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New Idaho Health Website Warns of Flu Pandemic

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  • New Idaho Health Website Warns of Flu Pandemic


    New Idaho Health Website Warns of Flu Pandemic

    Boise, Idaho-- The state of Idaho is asking its residents to prepare for a flu pandemic.

    State leaders, including the governor, have created a website to help Idahoans better understand the danger and protect themselves.

    They say there were three influenza pandemics in the 20th century alone, and many scientists believe at some point there will be another.

    The greatest risk for a new outbreak comes from the Bird Flu, which hasn't yet mutated to spread easily from human to human, but eventually could.

    "Well, we have check lists on our website for a family for instance. Do you have two weeks of food and water, so if we ask you to stay home to stop the spread of the disease could you stay home? As a business do you have your key positions identified and people cross trained to fill those positions?" said Tom Shanahan, with the Department of Health and Welfare.

    There's a month long media campaign underway to direct people to the website.

    It includes internet banners, billboards on buses and radio ads featuring Governor Otter.

    To visit the website go to