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Oh yeah - governments controlling your cash - China going digital first...trial run begins in Shenzhen - are we having fun yet? October 12, 2020 - and now Beijing

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  • Oh yeah - governments controlling your cash - China going digital first...trial run begins in Shenzhen - are we having fun yet? October 12, 2020 - and now Beijing

    2020-10-12 02:31:42
    Beijing News

    50,000 people are busy with the sign of the merchant testing equipment deployment

    A screenshot of a Shenzhen citizen applying for a "digital RMB" red envelope page.

    On October 11th, Shenzhen pilot merchants have already placed the "digital RMB" logo.

      "This morning, personnel from related institutions came to the store to test the equipment, took a QR code, and scanned it with the POS machine after the system transformation. The speed is very fast."
    The first public large-scale test of digital RMB in China will be October The curtain officially kicked off on the 12th. On October 11, a member of a merchant in Shenzhen who participated in the pilot program visited by the Beijing News Shell Finance and Economics reporter said.
      Another store employee said that a person in charge of a large state-owned bank notified everyone in the group that day to check the placement and posting of the digital RMB sign again. The reporter saw in many pilot supermarkets and subway self-service customer service terminals that the signs were in place.
      According to Shenzhen official news on the 11th, all the 50,000 winners of the "Rewarding Luohu Digital RMB Red Packet" have been drawn, and the winning text messages and download links will be sent to the winners from 18:00 on October 12. The appointment staff can check the result of the lottery through the "i Shenzhen" APP or the "i Shenzhen" WeChat public account "Lixiang Luohu" activity area. (the gov is the biggest winner! s.s.)
      Relevant departments test merchants to accept equipment. Banks notify merchants to check the placement of signs
      The reporter learned from a pilot merchant on the 11th that the digital renminbi acceptance equipment it used was upgraded on the basis of the original ICBC POS machine.
      "The upgrade is in the near future, but no customer has paid with digital renminbi. This morning (11th) someone from the relevant agency came to the store to test the equipment and took a QR code to scan. The speed is very fast, and Alipay , WeChat Pay is almost the same."
      Another administrative person in charge of a pilot merchant told reporters that the store uses an agricultural bank POS machine after the system has been reformed.
      In addition to testing equipment, merchants are still busy checking the placement and posting of the signs. The reporter saw in a number of pilot supermarkets on the 11th that the “digital RMB” logo has been placed in prominent locations such as the information counter and cash register along with UnionPay QR code and WeChat Pay. "I am in charge of the materials (referring to the'digital renminbi' logo). Today is to inform the merchants to check whether the logos are in place." A source from a large state-owned bank said.
      The self-service customer service terminals of some subway stations also posted the "digital renminbi" logo. When the reporter tried to purchase a card at noon on the 11th, he found that the digital renminbi payment method had not yet been activated. The available options were still traditional payment methods such as cash, WeChat and Alipay.
      The Beijing News Shell Finance reported on the 10th that it was learned from two merchants in Luohu District, Shenzhen that before this week’s 10 million yuan digital renminbi red envelope pilot, a small-scale digital renminbi test had been launched in the past month, but the transaction volume was small. One of the merchants has a monthly transaction volume of only about 1,000 yuan. The reporter further confirmed from two independent channels on the 11th that a small number of users had obtained digital renminbi trial permission in the early stage, including some medical workers.
      【Winning Lot】
      Over 1.91 million appointments to register and 50,000 winners can use red envelopes on the 12th
      A large-scale test will begin on October 12.
      The Shenzhen official announced on the morning of the 11th that from the start of the appointment on the 9th to 8 am on the 11th, a total of 1,913,800 individuals in Shenzhen have successfully completed the pilot appointment registration through the "i Shenzhen" system. The appointment personnel can use the "i Shenzhen" APP or " The "iShenzhen" WeChat public account "Lixiang Luohu" activity area inquires about the result of the lottery.
      According to the Shenzhen official announcement on the 8th, the final winner was only 50,000, and the amount of each red envelope was 200 yuan. The winner can be in the Luohu District from 18:00 on the 12th to 24:00 on the 18th that has completed the digital RMB system transformation 3389 There is no threshold for consumption by merchants.
      "I won the lottery. I feel that I can find the luck I have lost for many years. Scratch it can be bought this time." A Weibo netizen said on the 11th. However, the number of appointments that the reporter asked, including some employees of the pilot merchants, did not win the lottery. According to the rules of the event, the winning text messages and the download link of the "Digital RMB App" will be sent to the winning individuals from 18:00 on October 12th.
      The reporter saw in the "Lixiang Luohu" activity area that more than 3,000 merchants participating in this trial involved shopping malls, supermarkets, living services, daily retail, and catering consumption. Wal-Mart, China Resources Vanguard, Sinopec and other companies were listed.
      It is worth noting that although the number of users in the pilot program has been expanded to 50,000, it is still a targeted distribution authority, and only those who have been awarded can download the “Digital RMB App”. In addition, winners can spend money at pilot merchants within the validity period of the red envelopes, and cannot transfer them to others or redeem them to their own bank accounts. Red envelopes that have not been used after the validity period will be withdrawn.
      The 200 yuan red envelope does not need to be consumed at one time, it can be used in installments. "If the single consumption exceeds 200 yuan, one way is to exchange a little digital currency yourself, or use other payment methods to make up." A person close to the regulator told reporters.
      For a routine test "focus on user experience and acceptance environment"
      It is understood that the event was organized by the Shenzhen Luohu District Government, the People’s Bank of China Shenzhen Central Sub-branch, Shenzhen Municipal Government Service Data Administration, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, Agricultural Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, Bank of China Shenzhen Branch, and China Construction Bank Shenzhen The city branch cooperated. It was officially announced that this event is a routine test in the digital RMB research and development process. "The pilot will focus on user experience and acceptance environment, and has been promoting the construction of the acceptance environment." The above-mentioned person close to the regulator told reporters.
      This test is also regarded as a big step forward for the digital RMB. Public information shows that my country's central bank has been conducting research on legal digital currency since 2014. In 2015, a series of research reports on the issuance of digital currencies by the central bank was formed. In January 2017, the Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute was established. In addition to Shenzhen, the digital renminbi is currently undergoing internal closed pilot tests in Chengdu, Suzhou, Xiongan New Area and future Winter Olympics scenes.
      An article published in mid-September by Fan Yifei, deputy governor of the central bank, stated that the digital renminbi is mainly positioned as cash in circulation (M0). And other service charges. From the perspective of the M0 issuance model, commercial banks should assume the function of exchanging digital renminbi to the public.
      After major state-owned banks in some regions participated in the pilot program, at the end of September, the Central Bank Digital Research Institute and City Bank Clearing signed a cooperation agreement. City Bank Clearing will provide a digital RMB interconnection platform for small and medium banking financial institutions such as city commercial banks and private banks. Access services.
      Yesterday, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Implementation Plan for the Comprehensive Reform Pilot Program of Building a Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Shenzhen (2020-2025)", referring to the establishment of a financial institution based on the Shenzhen subsidiary of the Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute. Technology innovation platform. Support the development of internal closed pilot tests of digital renminbi, and promote the R&D application and international cooperation of digital renminbi.

