The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued an urgent call on the prevention and control of avian flu

On September 8, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development issued an urgent call to focus on drastically and synchronous implementation of solutions to control, prevent and control avian flu.
Avian influenza A / H5N6 reappeared in Hai Phong
Nearly 79% of avian influenza outbreaks were caused by the A / H5N6 virus strain

According to the reports of the veterinary specialized agencies, from the beginning of 2020 up to now, a total of 67 avian flu (CGC) outbreaks occurred in 67 communes, 45 districts of 24 provinces and cities; the number of outbreaks increased 2 times, the number of poultry forcibly destroyed increased 3 times. Currently, there are 10 outbreaks nationwide in 9 provinces and cities with CGC outbreak, but less than 21 days.

Assessment of the risk of CGC epidemic spreading and occurring on a large scale is very high. The total number of poultry is now very large, reaching nearly 500 million, high density of breeding. The rate of poultry vaccinated against influenza is low, especially for small poultry flocks in livestock households. The results of active surveillance sampling showed that the prevalence of influenza A / H5N1 and A / H5N6 viruses was very high, especially where the prevalence rate was over 13% (in 100 tested poultry samples, there were 13 samples. positive for influenza virus). The weather conditions change adversely, with heavy rainfall and cold change in the northern provinces. Demand for transportation and consumption in the last months of the year increases highly and small scale slaughtering is still very popular.
For the provinces and cities directly under the Central Government

In order to proactively prevent and fight against CGC epidemics in a timely and effective manner, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development requests the Chairpersons of the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities to focus on directing departments, branches and governments at all levels to implement drastically and synchronously solutions to prevent and control CGC epidemics in accordance with the provisions of the Veterinary Law, the Prime Minister's directing documents.

For localities with a CGC outbreak but less than 21 days, it is necessary to focus all resources to organize the control, prevent the CGC epidemic from recurring and spreading widely.

Review and organize CGC vaccination to prevent diseases for poultry flocks, ensure that the minimum rate is over 80% of the total number of at-risk flocks and be vaccinated; regularly review and supplement vaccination for newly emerging and not vaccinated poultry flocks (note: there is a sufficient number and types of CGC vaccines to ensure quality and effective disease prevention).

Guide poultry owners to increase strict application of biosafety breeding practices; regularly cleaning and disinfecting with powdered lime and chemicals; organize the month of general cleaning, poisoning and disinfection to destroy all kinds of pathogens.

Organize proactive implementation of surveillance, sampling for CGC disease to promptly warn, handle and destroy poultry flocks that are infected, suspected of being infected, positive for CGC virus, strains A / H5N1 and A / H5N6.

Direct the forces of the National Steering Committee against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit (Local 389 Committee) to prevent, promptly detect and strictly handle cases of illegal transportation of animals. and animal products under their management, especially for cases of illegally transporting poultry and poultry products from abroad into Vietnam.
Avian flu is at risk of outbreak and spread on a large scale. Photo: Nguyen Huan.

Avian flu is at risk of outbreak and spread on a large scale. Photo: Nguyen Huan.
For relevant agencies under MARD

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development assigns the Department of Animal Health and other units under the Department to organize delegations to localities to inspect, guide and urge the implementation; proactively coordinate with international organizations and countries to share information, experiences and solutions for disease prevention and control; urgently monitor, warn and promptly guide measures to prevent and control CGC epidemics.

The Department of Livestock Production and the National Center for Agricultural Extension organized the establishment of missions to localities to urge and specifically guide the bio-safety and epidemic prevention measures.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development requested the Chairmen of the People's Committees of provinces and cities to direct departments, branches and local governments at all levels to urgently implement and promptly notify the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development for coordinate to handle arising problems...