Mother of MBA swine flu victim issues statement
By Janell Ross ? THE TENNESSEAN ? May 1, 2009

The mother of a Montgomery Bell Academy student diagnosed with swine flu just issued a statement to

Montgomery Bell is a private, all-boys school on West End in Nashville. The boy is one of three cases recognized as the H1N1 virus by the Tennessee Department of Health.

The mother asked her son's identity be protected.
Here is the written statement:

In order to dispel rumors, reduce public anxiety, and help other parents, I wanted to make a statement about my son?s illness. Last week, my son had food poisoning and on Thursday of last week, he was tested for the Influenza Virus, which was negative. After a weekend of normal activity, on Monday, he had a very high fever and high pulse, and so I took him to the Vanderbilt Children?s Hospital Emergency Room. He tested positive for influenza on Tuesday, but we had no reason to believe it was H1N1. He remained at Vanderbilt Children?s Hospital until Thursday evening. The severity of his illness was caused by the fact that he was previously ill and had become very dehydrated. I believe that if he had not been previously ill, the course of his illness would have been mild.

The important lessons which we learned are:

Travel was not a factor in his case.
It is important to have your child tested if they exhibit symptoms.
His diagnosis has not been confirmed by the Center for Disease Control.
He has recovered within 5 days.
The coordination between the physicians and the state/local health departments has been amazing.

My son?s case was overseen by an incredible team of physicians including his pediatricians, and many health care providers who are all well prepared and very informed about influenza.

This team continues to oversee his recovery.