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Venezuela: Covid-19 cases - 6.273 cases; 57 deaths

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    With 75 new cases of Covid-19 in Venezuela, the total number of infections rises to 824
    Caracas, May 20, 2020 VTV

    In the last 24 hours, 75 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in Venezuela, to raise the total number of infections to 824, as reported by the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, in Caracas, during a health day as part of the efforts to control and prevent this virus that plagues humanity.

    He specified that a total of 3 cases were due to community contagion, which is equivalent to an average of 2.5 incidence. "It is a fairly low level to think about the Plan for De-escalation and Flexibility of quarantine in a safe and organized, conscious and voluntary way."

    He assured that this Plan is working with all the Governors and Governors, Protectors and Protectors, Mayors and Mayors of the country, the People's Power and with the National Scientific Council, to analyze its application.

    Referring to the hospitalization numbers of patients with Covid-19, he specified that 96 percent of them are or were admitted to the Public Health System and only 4% in private clinics, “all patients are fully treated. All those who test positive go to hospitalization, even if they are asymptomatic, ”he said.

    It also disclosed that 5 cases were registered by contact with travelers, of which 4 of them are part of the medical staff. In this sense, he asked to reinforce the health protocols in the health personnel.

    Regarding foreign cases, the National President revealed that 67 cases of contagion were detected on the border with Colombia and Brazil. "So yesterday I decreed the creation of sanitary cords and curfews in three border municipalities," he said.

    The 67 foreign cases, equivalent to 89% of the total cases registered in the last 24 hours, are under epidemiological and medical control and must remain for 14 days in the Comprehensive Social Care Posts (PASI).

    Regarding the origin of the imported cases, he added that 66 come from Colombia, of which 35 entered through Apure, 31 through Táchira; while only one case was registered that entered from Brazil.

    The Head of State revealed that Venezuelans who have tested positive for Covid-19 from Colombia, presume that they were infected on the buses that the authorities of the coffee country strangely arranged for the transfer of compatriots to the borders. "They assure that they only had contact with their families, that they came out healthy and they presume that they contaminated them on the buses," he denounced before an eventual strategy by the Colombian Government to try to make the cases of the new coronavirus multiply exponentially.

    They will multiply beds in field hospitals at border points

    The President of the Republic, ordered to multiply to 3,000 the number of beds in campaign hospitals established at border points for the care of compatriots who enter fleeing xenophobia, exclusion, ill-treatment and lack of care in the face of new coronaviruses from countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

    He also called to consolidate a powerful Integrated Public Health System. "Yes we can Venezuela, yes we are doing it since our Commander Hugo Chávez founded Barrio Adentro," he acknowledged.

    Two years of popular victory that will guarantee compliance with the Plan of the Fatherland

    The National President recalled that this Wednesday marks two years since the popular vote in accordance with the Bolivarian Constitution, re-elected him as President of the Republic for the period 2019-2025, in a free and democratic manner. "I appreciate all the blessings that have come to me," he added.

    "We will always assert the popular will, freedom," ratified the Head of State, while recalling the guarantee of achieving the objectives of the Plan of the Fatherland 2025.

    The Head of State was accompanied by the Minister of the Popular Power for Health, Carlos Alvarado, the sector vice president, Aristóbulo Istúriz, the Minister for Science and Technology, Gabriela Jiménez, members of the Cuban Medical Mission and health personnel.

    Description of cases detected in the last 24 hours:

    1. 20-year-old female, originally from the Urdaneta municipality of the Lara state, contact with a positive patient from Yaracuy, a worker at a food company related to the Los Roques outbreak. She is asymptomatic, she is admitted to a CDI receiving free treatment.

    2. Female, 37 years old, resident of the Girardot municipality of Aragua state. He has no travel history but works in an institution where cases are captured. She is asymptomatic, she is admitted to a CDI receiving free treatment.

    3. Female, 83 years old, resident of the Baruta municipality of Miranda state. Tien


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      CORONAVIRUS · MAY 21, 2020 18:16
      Coronavirus cases in Venezuela are 882 with 58 more infections # 21May
      Text by Ronny Rodríguez Rosas | @ronnyrodriguez Photos by AFP

      The number of coronavirus cases in Venezuela amounted to 882 with 58 infections that were reported this Thursday, May 21.

      According to the executive vice president of Nicolás Maduro, Delcy Rodríguez, of that number 16 are by contact with international travelers, six of community transmission and 36 that correspond to returnees to the country.

      She reported the detection of a contagion focus in Santa Elena de Uairén with 14 contagious policemen, between men and women, and two doctors who are in charge of caring for returnees along the border with Brazil.

      “We have detected an outbreak that has already been confined to the Bolívar State Police. 14 police officers of different ages and two health personnel who are in the front row receiving our compatriots have been infected. "

      Coronavirus cases in Venezuela are 882 with 58 more infections # 21May

      Community cases

      Of the community members there is a 79-year-old man in the Cojedes state. Also, a 41-year-old woman from Miranda state and a 40-year-old man from Bolívar state.

