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Ransomware attack delays patient care at hospitals across the U.S.

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  • Ransomware attack delays patient care at hospitals across the U.S.

    Ransomware attack delays patient care at hospitals across the U.S.

    CHI Memorial Hospital in Tennessee, some St. Luke’s hospitals in Texas and Virginia Mason Franciscan Health in Seattle all have announced they were affected.

    Oct. 7, 2022, 8:42 AM CDT

    By Kevin Collier

    One of the largest hospital chains in the U.S. was hit with a suspected ransomware cyberattack this week, leading to delayed surgeries, hold ups in patient care and rescheduled doctor appointments across the country...
    'Shouting into the void': Records outage, short staffing cause dire scene in Kitsap's ER

    Josh Farley Nathan Pilling Kitsap Sun
    October 8, 2022

    SILVERDALE — The emergency department at St. Michael Medical Center continued to struggle through staffing shortages this week, a situation compounded by an ongoing outage of the hospital's electronic records systems.

    Kelsay Irby, an emergency room nurse at the hospital, called her shift from Thursday night into Friday morning a "perfect storm," with the records system down, staff in short supply and a mix of "really sick" patients combining to stretch the emergency room to its limit.

    Ambulance drop-offs backed up; one crew's wait time, she estimated, reached almost eight hours. For a long period, mental health patients didn't have a dedicated nurse supervisor as they are supposed to, she said. Her requests to management for help didn't bring in any aid. She received apologies the following night, she said.

    "I have never been so afraid of losing my license," she said. "It was so frustrating and demoralizing to me to be shouting into the void and saying, 'You guys, we're drowning. We're trying to take care of these patients. We have really sick people.'"...


    Ask Congress to Investigate COVID Origins and Government Response to Pandemic H.R. 834

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