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Venezuela reports a rise in new cases of Guillain-Barré - Possibly related to Zika virus

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  • Venezuela reports a rise in new cases of Guillain-Barré - Possibly related to Zika virus

    Zika virus may be the cause of new cases of Guillain Barre

    The Society of Public Health Health Min asks perform serological tests to determine origins of onset of the syndrome


    A month ago the Ministry of Health issued the only statement that has been given so far on the Zika virus in Venezuela, where four indigenous cases confirmed in Bolivar state. Samuel Viloria, Director of the University Hospital of Maracaibo, said Saturday that the health center had admitted seven patients in "critical condition" because of Guillain Barre syndrome, whose origin could be alleged by a complication of Zika virus.

    The Venezuelan Society of Public Health urged the authorities that serological tests in order to determine the causes of the onset of Guillain Barre syndrome, whose overall incidence rate is 1 per 55,000 to 90,000 inhabitants are made. In the last two weeks, they say in a statement received reports of Guillain Barre in Bolivar, Zulia, Yaracuy and Anzoategui days earlier in patients suffered an acute febrile illness with rash and joint pain, similar to zika.

    "Guillain-Barre syndrome is a post-infectious or post-vaccination immune disorder or surgery. There is inflammation of the nerves. The immune system attacks the nerves themselves. Causes weakness in the legs, can become paralyzed vocal cords, an eye, an arm, "explains Julio Castro infectious. Clarifies that is a complication associated with the Zika virus and is not transmitted through mosquitoes.

    "In our country we should identify in a year between 340 and 566 events of Guillain Barre syndrome associated with all causes. In less than 15 days receive information from 30 cases, approximately, after an acute febrile illness similar to zika when expected in this period is between 14.1 and 23.5 cases, "said José Felix Oletta, former Minister of Health .

    ​Confirmed that the onset of Guillain Barre was produced by the African virus, the Society of Public Health estimates that Venezuela is talk of 6,000 cases of zika accumulated in 15 days.
    La Sociedad de Salud Pública pide a Min Salud que realice pruebas serológicas para determinar orígenes de aparición del síndrome 
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    Epidemic fears prompt Venezuela doctors to demand Zika virus statistics

    Associated Press in Caracas
    Wednesday 27 January 2016 12.45 EST
    Doctors in Venezuela have called on the government to publish statistics about the Zika virus, warning that the South American country, which borders nations that are hotbeds of the illness, could already be facing an epidemic.

    Venezuela’s ministry of health has so far limited itself to confirming the presence of the mosquito-borne illness suspected of causing birth defects. It used to publish weekly data on all epidemic diseases, but stopped making those statistics public last year.
    The Venezuelan Society of Public Health has chastised the socialist administration for remaining silent. It said a study by non-governmental organizations that sought reports of fevers found a rise in cases of acute fever in the past six months that could correspond to 400,000 cases of Zika here.

    “Data is an essential tool for controlling this new health problem and to guiding public health measures,” the organization said in a statement.
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