      The others are a 22-year-old woman from Barinas. A 38-year-old man from Miranda state, who is a health worker, and a 23-year-old man from the Capital District.

      Travelers from Colombia, Brazil and Ecuador

      Of those imported, the vice president of Maduro reported that there are 14 from Colombia (1 from Apure and 13 from Táchira), as well as 11 from Brazil in Bolívar and 11 from Ecuador. The latter arrived on a direct flight from Ecuador to the state of Lara.

      Rodríguez explained that the 882 infected, 246 are from community contact, 510 imported and 126 from contacts with international travelers.

      To date, 262 recovered people, 310 are Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers and 16 are in private clinics.

      Affected health personnel

      With the three new members of the health staff of the 58 infections that were announced on May 21, the number of health workers affected since the arrival of COVID-19 in the country in March is at least 38 affected.

      They are doctors, doctors, nurses, nurses, biologists, dentists, even nutritionists and other collaborators.

      Most of these cases correspond to representatives of the Cuban medical mission in the country. Bolívar became part of the list of states with affected medical personnel. There are cases in Amazonas, Aragua, Apure, Mérida, Miranda, Lara and the Capital District.


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        CORONAVIRUSMAY 22, 2020 19:22
        Number of coronavirus cases in Venezuela is located at 944 # 22May
        Text by María Victoria Fermín Kancev | @vickyfermin Photos by AFP

        The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in Venezuela reached 944 this Friday, May 22. This was reported by the Minister of Communication and Information of Nicolás Maduro, Jorge Rodríguez.

        This month alone, 611 infected people have been reported (65% of the total).

        In the last 24 hours, 62 new cases were reported in the country: eight from the community, 10 from contact with international travelers and 44 imported, which correspond to Venezuelans who returned to the territory by the border (42 from Colombia and two from Brazil).

        According to the most recent official version, of the total number of cases there are 266 recovered from COVID-19, while 331 people are hospitalized in sentinel hospitals, 325 are in comprehensive diagnostic centers (CDI) and 16 in private clinics. The death toll remains at 10 people.

        Community cases

        Of the eight community cases reported by Rodríguez, five are from the Casacoima municipality of the Delta Amacuro state. The infected are part of or are linked to the health personnel who provide services in the entity. The minister indicated that this occurred because the infection prevention protocol was not respected.

        Those affected in Delta Amacuro include a 54-year-old woman, a health center worker, as well as a 46-year-old man, a health center driver. Also two nurses, 24 and 55 years old and a 34-year-old laboratory worker.

        The other three cases correspond to a 34-year-old nurse, a resident of the Libertador de Mérida municipality; a 31-year-old nutritionist, a resident of the Santa Cruz del Este sector of the Baruta municipality, Miranda state; and a three-year-old boy who lives in the Morán municipality, Lara state, and has a history of previous illness. For the latter patient, the reason for the infection is unknown.
        Infected by contact with travelers

        Of 10 infected cases, after being in contact with international travelers, six are policemen from Santa Elena de Uairén, in the Bolívar state. Four others are collaborators of the Comprehensive Social Care Point (Pasi) located in Lara state, to assist compatriots who are returning to the territory in the context of the pandemic. These are re-creators, health and security personnel.

        In the last week, there has been a rebound in infections among health personnel who care for people with COVID-19 in Venezuela. According to a monitoring carried out by Efecto Cocuyo, to date there are 46 people in this sector with the disease.
        By states

        In the balance of coronavirus cases in Venezuela by entities, five correspond to Delta Amacuro, seven in Bolívar, one in Mérida, one in Miranda, five in Lara state, one in Amazonas, 25 in Táchira and 17 in Apure.

        In May, cases have increased in the border states, where Venezuelan migrants from South America return, mainly from Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil.

        The Minister of Communication assured that for this May 22, Venezuela has carried out 735,426 tests (between rapid and molecular) and that, in recent weeks, 47,123 compatriots who have returned to the country from Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. He assured that "79.31% of all cases are imported".

        Rodríguez reported that this Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, May 24, the flexibility of the quarantine will be maintained so that children and adolescents, as well as older adults, can go out "to stretch their legs" within a radius of no more than one kilometer from their homes. , as part of the protection measures for coronavirus cases in Venezuela.


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          Venezuela registers 60 new imported cases of Covid-19
          Posted May 23 2020

          The Venezuelan authorities indicated that, of the total number registered since the beginning of the outbreak in the country, 74 percent corresponds to imported cases.

          The vice president of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, reported this Saturday that in the last hours there have been 60 new imported cases of infections by the new coronavirus.

          In the daily balance offered by the Venezuelan authorities, Rodríguez indicated that six new positive community cases were also reported, which added to the imported ones, give a total of 1,010 infections.

          The official noted that, of the figure recorded since the start of the outbreak in the country, 74 percent corresponds to imported cases, while 738 remain active.

