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Argentina. 40 cases of zika confirmed in northern Chaco

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  • Argentina. 40 cases of zika confirmed in northern Chaco

    The Chaco Ministry of Health reported that 40 cases of zika were confirmed in the northern region of the province, at least one of which would be autochthonous, while there were 32 patients with probable dengue pictures. According to the provincial health portfolio, The local press, there is a case of Zika confirmed in Castelli, another in Presidency Roque Sáenz Peña and 38 in El Sauzalito, an area in which the number of patients is increasing, he admitted. The only case recorded in Castelli, in The northwestern Chaco, is that of a man of 47 years who does not record travel history therefore the contagion would have occurred in his place of residence. In addition, there were nine probable cases of dengue, which added up to a total of 32 , Distributed in Villa Angela, Santa Sylvina, Machagai, Juan José Castelli, El Sauzalito, General San Martín, Presidencia Roque Sáenz Peña, Las Breñas and Resistencia.