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TN: Humphreys County schools closed due to illness

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  • TN: Humphreys County schools closed due to illness

    Perry Co. schools remain closed Tuesday; Humphreys to close on Wednesday

    "Perry County school officials announced Monday it would be closed again on Tuesday because of illness.

    The system's director said 18 percent of students were out sick Friday. He said the schools have been disinfected and personnel decided to give students and teachers another day to recover.

    Humphreys County officials decided it would be closed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.


    Clay County and Van Buren County schools announced they would be closed the remainder of the week due to illness.

    Monroe County, KY, schools will also be closed the remainder of the week. Monday, school officials said only 81 percent of students showed up for class.

    Each district has reported high numbers of cases involving flu and strep throat. Last month, schools in Stewart and Macon counties were closed due to illnesses in those areas..."

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