          Of the new 60 cases, Rodríguez detailed that 28 come from Brazil, 15 from Colombia, three from Chile and one from Ecuador, while 13 are from contact with infected people.

          On the other hand, he specified that 771,276 tests have been carried out for the detection of the virus, "which represents 25,709 tests per million inhabitants," he said.

          Rodríguez also explained that 48,017 compatriots have returned across the border, "from countries that have exponential curves of Covid-19 contagion, which is why the Bolivarian Government has been reinforcing sanitary measures in the border epidemiological cord."

          Likewise, the Venezuelan vice president reiterated the call to the population to comply with preventive and security measures, which aim to prevent the spread of the virus.


          1010 cases:


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            CORONAVIRUS · MAY 24, 2020 21:00
            Venezuela reports 111 cases of COVID-19 and reaches 1,121 infections this # 24May
            Text by Mariana Souquett Gil

            Venezuela reported this Sunday, May 24, 111 new cases of COVID-19, of which 18 are by community transmission, 73 are imported and 20 are contacts with people who returned to the country.

            With this figure, the country increases its record to 1,121 infections since March 13. During the daily report, President Nicolás Maduro assured that more than 80% of the cases detected since May 16 are imported or contact imported cases.

            Of those identified this Sunday, 73 come from Colombia: 69 entered through Apure, 3 through Táchira, 1 through Zulia and the other 20 are from international contacts, "mainly health and security personnel."

            Maduro explained that of the 18 community COVID-19 cases, nine are from Zulia state, six are from Miranda state, two from Nueva Esparta and one from Mérida.

            Five Las Pulgas merchants

            Of the nine from Zulia, five are merchants from the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo, now closed indefinitely. The first is an 18-year-old man who lives in La Cañada de Urdaneta. The second is a 33-year-old man, a resident of Chiquinquirá (Maracaibo).

            A 35-year-old man (resident of Idelfonso Vásquez, Maracaibo), a 32-year-old man (La Cañada), and a 44-year-old man (Chiquinquirá) complete the list of infections of Las Pulgas market workers. They are all hospitalized.

            The other four people in Zulia are: an 8-year-old boy from La Cañada, with no obvious source of contagion; and three women from the Maracaibo municipality: a 54-year-old secretary, a 31-year-old woman (resident of Venancio Pulgar) and a 23-year-old woman (Santa Lucía), who made purchases in Las Pulgas.
            First case of Petare

            In the Miranda state, the first case was detected in Petare, Sucre municipality. This is a 59-year-old woman with no history or contact with patients. Another case is a 42-year-old merchant from the municipality of El Hatillo (La Boyera). Four cases of COVID-19 were detected in the Santa Cruz del Este neighborhood, in the Baruta municipality: two 15-year-old adolescents (female), a 19-year-old girl and a 38-year-old girl.

            In turn, the case detected in the Merida state is an 8-year-old girl. A 21-year-old man from the Díaz municipality and a 39-year-old man from the Arismendi municipality are the contagions of the Nueva Esparta state.

            In total, there are 475 people in sentinel hospitals, 357 in Comprehensive Diagnostic Centers (CDI), 17 in private clinics, 262 recovered patients and 10 deceased.

            "Relaxation" and "plan from Colombia"

            Maduro noted that in the last two weeks there has been a "relative relaxation" of the quarantine and compliance went from 85-90% to only 65%. "After so many weeks, people have gone out to do activities for the economic life of the same family," he said.

            The president stated that the "combined" quarantine, health care and economic activity measures are being evaluated to "flexibilize" some businesses, shopping centers, reactivate medical consultations and the provision of banking services without "damaging" the health of the Venezuelans.

            He also accused the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, of “contaminating” the buses in which Venezuelans return so that “sick” people enter the country and increase the cases of COVID-19.
            Attack UNHCR America

            He also criticized the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) in the Americas for messages shared on social networks about the migration of Venezuelans. He indicated that "it is directed by the State Department" of the United States. UNHCR closes its eyes. Bandits, miserable, "he said.

            He also reiterated that he considers that the personnel who assist the returning Venezuelans have "relaxed the protocols" and asked to maintain the maximum security measures.

            "I am certain that there is a relaxation of the security protocols of our personnel who attend to all these Venezuelans who are entering the country infected from abroad. There has been a relaxation, "he said.

            In addition, the ruler thanked the Iranian president for the arrival of the first ship loaded with gasoline to alleviate the fuel shortage in the country. He also assured that the departure of Directv is the fault of the United States and the opposition in its quest to "do damage to Venezuela", while indicating that "solutions" will surely be found in the coming days.


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              Venezuela added 56 new cases of COVID-19

              Eduardo Soteldo | THE PRESS of Lara.- Jorge Rodríguez, Minister of Communication and Information, confirmed that in the last 24 hours Venezuela reported 56 new infected with coronavirus, placing the country in 1,177 positive cases.

              He specified that there are 10 community cases, of which 8 are from Maracaibo, precisely from the Las Pulgas market, which was closed yesterday because there was a focus of contagion. In this sense, Rodríguez said that this could become a more dangerous focus of contagion than that registered in Nueva Esparta.

