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NASCIO - Information Tech Pandemic Planning

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  • NASCIO - Information Tech Pandemic Planning

    Pandemic Planning for States Information Technology

    NASCIO represents state chief information officers and information technology executives and managers from state governments across the United States. For more information visit

    "Without the flow of electronic information,
    government comes to a standstill.
    When a state?s data systems and communication
    networks are disrupted, the problem
    can be serious and the impact farreaching.
    The consequences can be much
    more than an inconvenience. Serious disruptions
    to a state?s IT systems can lead to
    public distrust, chaos, fear and potential
    loss of life. Traditionally, IT disruptions are
    planned for based on anticipated disasters
    both natural and manmade that can physically
    damage facilities and equipment.
    However, we live in a time that holds
    the potential for a pandemic outbreak
    in your city, state or possibly the nation.
    What would you do as state chief information
    officer (CIO) if one day your
    staff did not come to the office because
    of a pandemic outbreak?"


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    Re: NASCIO - Information Tech Pandemic Planning

    CDCs Pandemic Severity Index
    Community mitigation - 97 pages

    CDC’s pandemic preparedness efforts include ongoing surveillance of human and animal influenza viruses, risk assessments of influenza viruses with pandemic potential.