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Illinois - Pan/Flu Seminar at So. Illinois University

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  • Illinois - Pan/Flu Seminar at So. Illinois University

    SIUE School of Nursing to bring pandemic flu seminar to campus

    April 20, 2008 - 10:38PM
    EDWARDSVILLE - If a deadly influenza (flu) outbreak hit the Midwest, would the region be ready?

    That is a question being posed by the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Nursing, which is bringing "Pandemic Flu: Are You Ready?" to campus.

    The seminar, from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, May 2, in the Hickory-Hackberry Room on the second floor of SIUE's Morris University Center, will focus on developing a pandemic plan for businesses; establishing planning efforts to tackle global pandemics; examining the history of pandemics in the United States; differentiating between pandemic flu and seasonal flu; and using personal protection equipment.

    The national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that since 2003, the number of avian influenza virus cases (H5N1) has risen in Asia, Europe and Africa. It is further purported that more than half of people infected with H5N1 virus have died.

    While there has been no sustained human-to-human transmission reported, the fear by the CDC is tha
    t H5N1 could evolve into a virus capable of such transmission.

    "Education and preparation are essential when it comes to dealing with any emergency situation," said Rita Sander, assistant professor of primary care-health systems nursing at SIUE. "This seminar will provide the education and preparatory knowledge necessary to respond appropriately to a pandemic flu.

    "We do not know when the time of the next event will occur, but we will have another pandemic in our lifetimes."

    Admission is free. Those who attend also are invited to stay for lunch and a tabletop pandemic pla
    nning exercise in the afternoon. The SIUE schools of Nursing and Pharmacy will award contact hours credit to those who attend the event.

    SIUE and PandemicPrep.Org are co-sponsors of the event. Roche Laboratories is a corporate sponsor. Pandemic Prep.Org is a consortium of businesses, organizations, schools, universities, hospitals and government agencies from Illinois and Missouri that is helping prepare the St. Louis region.

    For information, visit