              "Maracaibo may become a more dangerous focus than Nueva Esparta state," he warned of the outbreak that was detected in the commercial area of ​​Maracaibo.

              The other two community cases belong to the Sucre state, which are added to the four cases of doctors infected by contact with an international traveler who, according to information from the government spokesman, one belongs to the Apure state, another to Bolívar, one in Mirando and finally a professional Guárico's health.

              Regarding imported cases, 42 new cases were confirmed, which come from Colombia (30) and Brazil (10).

              "42 new cases have been detected from Colombia and Brazil, who must compulsorily comply with the 14-day quarantine, all persons who enter through borders must comply with the quarantine," he said.

              He expressed concern about the numbers of cases in Brazil - a threat to Venezuela - which, according to the World Health Organization, will soon become the epicenter of the pandemic.


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                The number of Covid-19 cases in Venezuela rose today to 1211, with 34 new infections reported
                May 26, 2020

                The number of coronavirus cases in Venezuela rose today to 1211, with 34 new infections reported.

                According to statements by Nicolás Maduro, of that number, 1 is by community transmission, and 33 correspond to Venezuelan migrants who have returned to the country through the border states: 21 from Brazil and 12 from Colombia; a new death of a 65-year-old man resident of the Capital District was also registered.

                "I am aware that the flexibility of social and economic life is necessary, but in an organized and secure manner."

                "Venezuela has a scientific, professional system of solid health institutions that have been at the forefront of the battle to serve the people," said Nicolás Maduro.

                To date, 865,367 detection tests have been carried out, which corresponds to 28,846 tests per million inhabitants.

                Venezuela health system 'grossly unprepared' for COVID-19 crisis:


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                  CORONAVIRUSMAY 28, 2020 18:43
                  Report 82 new cases of coronavirus in Venezuela this # 28May
                  Text by María Victoria Fermín Kancev

                  In the last 24 hours, 82 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Venezuela, as reported on Thursday, May 28, by President Nicolás Maduro. With these records, the total number of infections in the country amounts to 1,327 cases.

                  The president specified that only two of the cases are of community transmission. The first is from a 40-year-old farmer, a resident of the San Fernando de Apure municipality, Apure state. The man became infected with the virus after having contact with his daughter who was also diagnosed with COVID-19. He is asymptomatic and receives treatment at a sentinel hospital.

                  The second case is a 42-year-old housewife, resident of Catia La Mar, in La Guaira. He had no contact with international travelers or with positive cases for coronavirus, so a study is being carried out in the area to identify where the infection occurred. The woman has also shown no symptoms and is admitted to a field hospital.

                  The other eighty cases, said the president, are from Venezuelans who come from Colombia and crossed the border.

                  Flattened curve

                  Maduro said that, "seeing the flattened curve of the Venezuelan transmission cases," he decided to go to a progressive, phased and disciplined easing. "The quarantine is maintained, what we are going to establish is a flexible time slot for economic and financial activity ... now in week 12, it is the vision we had since we started," he explained.

                  He explained that one of the sectors that will resume activities next Monday, June 1, is that of construction, following the respective security protocols. That, to resume the pace of housing construction and public and private works.

                  "Tomorrow or Saturday I am going to explain in detail everything that has to do with the plan to make the entire economy more flexible, disciplined, safe, organized and disciplined," he said during a speech in which he previously announced that the Great Mission Housing managed to deliver his home 3,100,000.

                  Imported cases

                  Minutes after Maduro's report, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez offered other details about the recent cases of coronavirus in Venezuela.

                  He said that of 80 who are from Colombia, 10 entered the country through Táchira and 62 through Apure; Then he clarified that the remaining eight cases would be of people who attend these compatriots at the Comprehensive Social Care Points (Pasi).

                  He added that 17 camps are already installed across the border for the Pasi: "there is the sanitary cord to protect all of Venezuela, while continuing to attend to the compatriots who are returning to our homeland."

                  Rodríguez reiterated that of all the cases that Venezuela has today, "practically 80% are imported." He indicated that, to date, 929,599 tests have been carried out in the country, which is equivalent to 30,987 per million inhabitants.

                  Regarding the condition of the confirmed cases, the vice president indicated that there are 889 asymptomatic cases, 108 who have mild acute respiratory failure, three cases with moderate acute respiratory failure and three cases of severe acute respiratory failure in intensive care units.

                  He celebrated that this Thursday, a patient classified as serious became moderate after receiving the approved treatment for Venezuela. The death toll from coronavirus in Venezuela remains at 11 people.


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                    Venezuela registers 43 new cases of contagion by covid-19 and 3 fatalities
                    Courtesy: Presidential Press
                    Odry Farnetano
                    May 29, 2020

                    The vice president of Communication, information and Tourism, Jorge Rodríguez, reported that this Friday, 18 new imported cases of covid-19 and 25 cases of community transmission were registered, bringing the total number of cases of infected patients in the country to 1,370. . It also reported 3 new deaths of patient victims of covid-19.

