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Flu Closes School in Wellesley (Dana Hall School)

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  • Flu Closes School in Wellesley (Dana Hall School)

    The Dana Hall School in Wellesley has been shuttered for the next week after nearly 100 students and staff called in sick with fevers, sore throats, and other flu-like systems.
    There have been no confirmed cases of swine flu at the all-girls private school, according to Liza Cohen, director of communications. Officials at Dana Hall made the decision to remain closed from today until next Tuesday after consulting with the health officials from both the town and the state.

    UPDATE: The Health Department issued this statement Tuesday.

    "As of today, Tuesday May 19th, the number of cases has dropped. It is important to note, that the illness appears to be mild, and all are recuperating. The school will reopen with a normal schedule on Tuesday, May 26th,'' the health department said.

    Approximately 90 students of the school's 500 students called in sick on Monday in addition to at least eight faculty and staff members, Cohen said. The school, which has grades 6 through 12, will remain closed for seven days because after that time most types of flu are no longer communicable.


    A private girls school in Massachusetts has closed for a week after nearly 100 students and employees called in sick with flu-like symptoms.

    A spokeswoman for Dana Hall School in Wellesley said Tuesday there is no indication that swine flu is what prompted 90 students and eight faculty and staff members to call in sick on Monday, but the move was made after consulting with state and local public health officials.

    A spokeswoman for the state Public Health Department says there are no confirmed swine flu cases at the school and no one associated with the school is being tested for the disease.

    The school has about 500 students in grades 6 through 12, including 145 boarders. Some boarders remain on campus.

    The school will reopen next Tuesday.