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Vietnam - People with medical isolation will be exempt from hospital charges

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  • Vietnam - People with medical isolation will be exempt from hospital charges

    People with medical isolation will be exempt from hospital charges

    Monday, 10.04.2010 | 14:04 (GMT 7)

    (LD0) - People with applicable health quarantine measures at health facilities, at the border will be exempted from fees. Here is the text of a decree detailing the implementation of some articles of the Law on Prevention of Infectious Diseases measure medical isolation, quarantine enforcement and anti-epidemic health characteristics during service issued by the new government.

    Cases of application of isolation measures in medical health facilities are: Group A infections are particularly dangerous can spread very fast, wide dispersal and high mortality rates or unclear pathogens such as polio, influenza A-H5N1, plague, smallpox, viral hemorrhagic fever Ebola, Lassa or Marburg; description; severe acute respiratory viral ... Group B consists of dangerous infectious diseases can spread rapidly and can cause death include: Adeno virus disease, HIV / AIDS, diphtheria, influenza, rabies, whooping cough, tuberculosis ... will be exempt from fees.

    Where the person subject to quarantine measures are in medical isolation time that other diseases have examination and treatment, they must pay for medical examination and treatment, if any health insurance card, the payment Expenses for medical examination and treatment by the social insurance fund payments.

    The exemption of hospital fees are not applicable to people with medical isolation at home. Decree specifies the cases in the medical isolation: the person who comes or goes through areas where epidemics of group A and group B patients a number of persons exposed to the disease outbreaks of group A and some patients of group B; ...

    Cases such as people with the disease, suspected disease outbreaks, carriers of disease, exposure to pathogen outbreaks of group A and group B some patients are medical examination and treatment at health facilities, ... will be quarantined at the health facility.

    Also measures in medical isolation gate applied to the case: People, Vehicles, cargo entry and exit, transit through Vietnam, exports, imports, Vietnam is opening in transit report of the transport means or evidence clearly shows that the means of transportation, people, goods show signs of disease carriers of group A. ..

    Time to apply quarantine measures no more than 21 medical days from the date of decision to apply measures to isolate the health effect. Particularly with isolated medical forms at the border, measure time medical isolation within 2 days.