                    On his way out of the meeting with the Presidential Commission for the monitoring and control of the covid-19 in the Miraflores Palace, Vice President Rodríguez detailed the three fatal cases that occurred this Friday, since he extended words of condolences to his relatives on behalf of of the President of the Republic Nicolás Maduro.

                    A 41-year-old woman, a resident of Miranda, Tomás Lander municipality, without a travel history or contact with infected people, went to the consultation on May 15 for presenting general discomfort. When I went to the hospital, I was asymptomatic. Once she tested positive, she had no improvement and entered intensive care. He got worse and finally died of cardio-respiratory arrest.
                    56-year-old diabetic woman, worker at the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo. On May 14 he presented the symptoms. A PCR was performed and tested positive. She presented symptoms of mild respiratory deficiency, but worsened in the CDI and was transferred to the University Hospital of Maracaibo, but worsened. He had cardiorespiratory arrest and died this morning.
                    63-year-old man from Maracaibo, from the Cacique Mara parish, diabetic, worker in the informal trade in the Las Pulgas market, shoemaker by trade. On May 20 her symptoms began. He went to the clinic on May 22 and was tested for the epidemiological link with the Las Pulgas market. It tested positive. There was no positive evolution, he had severe respiratory failure, resurrection maneuvers were carried out on May 28, but he repeated the arrest today in the afternoon and died.

                    The vice president announced that of the 25 community cases reported this Friday, 20 correspond to the focus of the Las Pulgas market in the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state.

                    He also reported that of the 18 imported contagion cases, 15 come from Colombia, 1 from Brazil and 2 through international contact with Pasi workers and health support personnel.


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                      Venezuela presented 89 cases, with Las Pulgas as the focus to reach 1,459
                      Published 35 mins ago
                      on May 30, 2020
                      By Miguel Sanchez
                      Venezuela accumulates 1,459 cases

                      Venezuela accumulates 1,459 cases with the 89 presented this Saturday, May 30 by President Nicolás Maduro, on a national network.

                      This time the infected community totaled 40, of which 32 are the focus of the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo, Zulia state, the president said.

                      Likewise, he referred to the imported cases, 49, broken down into 22 from Colombia that arrived at the Táchira (12) and Zulia (10) borders.

                      For the Integral Social Assistance Post (PASI) of Santa Elena de Uiarén; in Bolívar state, they located 20 infected people coming from Brazil.

                      Also two infections from Suriname; that they arrived in Nueva Esparta state; plus another that came from Ecuador, but entered through Zulia.

                      Regarding the contagions of international contact, he reported four, which are staff that cares for fellow citizens.
                      Venezuela accumulates 1,459 cases

                      On other eight contagions of the community, 3 in the Capital District; 3 Táchira of a citizen and two of her children; in addition to 1 Miranda, 1 Bolívar and 1 Apure.

                      As for the tests carried out to date, it is 970,394, which is 32,346 per million inhabitants.

                      Maduro said they hope to reach 10 million pre-tests between rapid tests and PCR and called the 16,000 teams that he says do house-to-house work to continue doing their work.

                      In summary, Venezuela accumulates 1,459 infections, with 302 recovered and 14 deceased; in addition, the municipalities of Zulia, by José María Semprúm, Guajira, Mara, will continue in "Curfew".

                      They are also on high alert. the municipalities Maracaibo and San Francisco, which are close to the focus of the Las Pulgas market.

                      The border municipalities in Táchira (San Antonio and Ureña), the one located in Santa Elena de Uairén (Bolívar) and those located in Apure and Amazonas also continue with the measure.


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                        Venezuela detects 51 new cases of COVID-19 and raises the total number of infections to 1,510
                        Of the new cases: 21 correspond to community transmission and 30 are imported and / or contact with traveler cases, of which 24 are imported (14 from Colombia and 10 from Brazil); while 6 are for contact with a foreign traveler
                        By Basyl Macías -
                        June 1, 2020 8:22 PM

                        The number of infections in Venezuela continues to rise. In the last 24 hours, 51 new cases of COVID-19 were detected, which adds up to the total list of 1,510 infected in the country.

                        The Executive Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, from the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, reported through VTV at the end of a meeting between the Presidential Commission for the Control and Prevention of COVID-19 specified that of the total of new cases: 21 correspond to community transmission and 30 are imported and / or contact with traveler cases, of which 24 are imported (14 from Colombia and 10 from Brazil); while 6 are for contact with travelers from abroad.

                        75% of the cases registered in Venezuela are imported. ” Only Colombia registers 629 cases and Brazil 157 ″, he stressed.

                        Among those infected are from the states of Bolívar, Caracas, Delta Amacuro and Cojedes.

                        As for the cases of community transmission that three small outbreaks were detected in the states: Bolívar, Delta Amacuro and a state security agency, they are already controlled, he assured.

                        All cases of community transmission were detected through Massive, Extended and Personal Screening, Rodríguez added.

