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Local boy describes battle against H1N1

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  • Local boy describes battle against H1N1

    Local boy describes battle against H1N1

    written by: Kim Christiansen

    DENVER - He calls it a weird feeling and a bad experience. Fifth-grader Campbell Crockett is talking about his bout with H1N1 or the swine flu.

    Campbell is rarely sick, so his parents knew he wasn't feeling well when he asked to go to bed early a couple of weeks ago. He woke up with the typical flu symptoms; a fever, chills and body aches.

    He stayed home from school and seemed to be responding to ibuprofen and Tylenol. What happened a couple of days later was unexpected.

    "Late in the course of his illness, when you would expect him to get better, he had a higher spike in fever and then difficulty in breathing, his mom described it as panting," Campbell's pediatrician, Dr. Matt Dorighi, said.

    Campbell's parents took him to the emergency room and he was soon admitted into the hospital. Campbell spent six days in the ICU at The Children's Hospital where he was diagnosed with pneumonia, a complication of the H1N1 virus.

    It was a frightening experience for a 10-year-old boy who had no history of serious illness. His mom, Amy, says her son was very brave but scared too, especially when a mask covered his face to assist his breathing.

    Dr. Chris Nyquist is the medical director for infection prevention and control at The Children's Hospital. She says this virus seems to be affecting more children than adults. She suggests anyone with a fever that persists beyond a couple of days or returns within a couple of days, get into see their doctor.

    Nyquist points out that every year children die from the seasonal flu, and this flu is simply a new strain that arrived sooner than the seasonal flu. She also emphasized the importance of staying home when you are sick, and never come to visit a patient at the hospital.

    Campbell is certain he picked up the virus at school, adding, "Some of my friends, I'm not naming names, they didn't cover their mouth and they share food at lunch, even though the principal told them not to."