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Proposal for AY.4 sublineage with S:145H + S:222V (mostly UK) #223

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  • gsgs
    Cryogenic electron microscopy was
    used to determine the antibody footprint of the neutral-
    izing antibody 4A8, and showed key interactions involv-
    ing spike residues Y145, H146, K147, K150, W152, R246
    and W258 (ref.32).
    mainly in Scotland and Wales , labs ,promille with Y145H :
    SCT/NEWC, 81
    SCT/NORT, 65
    SCT/CVR1, 62
    WLS/BRBR, 51
    SCT/MILK, 50
    SCT/BRBR, 45
    WLS/NORT, 43
    SCT/HSLL, 43
    ENG/LSPA, 42
    SCT/CVR9, 38
    SCT/PHEC, 37
    SCT/ALDP, 37
    ENG/BRBR, 37
    SCT/QEUH, 31
    ENG/NEWC, 31
    ENG/PLYM, 25
    WLS/PHWC, 24
    SCT/CVR8, 22
    ENG/HSLL, 22
    ENG/MILK, 21
    WLS/PLYM, 19

    first :
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  • sharon sanders
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  • Proposal for AY.4 sublineage with S:145H + S:222V (mostly UK) #223

    New lineage proposal
    by @corneliusroemer

    Sub-lineage of: AY.4
    Earliest sequence: UK 2021-23
    Most recent sequence: Current
    Countries circulating: Mostly UK (now 5%), also Denmark at 1-2% and other European countries

    Lineage deriving from AY.4 with extra Spike mutations S:Y145H and S:A222V. It has a pretty steady growth rate in the UK over the past weeks which could be indicative of a real fitness advantage as opposed to a chance event (founder effect).

    If we want to cast the net wide, the first mutation in addition to AY.4 was T17040C (synonymous). But since it's synonymous, it probably doesn't makes more sense to make the 2 spike mutations defining.
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    Not looking good for the hope that delta + S:Y145H is just a founder effect or fluctuation, its prevalence continues to increase in the UK, now up to ~8%. Only a matter of time before this hits the US and rest of the globe