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Smart bracelets for Covid patients isolating at home

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  • Smart bracelets for Covid patients isolating at home

    12 Jul 2022

    Sophie Hui

    Covid patients isolating at home will have to wear smart bracelets from Friday, Secretary for Health Lo Chung-mau says, and their LeaveHomeSafe app will turn red when the color-coded health-code system launches to bar them from going out.

    According to guidelines, if an infected person has received at least two Covid shots and their rapid antigen tests results are negative on days six and seven or any two consecutive days after day seven of the home quarantine period they are allowed out of their front doors.

    These arrangement also apply to close contacts.

    Lo said the preliminary plan is a red code for people testing positive and yellow for high-risk groups including overseas arrivals under medical surveillance. That would ban them from entering "no-mask" premises such as restaurants and high-risk venues such as care homes and hospitals. ...

    A green code will indicate a healthy person.

    On the seven-day hotel quarantine for overseas arrivals for Hong Kong and non-Hongkongers, Lo said he is mulling a change with part of the confinement to be home isolation.

    As for those under a yellow code, they could take public transport, though details have to be confirmed.