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Camas 'Miracle Man' survives H1N1 coma

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  • Camas 'Miracle Man' survives H1N1 coma

    Camas 'Miracle Man' survives H1N1 coma

    by Stephanie Stricklen
    Posted on March 17, 2010 at 7:32 AM

    CAMAS, Wash. -- After more than 50 days in the hospital and more than 30 surgeries, a Camas man beat the odds and survived a particularly nasty H1N1 infection.

    In its wake, a mountain of medical bills so steep the community was compelled to come together to try and help.

    As the sole breadwinner for his wife and five children, Tom Trautman always worked hard. But life tested him in a whole new way earlier this year. He spent 54 days in the hospital and ended up in a coma after the H1N1 virus got a stranglehold on him.

    His odds of survival were so thin doctors called it a miracle that he lived.

    Of course, he's still fighting. And he can't work. And that's where Papa Murphy's comes in. All day Tuesday the business' two Camas locations will give 100-percent of their profit to Tom and his family.

    "I just thank God that I survived this. I mean, everybody was praying for me and I just, I just - I guess it just wasn't my turn yet. I definitely have a new grasp on life. I look at people differently. People are so willing to give and pray for our family it makes me look at everything differently," said Tom Trautman.

    Papa Murphy's hopes to sell about 1,500 pizzas at those two locations. That's a chunk of change which Tom and his family said they could really use right now.
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