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​Washington state vet sees chance for worse bird flu season

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  • ​Washington state vet sees chance for worse bird flu season

    Washington state vet sees chance for worse bird flu season

    By Don Jenkins
    Capital Press
    July 10, 2015 12:01AM

    OLYMPIA, Wash. Bird flu could return next winter with new strains that are more prevalent in wild birds and more deadly for chickens, Washington State Veterinarian Joe Baker said Monday.

    We have to be ready for the worsening scenario, he said.
    In Washington last winter, the virus spread among flocks with a variety of birds. In Benton County, backyard chickens remained healthy though separated by only a mesh fence from an infected flock of chickens, turkeys and ducks.

    A virus lethal to chickens may be spreading among waterfowl that spend the summer in Alaska and Canada and migrate to Washington for the winter, Baker said.It could cause us more problems because there could be more spread (of the virus) neighbor to neighbor, he said.
    Baker said its possible the disease is spreading more widely now among migratory birds.
    WSDA has posted information about protecting flocks from bird flu at
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