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Betadine antiseptic being gargled, despite little-to-no evidence it treats COVID-19

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  • Betadine antiseptic being gargled, despite little-to-no evidence it treats COVID-19

    Posted: Sep 14, 2021 / 01:23 PM CDT/ Updated: Sep 14, 2021 / 03:43 PM CDT
    by: Russell Falcon

    (KXAN) — Months after animal dewormer ivermectin surged in unproven and non-FDA-approved COVID-19 treatment, another drug’s being touted by some anti-vaccine corners of the internet as a coronavirus therapeutic.

    It’s called Betadine. While it’s a common topical antiseptic, the iodine is not intended to be ingested. However, that’s not stopping people from doing it, Forbes reports. Claims of its use are slowly gaining traction on social media, despite, as with ivermectin, little-to-no evidence Betadine and its generic form treat COVID-19.

    Betadine is approved for cleaning skin wounds and sometimes for douching. A drug store product is sold with a 0.5% solution intended as a sore throat gargle, and a 10% solution is also sold for skin cleaning. Neither product is intended to be swallowed. ...

    Avrio Health, Betadine’s manufacturer, released guidelines for Betadine use, saying in part:
    “Betadine® Antiseptic First Aid products have not been approved to treat coronavirus. Betadine® Antiseptic First Aid products should only be used to help prevent infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Betadine Antiseptic products have not been demonstrated to be effective for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19 or any other viruses.”

    Avrio says its warnings apply to both its topical and throat-gargle products. The company says those who ingest more than a small amount should call a Poison Control Center immediately. Infectious disease specialist Judy Stone says symptoms of Betadine or povidone iodine poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, kidney failure, acidosis and even death.
    Last edited by Emily; September 15, 2021, 12:57 AM. Reason: No evidence in articles that people are ingesting Betadine.

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    I have never heard anything about betadine being used for an anti-viral effect. Please people - if you have any medical questions, contact your medical professional.



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      I could find no evidence that people are ingesting Betadine so changed the title to reflect that there was some evidence of discussion of gargling with it. (There is an OTC mouthwash.) The Forbes article referenced is so politically toxic that I was saddened to see that someone who is mature and educated wrote it.

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