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    health statistics

    bar-charts for many health-indicators by OECD-countries
    yearly edition
    Health at a Glance 2013 , OECD INDICATORS

    Table of contents
    013,Executive summary
    017,Reader's guide
    023,Chapter 1. Health status
     024,1.1.,Life expectancy at birth
     026,1.2.,Life expectancy by sex and education level
     028,1.3.,Mortality from cardiovascular diseases
     030,1.4.,Mortality from cancer
     032,1.5.,Mortality from transport accidents
     036,1.7.,Infant mortality
     038,1.8.,Infant health: Low birth weight
     040,1.9.,Perceived health status
     042,1.10.,Diabetes prevalence and incidence
    045,Chapter 2. Non-medical determinants of health
     046,2.1.,Smoking and alcohol consumption among children
     048,2.2.,Overweight and obesity among children
     050,2.3.,Fruit and vegetable consumption among children
     052,2.4.,Physical activity among children
     054,2.5.,Tobacco consumption among adults
     056,2.6.,Alcohol consumption among adults
     058,2.7.,Overweight and obesity among adults
     060,2.8.,Fruit and vegetable consumption among adults
    063,Chapter 3. Health workforce
     064,3.1.,Doctors (overall number)
     066,3.2.,Doctors by age, sex and category
     068,3.3.,Gynaecologists and obstetricians, and midwives
     070,3.4.,Psychiatrists and mental health nurses
     072,3.5.,Medical graduates
     074,3.6.,Remuneration of doctors (general practitioners and specialists)
     078,3.8.,Nursing graduates
     080,3.9.,Remuneration of nurses
    083,Chapter 4. Health care activities
     084,4.1.,Consultations with doctors
     086,4.2.,Medical technologies
     088,4.3.,Hospital beds
     090,4.4.,Hospital discharges
     092,4.5.,Average length of stay in hospitals
     094,4.6.,Cardiac procedures
     096,4.7.,Hip and knee replacement
     098,4.8.,Caesarean sections
     098,4.9.,Cataract surgeries
     098,4.10.,Pharmaceutical consumption
     104,4.11.,Pharmaceutical generic market share
    107,Chapter 5. Quality of care
     108,5.1.,Avoidable hospital admissions
     110,5.2.,Prescribing in primary care
     112,5.3.,Mortality following acute myocardial infarction (AMI)
     114,5.4.,Mortality following stroke
     116,5.5.,Surgical complications
     118,5.6.,Obstetric trauma
     120,5.7.,Unplanned hospital re-admissions for patients with mental disorders
     122,5.8.,Excess mortality from mental disorders
     124,5.9.,Screening, survival and mortality for cervical cancer
     126,5.10.,Screening, survival and mortality for breast cancer
     128,5.11.,Survival and mortality for colorectal cancer
     130,5.12.,Childhood vaccination programmes
     132,5.13.,Influenza vaccination for older people
     134,5.14.,Patient experience with ambulatory care
    137,Chapter 6. Access to care
     138,6.1.,Coverage for health care
     140,6.2.,Out-of-pocket medical expenditure
     142,6.3.,Geographic distribution of doctors
     144,6.4.,Inequalities in doctor consultations
     146,6.5.,Inequalities in dentist consultations
     148,6.6.,Inequalities in cancer screening
     150,6.7.,Waiting times for elective surgery
    153,Chapter 7. Health expenditure and financing
     154,7.1.,Health expenditure per capita
     156,7.2.,Health expenditure in relation to GDP
     158,7.3.,Health expenditure by function
     160,7.4.,Pharmaceutical expenditure
     162,7.5.,Expenditure by disease and age
     164,7.6.,Financing of health care
     166,7.7.,Trade in health services
    169,Chapter 8. Ageing and long-term care
     170,8.1.,Demographic trends
     172,8.2.,Life expectancy and healthy life expectancy at age 65
     174,8.3.,Self-reported health and disability at age 65
     176,8.4.,Dementia prevalence
     178,8.5.,Recipients of long-term care
     180,8.6.,Informal carers
     182,8.7.,Long-term care workers
     184,8.8.,Long-term care beds in institutions and hospitals
     186,8.9.,Long-term care expenditure
    Annex A.
    203,Annex A.,Additional information on demographic and economic context,
    and health expenditure and financing

    influenza vaccination : page 135
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