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LA: Flu forces one-day closure of Algiers' Catholic elementary

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  • LA: Flu forces one-day closure of Algiers' Catholic elementary


    Flu forces one-day closure of Algiers' Catholic elementary
    Meg Farris / Medical Reporter 6:01 p.m. CST November 18, 2014

    NEW ORLEANS - The rapid flu test device at Algiers Urgent Care is running almost nonstop. A young patient at the clinic on Tuesday was the latest to learn she has influenza type-A.

    "It's been a noticeable explosion of patients and illness and sick kids, particularly in the schools is where the problem seems to be," said Dr. Hector Cabrera, the Medical Director of Algiers Urgent Care...

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    Re: LA: Flu forces one-day closure of Algiers' Catholic elementary

    64 students, 5 faculty members remain out sick at Algiers school

    Updated: Nov 19, 2014 4:32 PM CST
    Written by: Leigh Isaacson, Reporter


    Of the 82 people who called out sick at an Algiers school on Tuesday, 13 made it back to school on Wednesday. Sixty-four students and five faculty members were still out sick, according to a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of New Orleans.

    St. Andrew the Apostle School shut down Tuesday because of the excessive number of people who had the flu, the school told parents in an email Monday night.

    "It hit us quickly. I think they're doing everything appropriately," said Christopher Hampton, the father of a kindergartner who was not sick.

    On Wednesday, state epidemiologists went to the school to investigate the possibility of two different virus outbreaks. Dr. Raoult Ratard with the Department of Health and Hospitals said flu swab tests came back positive for 3 of the 4 students they were able to test on Tuesday. However, he said they're investigating whether the flu was not the only illness that spread around the school.

    "It's not impossible that you happen to have two different outbreaks together," Ratard said. "It's rare, and in the cold weather- norovirus is doing very well."
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