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Dedication to Melissa Hein

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  • Dedication to Melissa Hein

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    We are honored to announce the dedication of our psychological issues forum to Melissa Hein. Melissa, 19, died on October 23, 2008 as a result of an automobile crash. She is the daughter of Chief Warrant Officer Kerry Hein who was killed in action in 1991 and of Joe and Laura Thornton. She was scheduled to graduate on December 12 from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida, with an Associate's degree in Psychology. She had planned a career as a counselor for troubled teenagers.

    As many of you know, Joe Thornton, M.D. is an Advisor and Senior Moderator at FluTrackers and has helped guide this site for several years. He subscribes to the idea that through the human spirit anything is possible.

    That our hopes, and dreams can be achieved.

    That we live though those who we have touched and this is our legacy.

    We hope to continue Melissa's dream of making the world a better place for all. A place that is safer for children.

    A place where compassion, understanding, and forgiveness are practiced.

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    Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

    Condolences to Joe and the rest of Melissa's family. Having 2 grown boys I can only imagine the extent of the sorrow. Psychological issues and children will be major concerns in a pandemic as well as in the current economic crisis.

    Best wishes for continued important work in this area...


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      Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

      It is appropriate to dedicate this psychological forum to the memory of Melissa and her goal of working with trouble youths. I am sure that Joe was her inspiration. Joe Thornton has also been inspirational here at FluTrackers. As part of the FluTrackers team for the past several years Joe has been vital in providing observations and suggestions on various psychological issues relating to pandemics.

      As Kent notes above, the next pandemic, as all pandemics, will strike at the young and youthful around the world. We will all need to consider the grief associated with the loss of children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and youngsters in faraway lands. This forum, dedicated to Melissa, will be a place to start exploring some of these issues ahead of time.


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        Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

        Condolences to Joe and his family. No parent expects to lose a child, and the sudden loss can have significant psychological consequences. Although I have never experienced the loss of a child, I did lose a wife who was a few years older than Melissa, and although time heals, the loss is something that never goes away.
        A flu pandemic will create many such losses, as young people will bear the brunt of the attack, so dedication of a psychological forum to a person stuck down by an unexpected death is most appropriate.


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          Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

          My heart goes out to Joe and his family on the loss of Melissa. What a bright and lovely girl!

          Dedicating this forum to her is a wonderful way to remember her and continue her work in her absence.
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            Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

            I strongly associate with other members' condolences and I would like to express all my sadness for this premature loss.


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              Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

              This is really heartbreaking. My condolences to Joe and his family.
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                Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                I'm so sorry for your loss.

                I don't think there is a worse loss than that of your child.

                What an exceptional young lady.

                I hope you can create a memorial fitting her aspirations and perhaps she will inspire others to dedicate their lives to her passion.

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                  Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                  So sorry to hear of such a terrible loss. Please accept my hearfelt condolences.



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                    Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                    Oh Joe, I am so terribly sorry for your loss. She was so lovely, apparently both inside and outside. A loss not just for you but for all those she could have touched during her life. I am certain she already made a positive impact on you and others during her too brief life. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and being the parent she needed and deserved. I hope you can find some solace in knowing the world was a better place while she was in it, and she will leave it a better place than she found it. Please accept my condolences. Shannon
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                    Thank you,
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                      Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                      Mes condol?ances pour Joe et ses proches.

                      Terribles sont certaines ?preuves mais deviendront tendres les tard, apr?s la douleur.

                      Avec toute mon amiti?, lili


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                        Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                        Joe, my heartfelt condolences to you and your family.

                        I think dedicating this forum to Melissa is a splendid idea.
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                          Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                          Mes plus sinc?res condol?ances ? Joe et ? sa famille.




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                            Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                            Joe I am so sorry to hear your appalling news and I doubt there is anything any of us can say that will have any meaning to your family at this time. I have just waved my 20 year old daughter off in a friends car to a party and am trying hard not to imagine what you and Laura are going through. I am thinking of you both and wishing I had something better than platitudes to offer.



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                              Re: Dedication to Melissa Hein

                              My condolences Joe. I cannot begin to imagine the grief and sorrow of loosing such a loving, beautiful and giving young lady. I pray that your family receives the grace and strength to help endure the loss of this wonderful child.
                              We were put on this earth to help and take care of one another.