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North Carolina - Officials raise concerns over Zika

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  • North Carolina - Officials raise concerns over Zika

    Officials raise concerns over Zika in NC

    Free mosquito treatments for pregnant woman

    Xavier Walton, WCNC 5:03 AM. EST April 15, 2016

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- New fears over the spread of the Zika virus. The Center for Disease Control confirmed the virus causes severe birth defects for unborn babies. Health officials say North Carolina has eight confirmed cases of Zika.

    So far this season mosquito companies have been slammed. One organization is going out of their way to protect expectant mothers.
    "A lot of expectant mothers are calling in.", said Carl Giles, manager at Mosquito Authority. "We want to do something to help the mothers in our community. Help them stay protected."

    Instead of cashing in big time, for expectant moms, the company is offering to spray for free.
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