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Michigan - COVID-19 is Increasing. Why it may be a warning.

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  • Michigan - COVID-19 is Increasing. Why it may be a warning.

    COVID-19 is increasing in Michigan. Why it may be a warning.

    In the last week, Michigan's case average has increased by 53%.
    ByArielle Mitropoulos
    March 21, 2021, 9:30 AM
    • 11 min read

    With the arrival of spring and after an exhausting year of COVID-19 restrictions, Americans are eager to return to some sense of normalcy.

    However, many health experts are urging patience, warning a possible fourth surge may be on the horizon, with over a dozen states exhibiting early signs of increasing case numbers.


    The Great Lake State currently has the country's fourth-highest average of new COVID-19 cases per capita, with New Jersey leading the country. For the past three weeks, the daily case average has doubled. In the last week alone, the state’s average has increased by 53%.



    Okieman Comment: I have a family member in Michigan, so I have been paying attention to it using the Covid Pulse Map. If you use that map viewer and zoom into the "thumb" of Michigan you will see that the graphs for almost all of the counties there are trending up significantly. I believe the part of Ontario across from Michigan is also see a rise in cases.

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    Here is an image taken of the Covid Pulse Map for part of Michigan. I have highlighted counties where the graph is significantly trending up. Please visit the map viewer yourself to get additional information. Just zoom into the area you are interested in, click on the county, then scroll down to see the graphs. Here is the link:,42.787,7

    Click image for larger version

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      Please see the thread for Ontario which Shiloh has been maintaining. Here is the link: