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Cholera - Northern and Southern provinces river water, raw veg, dog meat tests positive

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  • Cholera - Northern and Southern provinces river water, raw veg, dog meat tests positive

    10/7/2010, 16:52 (GMT+7)
    plementing prevention of dangerous diseases: sentinel surveillance to prevent outbreaks

    Patients with acute diarrhea are being treated at the Central Hospital of Tropical Diseases (photos on the morning of 07.05.2010).
    In time of heat, some infectious diseases, especially cholera danger level is probably the main target for the local health sector south of coping cumulative effort. In localities such as An Giang, Kien Giang, Tay Ninh, which borders a number of countries (Laos, Cambodia) epidemic increasingly difficult to control the source of infection and the movement of population, there are those who carry pathogens regularly back.

    According to BS. Le Hoang Sang, Deputy Director of the Institute Pasteus City. City, as of 7 / 7, some cases of acute diarrhea in Vietnam was a dangerous 12 cases (both have three new cases), 18 cases in An Giang, Tien Giang 3 cases, 2 cases and Bac Lieu Ben 67 cases. Disease remains the main source of water. However, most cases difficult to determine the source of exposure.

    Service characteristics, Vice Trinh Quan Huan said, the current cholera existed in freshwater. Many river water samples, ice, raw vegetables and dog meat in some southern provinces mentioned above and the north (as Hai Duong, Bac Ninh, Hanoi) for all positive for cholera, while previously only found in cholera lived brackish water (which can survive 10 years in animal mollusk). There are no studies about the existence of the time cholera in freshwater but how much is probably quite long-Vice warning.


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    Re: Cholera - Northern and Southern provinces river water, raw veg, dog meat tests positive

    Health authorities control dog import to slow cholera outbreak

    The Ministry of Health has asked local authorities to closer control the importation of dogs to prevent cholera from entering Vietnam, after imported dog meat had tested positive for vibrio cholerae in Hanoi's Ha Dong District
    The Ministry of Health proposed that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development test imported dogs at border gates to prevent cholera from entering Vietnam.

    Cholera infested dog meat discovered in northern provinces was mostly imported from Laos and Thailand via the Thanh Hoa Province border, which has long been considered a hot spot for cholera transmission.
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