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WY: Bird flu in wild birds

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  • WY: Bird flu in wild birds


    Bird Flu outbreak continues
    June 9, 2022
    News from Jackson Hole Radio

    The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been monitoring the outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza in Wyoming’s wild birds since mid-March. Both wild and domestic birds have been infected across the state. While reports of wild birds dying from bird flu have been decreasing in some parts of the state, there are still some areas, such as near Pinedale, and in particular Soda Lake, that are still collecting and reporting a high number of dead birds...

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    Bird Flu Now Killing Wyoming Raptors; Roughly 100 Eagles, Hawk, Falcons Dead
    Published on September 12, 2022
    By Mark Heinz, outdoors reporter

    Though it’s long been a killer of wild waterfowl and domestic poultry, bird flu has started taking a toll on Wyoming’s raptors. It’s still uncertain how badly it will spread among birds of prey, a wildlife disease expert said.

    “These viruses are always re-sorting and reorganizing,” Michael Pipas, a wildlife disease biologist with USDA Wildlife Services, told Cowboy State Daily. “In this case, instead of just killing waterfowl and poultry it (avian influenza) has started killing birds of prey.”

    So far, up to 100 eagles, hawk and falcons are known to have died of the disease in Wyoming, he said. The infections are thought to have begun this spring.

    “It’s not like birds of prey are falling off branches left and right,” but USDA and other agencies are trying to keep watch and hoping that the virus doesn’t take off in raptors the way it has in other bird species....


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      Avian flu cases pop up again in Wyoming after summer hiatus
      By Brendan LaChance
      10 hours ago

      CASPER, Wyo. — Cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza are emerging again in Wyoming after a hiatus from any confirmed cases of the disease over the summer, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said on Monday.

      After an outbreak of avian flu was confirmed this spring, Game and Fish said a lull in new cases occurred over the summer, with the last case verified on June 9. However, a blue-winged teal and a great horned owl tested positive for avian flu earlier this September in the Laramie Region, Game and Fish said.

      Prior to the recent detection, Game and Fish said that 25 samples since June 9 had all come back negative. ..


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        Bird Flu Suspected In Deaths Of 77 Ducks In Central Wyoming
        Published on November 30, 2022
        By Mark Heinz, Outdoors Reporter

        After 78 wild birds died at the Ocean Lake Wildlife Management Area In Central Wyoming, game biologists are trying to determine if bird flu killed them.

        Wyoming Game and Fish Department agents Tuesday found 77 dead mallard ducks and an “afflicted” Canada Goose at Ocean Lake southeast of Pavillion near the Wind River Reservation, the agency reports. The goose was euthanized...


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          Two Canada Geese in Laramie County Test Positive for Bird Flu PRESS RELEASE December 30, 2022

          CHEYENNE — Two Canada geese from Laramie County have tested positive for highly pathogenic avian influenza. The geese were recovered from Lion’s Park in Cheyenne, where several dead geese were reported. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has been monitoring for the virus’ presence in wild birds.

          Residents should expect to encounter additional dead birds at Lion’s Park. Sick and injured wildlife can be reported by calling 307-777-4330 or the Cheyenne Game and Fish Office at 307-777-4600...