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WHO pandemic probe focuses on role of Web

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  • WHO pandemic probe focuses on role of Web


    WHO pandemic probe focuses on role of Web

    * Source: Global Times
    * [02:33 April 14 2010]

    The Internet had a disruptive impact on the handling of the flu pandemic by fanning speculation and rumors, officials said as a world health probe Tuesday examined communications regarding the A(H1N1) flu outbreak.

    World Health Organization (WHO) influenza chief Keiji Fukuda told 29 health experts reviewing the international response to the pandemic that the Internet had added a new dimension to flu alerts over the past year.

    While it meant information about A(H1N1) became more widely available, it also produced "news, rumors, a great deal of speculation and criticism in multiple outlets, including blogs, social networking and websites," he said.

    "Anti-vaccine messaging was very active (and) made it very difficult for public health services in many countries," Fukuda said as a nine-month review of the A(H1N1) flu pandemic got under way...

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    Re: WHO pandemic probe focuses on role of Web

    Also from the article.

    Fukuda also pinpointed the speed with which information spread and its influence on "volatile" public opinion, admitting that the WHO had struggled to find the "right tempo" for communications.
    "We saw confusion over many of the words and phrases used in the pandemic," he added.
    Perhaps some of that is the fault of WHO for not claiming a greater leadership role in this pandemic. See this thread for a related issue: