Binh Giang, Binh Duong, Binh Minh, Binh Dao, Quy Binh and Ha Lam Town. Diseases as 320 pigs and functional disease has destroyed 218 children. Thang Binh district has focused on the implementation of epidemic control measures under the direction of the PPC.
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