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Discussion: Videos, news reports, various information about what is going on in the blocked off cities in China

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    A number of interesting videos at this Twitter account:


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      Another hospital video:


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        Originally posted by hawkeye View Post
        More info follow-up for validity:


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          Originally posted by sharon sanders View Post
          These scenes are everything that is feared might happen.
          This can't have all happened in a few weeks. They have outdoor facilities set up with ventilation control, which means there are likely a lot more than several hundred cases. The crowds and chaos in the hospital tells me there are many more sick people who have not been tested than the relatively few tested cases. For heaven's sake, the most recent video shows unattended dead bodies in a hall filled with patients apparently waiting care.

          This has been going on longer than the Chinese government is letting on.
          "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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            It wouldn't surprise me if the number of confirmed cases increases fairly dramatically here in the U.S. and elsewhere, for the following reasons (just my humble opinion):

            1) I am convinced that this coronavirus was well established in humans in the city of Wuhan weeks or even months before the first reports surfaced in late December.

            2) It appears to easily transmit H2H and has an incubation period of at least several days, if not more, making it very likely that people were exposed and traveled before becoming symptomatic.

            3) Thousands of people likely passed through Wuhan and traveled broadly before it was identified, many even as late as last week before serious attempts were made to screen travelers.

            4) Given that we're at peak flu season, many cases may have been mistaken for flu.

            5) Over just the past week we are hearing ever increasing reports of suspected cases that are distributed over broad geographic areas.

            6) After reading the available reports, I believe that it is impossible to claim that any efforts at containment were successful and are likely too little, too late.

            Colleges and universities are particularly vulnerable because students coming from abroad could have been exposed and then went to school where there are large numbers of people in close quarters. I expect to see confirmed cases in college students over the coming weeks.

            It wouldn't surprise me if the CDC discovers that some "flu deaths" might actually have been coronavirus.

            I expect that by this time next week we'll have hundreds of confirmed cases and suspected H2H transmission. I can only hope that the R0 and case fatality rate are much lower than previous coronavirus outbreaks. Time to dust off our preparedness plans.

            I don't want to sound like an alarmist and I am happy to be completely wrong, but if this does turn into a pandemic, I fear it will happen more quickly than the flu outbreaks.

            "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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              Purported video of a nurse saying 90,000 infections in Wuhan.


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                Real or not, the fear certainly is.
                Video is of a supposed Wuhan high schooler who knows he is infected spitting on the elevator door buttons in Hanjiang while visiting for New Years.


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                  Enlightening discussion and video from a medical professional who speaks Chinese and used to live in China, and still has contacts there.



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                    Photo of noice on “Fourth hospitals’” ER, which shows that all medical staff in ER have been infected by #WuhanCoronovirus and the area is under quarantine.”



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                      Originally posted by Sharky View Post
                      Enlightening discussion and video from a medical professional who speaks Chinese and used to live in China, and still has contacts there.

                      Very enlightening. The video is over an hour long. Below is a list of notes I've taken from the information presented:

                      - Hosts speak and lived in China for several years
                      - This outbreak couldn't have happened at a worse time. Chinese New Year is massive (100s million travel)
                      - Today, [I assume hosts are saying Jan 24th] is the day for family dinner by all those celebrating
                      - Shenzhen (SP?) - 38 quarantined (not the official number of 15)
                      - Doctors are not permitted to go on holiday
                      - Doctors are not properly equipped - only have surgical masks (clinics, hospitals)
                      - Doctors are afraid
                      - Public bathrooms in China (not tourist areas) don't have soap
                      - People are collapsing in hospitals
                      - Legit videos have doctors dressed in PPEs (new style)
                      - 7km from ground zero there was an attempt to break the world record for largest banquet (after the outbreak started)
                      - Masks are being sold out in the states via parallel buying
                      - A fairly recent law in China there is a law regarding spreading rumors (harming social harmony). [hosts talk about how the videos of people collapsing are legit, by reading street signs..etc.]
                      - People are bragging about being sick and escaped Wuhan. Sharing stores about going to Disneyland..etc.
                      - More than 200,000 cars fled Wuhan before the official shutdown/quarantine of Wuhan
                      - Hygiene is very poor
                      - Culturally the people are very hands on with food prep at the markets
                      - Spitting in public is very pervasive
                      - The situation is being "played down" within China


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                        Video purportedly showing roads being barricaded.
                        Jiangxi province to Lake (Hubei)


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                          (In Chinese with English subtitles). Voice message from a medical staff in Wuhan: "Indeed, the infection is much more horrible than it's reported on TV. There are so many cases. Doctors have estimated about 100,000 infected. We have more than 10 doctors here, and each doctor has treated more than 100 infected people in just one day. Many of them will not make it. No hospital beds. Their relatives complained and insisted on being treated in our hospital as they quoted the government's promise the hospital should treated those infected with the coronavirus. However, the government didn't support us with medical supplies. We don't have enough resources to hospitalize patients. It won't work if the situation worsens like this. We've been slammed all day long and we are all breaking down. We cannot take it anymore. The patients were begging us desperately, but we couldn't do anything. They are dying right in front of our eyes. Therefore, please take every measure to protect yourselves at home. Don't EVER trust the government. We are on our own now."


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                            Queues of trucks lining up to travel to Wuhan.

                            Would be interesting to see the logistics of how they deliver supplies. Will supplies be dropped and the trucks leave before those within the quarantine area come to handle the supplies?

                            I did see another video where a traveler was permitted to enter Wuhan but was warned they will not be permitted to leave once they enter.


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                              Video showing security forces in Wuhan forcing suspected sick people into a van. First person seems to comply. The second individual not so much:



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                                Worth a read:

                                'It plays to our worst fears': Coronavirus misinformation fuelled by social media
                                Experts say social media has increased the spread of misinformation during outbreaks