                        As of this Sunday, a total of 975,825 COVID-19 diagnostic tests have been applied, which is equivalent to 32,528 tests per million inhabitants.
                        Detail of community cases registered in the last 24 hours:

                        1. Male, 38 years old, residing in the Angostura municipality of Bolívar state. Health personnel. He is asymptomatic and admitted to a CDI receiving free treatment.

                        2. Woman, 39 years old, residing in the Angostura del Bolívar municipality. Health personnel. She is asymptomatic and admitted to a CDI receiving free treatment.

                        3. Man, 45 years old, residing in the Bolívar state. Hairdresser with no travel history or contact with a traveler from abroad. He is asymptomatic and admitted to a CDI receiving free treatment.

                        4. 27-year-old woman, residing in the Gran Sabana municipality of Bolívar state. She is asymptomatic and admitted to a CDI receiving free treatment.

                        5. Man, 42 years old, residing in the San Carlos municipality of the Cojedes state. No travel history or contact with a foreign traveler. He is isolated in a sentinel hospital receiving free treatment.

                        6. Woman, 27 years old, residing in the San Carlos municipality of the Cojedes state. No travel history or contact with a foreign traveler. She is asymptomatic and admitted to a sentinel hospital receiving free treatment.

                        7. 34-year-old man, residing in the Imataca municipality of the Delta Amacuro state. You are admitted to a health center receiving free treatment.

                        8. 43-year-old woman, residing in the Manuel Piar municipality of the Delta Amacuro state. She is admitted to a health center receiving free treatment.

                        9. Man, 38 years old, residing in the Manuel Piar municipality of the Delta Amacuro state. You are admitted to a health center receiving free treatment.

                        10. Man, 31 years old, residing in the Manuel Piar municipality of the Delta Amacuro state. You are admitted to a health center receiving free treatment.

                        11. Man, 41 years old, residing in the Sucre de Catia parish, Caracas. Private health center nurse. You are admitted to a health center receiving free treatment.

                        12. Man, 53 years old, residing in the parish of Santa Teresa de Caracas. You are admitted to a health center receiving free treatment.

                        13. Woman, 26 years old, residing in the San Agustín parish in Caracas. She is admitted to a health center receiving free treatment. Contagion by focus in a telephone exchange.

                        14. Woman, 26 years old, residing in the Sucre de Catia parish in Caracas. She is admitted to a health center receiving free treatment. Contagion by focus in a telephone exchange.

                        15. Woman, 26 years old, residing in the Santa Rosalía parish in Caracas. She is admitted to a health center receiving free treatment. Contagion by focus in a telephone exchange.

                        16. Male, 48 years old, also a telephone exchange operator. You are admitted to a health center receiving free treatment.

                        17. Man, 69 years old, residing in the Antímano parish of Caracas. Its T


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                          CORONAVIRUSJUNE 2, 2020 19:29
                          Venezuela registers one deceased and 156 cases of coronavirus in the last 24 hours # 2Jun
                          Text by Ronny Rodríguez Rosas

                          Coronavirus cases in the last 24 hours in Venezuela were 156 and the country reached 1,819 COVID-19 infections. In addition, one deceased was registered in this period and the country now has 18 fatal victims of the disease.

                          The Minister of Communication and Information of Nicolás Maduro, Jorge Rodríguez, detailed that of this number six were by community transmission and 150 imported and by contact with international travelers.

                          “We have a challenge that I would say that none of the country in the world has. We are a care island surrounded by the new epicenter of the pandemic: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, all of our southern neighbors are showing exponential growth in their COVID-19 contagion curve, ”Rodríguez reiterated.

                          The official did not report where the states came from in community cases. Of the internationals, he said that 138 came from Colombia, three from Ecuador and two from Peru. In addition, nine were by contact with the staff who attend Venezuelan migrants at the border.

                          One deceased: Venezuela has 18 victims for COVID-19

                          The person who died was an 83-year-old man from Caracas. He lived in El Recreo parish and had type II diabetes, kidney failure and other ailments associated with the first disease.

                          On May 19 he went to a clinic for respiratory failure. On May 21, they detected COVID-19. He was transferred from a private clinic to a sentinel hospital in Miranda state, where he was placed in intensive care.

                          "His evolution was very bad ... he passed away today (Tuesday, June 2) at 11 am," Rodríguez lamented.

                          Despite the fact that 152 cases were publicly announced on Monday, June 1, the mother system for COVID-19 cases registered 153 cases a day ago and therefore the sum of this Tuesday would be 1,819 infected with the disease.

                          He detailed that there are 334 recovered cases. And of the sick 990 men and 819 women. He also highlighted that the majority of cases are suffered by a young population: between 10 and 39 years of age, so he asked for extreme protection measures such as the use of a mask, washing hands regularly and using antibacterial gel.

                          Agreement with the National Assembly

                          He also spoke of the signing of the agreement between the Ministry of Health of the Maduro administration and the health advisory commission of the National Assembly (AN) to address the health emergency for the new coronavirus in the country.

