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Unusual spike in flu cases in Central Texas

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  • Unusual spike in flu cases in Central Texas

    Unusual spike in flu cases

    Cases in Central Texas have almost doubled

    By: Bridget Spencer
    POSTED:JAN 16 2017 09:54PM CST
    UPDATED:JAN 16 2017 09:54PM CST

    On a typical week, Doctor Goddy Corpuz sees somewhere between 40 to 70 flu cases documented in Central Texas, but that wasn't the case over the last week.

    ?We went from 63 cases of Influenza A, to 119 cases,? said Corpuz.

    Corpuz says the strain called Influenza "A" is no different from your typical flu, but people should take it seriously.

    ?We've had healthy people, even those who are military type, muscular-build individuals who end up in the hospital with severe pneumonia, respiratory failure and unfortunately not making it.
    ?This is an unusual spike for the past week...
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