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Louisiana - Spike in demand dwindles flu shot supplies

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  • Louisiana - Spike in demand dwindles flu shot supplies

    Spike in demand dwindles flu shot supplies
    Posted on January 15, 2013 at 5:15 PM
    Updated yesterday at 5:36 PM
    Katie Moore / Eyewitness News

    Pharmacists at Majoria Drugs on Metairie Road are fielding many phone calls about the flu.

    ?I got a call from one man who got his shot at Walmart and wanted to know if we were gonna get a different one because he wanted to get all the coverage he could,? said Majoria pharmacist Al Spitale.

    It's all the same shot nationwide, and news that a more severe strain of the flu is striking earlier this year has many flocking to area pharmacies to get it.
    A spokesman for Walgreens said outside of the Federal government, they're the nation's largest administrator of flu shots in the US. This past weekend, the spokesman admitted some of their stores ran out, and in fact, Eyewitness News called some and they were still out on Tuesday.
    A Walgreens spokesman said they do expect to be able to replenish their supplies in a couple of days.

    Majoria expects their supply to last another week.
    Many doctor's offices and urgent care clinics still also had good supplies of the vaccine if New Orleanians want to get the flu shot.

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