                          He described it as positive, but he referred to Dr. Julio Castro as a representative of "a sector of the so-called G4" of the Venezuelan opposition.

                          He said that almost everything contemplated in the agreement is being done in Venezuela, but added that together they would seek to obtain resources and financing for prevention and avoid the spread of COVID-19.

                          However, when giving the figures of a deceased and the 156 cases of the last 24 hours, he reproached that this agreement had been agreed to be maintained without publicizing it.

                          "The only thing we can object to about this deal is that it was a little late. Both parties propose to work in coordination with PAHO's support in the search for financial resources to strengthen the response to the health emergency caused by the pandemic, ”he stressed.


                          • #73

                            Venezuela: two deceased, 47 community cases of coronavirus and 86 "imported" this # 3Jun
                            Text by Ronny Rodríguez Rosas |

                            Venezuela registered this Wednesday, June 3, two new deaths from coronavirus; in addition to 47 cases of community transmission of the disease, 28 of them in the state of Zulia, and 86 "imported"

                            The vice president of Nicolás Maduro, Delcy Rodríguez, announced that before the 121 cases that are accounted for from the focus of contagion of the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo, they sent a contingent of military and Barrio Adentro doctors for a day of mass clearance in the Maracaibo and San Francisco, where they will do 100,000 rapid tests.

                            The two deceased are related to the focus of Las Pulgas. They were two men; one from the Chiquinquirá parish of Maracaibo, driver in this market. He contracted the disease on May 20, but "it came very complicated, it evolves very quickly and worsens until he dies," Rodríguez said.

                            The other victim, with whom Venezuela reaches 20 victims through COVID-19, was 54 years old, was a market merchant and entered the University Hospital of Maracaibo on May 27. But he complicated with a serious respiratory infection and passed away.

                            From March 13 to June 3, Venezuela records 20 people killed by the coronavirus.

                            Of the cases registered by community transmission, 28 belong to Maracaibo and are related to Las Pulgas. The other 19 are from the states of Falcón, Miranda, Trujillo, Sucre and the Capital District.

                            In the case of imported, 50 come from Colombia, 10 from Brazil, 1 from Peru and 25 by international contact. Now the country has 1,952 cases, of which 1,277 are from Venezuelan migrants who returned to the country, 439 community transmission and 236 by contact with international travelers.
                            Community cases

                            Rodríguez said that in Trujillo nine cases were registered this June 3. Five of them are members of a family: a 46-year-old man, a 79-year-old woman, a 17-year-old teenager, a 79-year-old man and a 17-year-old teenager. "All from the same family nucleus," he insisted.

                            The other four cases in the Andean state correspond to a 37-year-old woman from Candelaria; a 25-year-old woman from Concepción; a 46-year-old man from El Socorro and an 8-year-old boy from Pampán.

                            In the Sucre state, a family of four was also infected: 61-year-old man, 16-year-old teenager, 40-year-old woman and 67-year-old woman.

                            In Apure there were three cases, of which he did not give details. In the Capital District, the disease was detected in a 56-year-old public transport driver. He is from the El Valle parish.

                            While in Miranda, on a community screening day, a 46-year-old woman was positive. In Falcón two men of 50 and 70 are infected; in Aragua a 53-year-old private company driver from Palo Negro and in Nueva Esparta a 71-year-old woman from Punta de Piedras. "She is a food house worker," explained the vice president.
                            By international contact

                            The official explained that of the 25 cases by international contact they detected two outbreaks. The first of them in Bolívar state, where six members of the Pemón ethnic group have the disease. And 13 workers at the Simón Bolívar International Airport in Maiquetía were infected.

                            "There is a focus that we are studying of 13 airport cases that had contact with travelers," he reiterated.

                            There were also cases derived from workers from the Comprehensive Social Assistance Points (Pasi) in the states of Falcón, Apure and Aragua. Rodríguez rebuked that health and security workers do not use protective equipment or maintain the necessary physical distance.

                            Until June 3, the tests made are 995,522, which represents 33,184 per million inhabitants. With the two deceased and 133 infections, the country has 1,952 patients and 20 victims.


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                              Venezuela exceeds 2,000 cases of coronavirus this # 4Jun
                              Text by Ronny Rodríguez Rosas |

                              The coronavirus in Venezuela continues its expansion and exceeds 2,000 cases. This Thursday, June 4, 135 infected registered in the last 24 hours were reported, to total 2,087 infections since COVID-19 arrived in the country on March 13.

                              According to the balance offered by President Nicolás Maduro, these correspond to 31 of community transmission and 104 "imported", who are Venezuelan migrants who return through the border states.

                              Despite the fact that Maduro said that the 31 local cases are the "highest number in 12 weeks", a day earlier his executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, reported 47 cases of community transmission.

