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Venezuela - 1st case of microcephaly linked Zika virus in a fetal death - March 3, 2016

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    Detects first case of microcephaly in Venezuela associated zika

    Posted: May 09, 2016 | 11:05 AM EDT

    Doctors in Venezuela reported the first case of microcephaly associated with the Zika virus in a baby born in the northeast of a mother who was affected by the disease. The baby was born in Carupano, Sucre state, and also suffers from enlarged brain ventricles and calcium deposits in the brain, as reported by the Caracas daily El Nacional , the Venezuelan Society of Infectious Diseases (SVI).

    The girl was born on 27 April and the mother of 26, was diagnosed with zika in early pregnancy, so it is feared that microcephaly your baby is related to the virus , as he told the news agency Associated Press president of SVI, Elia Sanchez.

    "I did not know the zika. I had only heard of chikungunya. In fact, when I got sick with the virus relate it. I began to investigate with the utmost hope that was not it affect the baby, "said the mother to the local newspaper. According to the infectious disease specialist, he is the first known case of microcephaly in Venezuela where the baby survives.

    Since last February they have been detected more than 5,000 suspected cases of Zika, of which over 300 have been confirmed . It has also been reported three deaths, according to data announced by the Venezuelan health authorities.

    It is also estimated that about 2,978 pregnant women may have suffered zika during the first trimester of pregnancy, according to information released by the Venezuelan Society of Public Health.

    The arrival and spread of the virus in Venezuela occurs in a context of crisis in the health system, marked by widespread shortages of medicines and supplies .

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  • Venezuela - 1st case of microcephaly linked Zika virus in a fetal death - March 3, 2016

    Confirms first case of microcephaly and fetal death in Venezuela

    Thursday, March 3, 2016 aime Torres, infectious disease specialist at the Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela confirmed the first case of microcephaly and death of a fetus by zika in the country.
    The case, according to a specialist was in Maturin, Monagas state. The child's mother is a 24 - year-old whose pregnancy was interrupted spontaneously at 17 weeks of gestation.
    In the 13th week of pregnancy the woman had skin rash and malaise, two characteristic symptoms of zika. However, tests were performed and no alterations in amniotic fluid, placenta or fetus appreciated.
    Subsequently, a sonogram revealed "a severe reduction in the amount of amniotic fluid and calcified intracerebral structures, both complications that have been associated with the presence of zika" so that ruled out other diseases. Three days after this, the doctors showed fetal death in utero diagnosis of microcephaly with.
    The baby's parents authorized that samples of the umbilical cord, placenta and brain, which were referred from other institutes to IVIC and so far has demonstrated "the presence in those tissues Zika virus's genetic material" be explored.
    The zika was associated with increased microcephaly in Brazil where it has 641 confirmed cases and 3,935 research.

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