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The WEF Great Reset, UN Agenda 21, Mass Formation, various Control Attempts by World Elites

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    Who is Klaus Schwab, and what is the purpose of the World Economic Forum (WEF)?
    The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, that brings together individuals and political and business leaders each year to discuss significant issues that impact the global economy. These include but are not limited to political, economic, social, and environmental concerns.

    Except that the WEF is considerably more influential (and evil) than that. For example, the individuals who attend the annual meetings in Davos, are some of the richest and most powerful in the world, not unlike the annual Bilderberg meetings.


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      This is the most important film you will see. As I have said many times on this forum, we are in the fight of our lives.


      By 2030, you will OWN NOTHING and be HAPPY.
      This is not just a slogan, or a conspiracy theory.
      This is 1 of the 8 World Economic Forum (WEF) predictions.

      WEF was born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Klaus Schwab’s mentor, Henry Kissinger. Sulzer AG, in Schwab's earlier years, where he was director, would go on to break international law by aiding the South African apartheid regime in its illegal thermonuclear bomb program.

      Klaus Schwab, founder & executive Chairman of the WEF, in his book, "COVID-19: The Great Reset" published a few months after the start of Covid 19 outlines his plans for the world. Quoting Schwab, WEF’s Young Global Leaders have penetrated numerous Countries’ Cabinets and become Presidents, Prime Ministers, or CEOs.

      During the coronavirus pandemic, several WEF Young Global Leaders played prominent roles, promoting zero-covid strategies, lockdowns, mask mandates, and digital ‘vaccine’ passports. In contrast, there was a totally opposite approach from those who are not affiliated with the WEF.

      Unfortunately, it is very difficult to get the truth, with the censorship of independent professors, doctors, journalists & politicians and the fact that mainstream media, Google & ‘fact checkers’ are funded & controlled by the same people behind this diabolical plan.

      This might be the most important 1 hour 40 min you spend, unless you don’t mind ending up ‘owning nothing’, being tracked & 24/7 surveiled (under your skin, as per WEF Agenda Contributor, Yuval Noah Harari) and ending up with CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), UBI (Universal Basic Income) and eventually Social Credit System.

      The "Great Reset” echoes the real, unspoken of plans behind UN Agenda 21, now known as Agenda 2030. (more of this in Part 2) Lastly, to understand why they say “you will be happy” when you own nothing, is where the METAVERSE comes in (more of this in Part 2),

      Call to Action: Please share this film. Power is knowledge in action. Lets work together to co-create a future independent from the WEF, WHO & UN.


      Critical thinkers research. Here are links to the excerpts in this video:




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        COUNTDOWN 2030 PART 2 (above) has been removed.
        The links remain

        PART 1 is available.

        Screening a powerful film that spotlights how the WEF gained power, and inspiring us to find ways to break free and create a better world.

        Curated in South Africa, this launch screening is hosted by Children's Health Defense Africa, and Freedom Alliance South Africa (FASA).

        Support free speech. Support truth. Don't let censorship win. Please share the link to PART 1 everywhere. Together, We Are The 99%.

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      I don't want to burst anyone's bubble here but in the history of man the norm has been the situation where the elite take advantage of the general population.

      This is nothing new.

      Only after the magna carta were the rights, or freedoms, of the common man acknowledged. In 1215.

      So...really we have been in a constant struggle against the oppression of the rich and powerful since the beginning of time. What makes the current situation a little different is technology. It both helps and hurts regular people.

      Imho the biggest thing the average person can do for freedom is to pay off debts. Live within your means. Banks, the investor class, are not your friends.


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        This has got to be one of the most relevant interviews of the day, with Dr. Robert Malone on The Epoch Times, American Thought Leaders.
        It is not to be missed.


        THE EPOCH TIMES: 5th Generation Warfare

        Dr. Robert Malone On —Twitter Files, Fifth Generation Warfare, and the COVID Vaccine Psyops Campaign. “Is it 10 billion or 13 billion, in the United States alone, that was employed in this—what else can you call it—psyops campaign?… The government felt that it was acceptable to deploy these military-grade technologies against all of us to coerce, compel, and mandate that we accept an unlicensed product that turns out to not be safe nor effective,” says mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone, author of the new book, “Lies My Gov’t Told Me: And the Better Future Coming.”

        In this episode, we dive into the Twitter Files, information warfare, psychological operations, and how we can make sense of the bewildering series of events we’ve witnessed in the last three years.

        “We’re now seeing the documentation on a daily basis released to us by Twitter of this intense collusion between the US government, tech, and corporate media,” says Dr. Malone.

        Some describe it as fifth-generation warfare, “or fifth-generation warfare gradient is a better way to think about it,” says Dr. Malone. “This new battleground in which your mind and your thoughts, your very emotions are the battleground. It is not about territory. It’s about what you believe. It’s what you think.”

        This is a follow-up conversation with Dr. Robert Malone and others.


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          I wish the Epoch Times would not require an email or google account sign in. This is another list to be placed on. All any government has to do is grab the email registration list from Epoch's servers and there you are. They need to drop the sign in requirement. I would like to view the video but I am not going to sign up my email account to do it. I agree in theory that we have been in "fifth-generation warfare gradient" - for decades. The difference now is that commercial and non-profit enterprises have upped their game so it is very hard to distinguish facts from fiction. The only way to ascertain reality is to read and view a broad spectrum of data on a regular basis. The truth is usually eventually exposed in time.