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Venezuela: 61 deaths from influenza in 2016

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  • Venezuela: 61 deaths from influenza in 2016

    According to the publication of journalist Paulina Chirinos in the newspaper La Verdad, a case of the disease was detected in early July in a private health center in Maracaibo. It was an old woman of 50 who had fever around 40 degrees, persistent cough and pain following chest of a repentino.El fading rotary investigated the case and spoke with Laura Avila, as he preferred to identify the daughter of the affected .

    While the researcher at the Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), Rafael Orihuela said that the confirmed case of A (H1N1) in countries that share borders with Venezuela or within the country, must be declared immediately alert all ICUs in the country. "We were told that virtually no hope because their lungs were swelling up a lot, but after taking other antibiotics improved a lot." The results will come in a month. Adolfo Pons Hospital said it had no conditions "right" to receive the patient with infection and did not get answers Maracaibo.En University Hospital currently exist two additional suspected cases of A (H1N1) located in other private health centers the Zulia region. Warnings On 15 June this year the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO) issued the special edition of the report of influenza and other respiratory viruses.