                              In the breakdown of this Thursday, infections were reported in Miranda (18), Caracas (8), Falcón (2), Zulia (2) and Trujillo (1).
                              Focus on Mines of Baruta

                              Most of those affected in Miranda are from the Minas de Baruta community. Of these, they detected three cases in house-to-house sessions: 40-year-old men, 44-year-old man and a 12-year-old boy.

                              In addition, there are six other cases in this sector. They are people who had contact with sick patients:

                              -11 year old girl, 8 year old boy, 4 year old boy and 8 year old girl

                              -A 29-year-old woman, an 18-year-old girl and a 39-year-old man.

                              "We have a focus on the Mines of Baruta Héctor Rodríguez," Maduro warned the Chavista governor of the Mirandina entity, with the total of 10 cases in this neighborhood reported in the last 24 hours.

                              Other cases were also reported in this central region of the country: a 47-year-old woman and two more records from Guarenas; a 24-year-old woman in Guatire; a 19-year-old man in Ocumare del Tuy and a 69-year-old woman in Los Teques. There was also a case in Petare, who is a 22-year-old and another 48-year-old man in Santa Teresa del Tuy.

                              Miranda totaled 18 of the 31 community cases in Venezuela this Thursday.

                              Venezuela exceeds 2,000 cases of coronavirus this # 4Jun
                              Eight cases in Caracas

                              In the Capital District there were eight infected: Three from Caricuao (80-year-old man, 58-year-old man and 48-year-old woman); a 52-year-old man from El Valle; another 54-year-old man in Car; an 18-year-old girl from Macarao; two cases of La Vega (60-year-old man and 44-year-old man).

                              In Coro, a one-year-old boy and a 23-year-old adult were infected in Urumaco, which are the two cases in the state of Falcón. Two infected people were reported from the contagion source of the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo (Zulia): a 17-year-old adolescent from Cacique Mara and a 28-year-old girl. In Boconó (Trujillo), the infection of a 28-year-old woman was registered.

                              "Coronavirus in Zulia swallows and kills the patient"

                              Maduro assured that the focus of Zulia "is the great danger we have. It is impressive how the cases that return from Colombia grow. For Zulia we have a difficult situation, it has not reached serious but it is threatening for the Paraguachón-Maracaibo corridor, ”he explained.

                              In addition, he insisted that COVID-19 in the western entity is more aggressive than the rest of the coronavirus cases in Venezuela.

                              "We have a focus that has produced four deaths, the focus of the Las Pulgas market, with an aggressive type of coronavirus, swallows and kills the patient in four days."
                              In full flexibility

                              Venezuela exceeds 2,000 cases after two months and 22 days after the arrival of COVID-19 in the national territory.

                              Only this Monday, June 1, when quarantine easing began, the country recorded 153 cases and exceeded the numbers for the whole of March, a month that registered 143 infections. On June 2, there were the highest number of infections reported on the same day, with 156. The sum of both remains only 24 cases from the full record of March and April, when 333 cases were reported.

                              Despite these figures, Maduro insisted that “we have relaxed because we are in control of the pandemic. There has been a brutal increase in international cases and it comes from the exponential increase in the cases of our neighbors. The curve is like a rocket to the moon. "

                              Maduro accused the migrants who entered via a trail from Santa Elena de Uairén (Bolívar), of “contaminating” a Pemón community.

                              "The other important focus that has just emerged is a focus in the Pemón community of the Bolívar state, we have dozens of cases ... People who do not want to carry out the quarantine are getting into Santa Elena de Uairén," he denounced.


                              • #75

                                Rodríguez confirms 58 new cases, for a total of 2,145
                                The vice president also reported that the flexibility of the social, national and collective quarantine will be extended this weekend, and the 7 + 7 method will be implemented
                                06/05/2020 09:30 pm

                                Caracas.- Vice President Delcy Rodríguez confirmed this Friday 58 new cases of coronavirus, to bring to 2,145 the number of people infected with the disease that originated in China.

                                In statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, Rodríguez explained that seven are of community transmission and 51 are imported cases.

                                Method 7 + 7

                                Rodríguez also reported that the flexibility of the social, national and collective quarantine will be extended this weekend, and the 7 + 7 method will be implemented.

                                "The President (Nicolás Maduro) has made the decision to extend the 5 + 10 formula. Now it will become the 7 + 7 formula. Saturday and Sunday will also be working days for these 10 sectors," he said.

                                In this sense, he emphasized that this adjustment of flexibility occurs, after the investigations and recommendations made by the members of the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC) and the Health Commission of the National Government.

                                However, Rodríguez called on the entire Venezuelan population to maintain a disciplined national and social quarantine for the next seven days.

                                "Seven days of work plus seven days of quarantine. But it must be a rigorous, disciplined quarantine," stressed the Executive Vice President.

                                During the press conference, Vice President Rodríguez indicated that the incorporation of other economic sectors, which were not enabled this week, is being evaluated.

                                On the other hand, Delcy Rodríguez highlighted the behavior of citizens in these first five days of flexibilization, as well as the 10 economic sectors that were incorporated this week in flexibilization.