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    China is inching closer to the launch of its own sovereign digital currency by giving it a legal foundation in an upcoming law revision, while the central bank is also addressing problems that emerged in pilot tests for the digital yuan.

    The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) published a draft law on Friday that would give legal status to the Digital Currency Electronic Payment (DCEP) system, and for the first time the digital yuan has been included and defined as part of the country’s sovereign fiat currency.

    The draft law would also forbid any party from making or issuing yuan-backed digital tokens to replace the renminbi in the market.


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        And now Beijing....

        Digital currency has arrived in Beijing, and the first central bank digital currency application scenario settled in Fengtai Lize

        2020-12-29 12:31 Reporter: Jiang Huizi Tao Ran Editor: Bai Shuang

        Digital RMB is a digital legal currency issued by the People's Bank of China. It is operated by designated operating agencies and exchanged to the public. Based on the broad account system, it supports the loose coupling function of bank accounts. It is equivalent to banknotes and coins and has value characteristics. And legal compensation, support controllable anonymity. At present, the digital RMB system has basically completed the top-level design, standard formulation, function research and development, and joint debugging and testing. After pilot testing in cities such as Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiongan, and Chengdu, this is the first time that the application scenario has been piloted in Beijing.

        The staff told reporters that authorized consumers can use the digital currency after downloading the digital renminbi wallet, which can be scanned or paid offline. The staff demonstrated that they switched the phone to airplane mode, opened the digital renminbi wallet and swiped to pay, selected the one-touch payment method, and first clicked on the setting interface to open the NFC, and then touched the merchant’s digital renminbi wallet closely to complete the payment .

        From the perspective of user experience, the use of central bank digital currency payment and the use of WeChat and Alipay are not much different, but they are essentially different. WeChat and Alipay are just payment tools. Through these two channels, the balance in the personal bank card is still used; while the digital currency is the digital form of legal tender issued by the central bank, which is equivalent to cash. The digital renminbi can be used when there is no signal or network , A series of operations such as transfer and payment can be completed by touching two mobile phones, just like paying with paper money.

        According to professionals, the application of digital currency is of great significance. From a macro perspective, the central bank can improve the efficiency of currency operation monitoring, enrich monetary policy tools, prevent financial risks, and promote the internationalization of RMB; from a micro perspective, it can improve the speed of payment And security, the source of currency can be traced through password encryption, and it also saves a lot of waste and pollution caused by the circulation of banknotes.

        The reporter learned that the Lize Business District, which is the first application scenario test in Beijing, is also the location of the Central Bank Digital Currency Research Institute. In the future, the application of digital currency technology will be a key industry in the Lize Business District. The business district will rely on the Digital Currency Research Institute to actively promote the implementation of reform experiments and test applications such as digital currency and smart insurance.