Maine Child's Flu-Related Death Has Officials Urging People to Get the Vaccine
Flu cases are rising across the United States, Dr. James Jarvis noted, which is likely attributed to fewer people wearing masks and more people gathering indoors following winter COVID-19 surges
By Dustin Wlodkowski • Published 17 mins ago • Updated 17 mins ago

Maine officials are urging people to be aware of late season influenza after a child in the state died of flu.

According to a media release published Tuesday afternoon, the child died of the Influenza A strain and was the first pediatric fatality attributed to influenza in Maine’s 2021-2022 flu season.

The news release did not state the age of that child or where they were from.

According to Dr. James Jarvis, senior physician executive at Northern Light Health, one of the largest healthcare networks in Maine, it’s unusual for Influenza A to be so prevalent this late into their flu season.

Normally, Influenza B becomes the more prevalent strain of flu as Maine enters summer.

Though he did not care for the child who died, Jarvis said that this incident is a stark example of how severe flu can be...